com. Skinner ill have links to all of the gear in the video description, and if you like this video, please hit the like button. If youre not already a subscriber, please subscribe and hit that notification bell. Okay, this is where were headed with this yeah there we go a jig drop with a crab um targeting blackfish in this case, but you could be targeting other things as well and what happens underneath the boat – and this is video ive – been trying to get for A long time can never quite do it. Um finally, ive got it and it was by using um an underwater drone and were going to take a look at that first and see how it is. I got to this, but then were going to look at this fishing and were going to look at the fishing above as well as below and theres definitely stuff to learn here. You know ive done this fishing for a while, but ive picked up a couple things by watching this. That will make me change the way i do. Things reinforces some other things, but yeah im really excited about this, so this video will be from the first time using it in long island sound, but the first time i used this drone was in southwest florida. This was the morning that i received this. I was excited about it and took it out, drove it towards the dock, just to see if it worked, the conditions were not great.

The water, clarity, wasnt great uh, the water surface, was a little bouncy, but hey look at this look at all of these fish and i could drive this camera around and put it where i want, and i can view the whats happening from my smartphone. While im doing it and yeah, you saw all those fish and then i came across the stone crab who decided hes going to grab the camera weight and i got into a tug of war which, thankfully i won and got my camera rig back. But what i really wanted to do was check out what one of my favorite blackfish spots looks like underwater, so thats. The first thing im doing here just dropping this camera down and right away, im learning things, because i had envisioned this being one large rock but its not theres. A couple of rocks here: theres a crevice theres, a gap between the two rocks, and i know from diving that that is something that blackfish really like. So, look at this theres, a ghost trap. There theres a commercial fisherman, had lost one of his fish pots and uh its not tied to any buoy or anything its just laying down there and uh yeah. So i decide hey. I want to get a closer look at this trap and see um if theres anything in there and yeah. You know im able to follow the rope and you know steer the drone on the surface and then i get stuck and yeah.

So not everything goes so easy. The camera now is stuck and now im going to motor my boat, using the trolling motor im going to motor over to the drone, which is actually partially pulling itself underwater, and i dont make things any better here. I run it over yeah, so were gon na get to see some durability here. So there we go. I have completely submerged this. I dont know whether supposed to do that, but um yep and there it is being sucked under but okay, im gon na get back and do this again right and uh get a hold of it. So youll hear the drone making noise and this actually has its own spot water. Because what happens when you uh drop the camera down um, it then holds its position, which is great thats. You know that works out really well, but you know what uh boy? I look like im in serious trouble here because that thing is really caught. This is the communications cable. I have no idea, you know like pound test or anything um. At this point, im thinking, i really have blown it um im caught in there really firm and its just like any other snag on the bottom. What do you do you try to get up ahead of it, move around jiggle around pull on it, not looking good at all. How about i get lucky its all there, the camera, the weight um so now.

The only thing i need to do is uh get it back in the unit. So you get to see what that looks like um, you know basically theres a spool inside it holds 91 feet of cable um. So you can go pretty deep. With this thing and im just feeding the cable back in all right for people who havent done this kind of fishing, this is what this is: um cutting green crab in half, take the legs off and then a lightweight jig. This is three quarters of an ounce um in one leg, socket out. Another ive got the drone positioned and im just going to drop it into. What i now know is the frame of view again im, jumping ahead, to show this just for people who arent familiar with this kind of fishing. You get a lot of little taps and were going to see why that is, and you wait for that jig to move and you set the hook. Okay, so the drone is very easy to control with the app on the smartphone and theres like a little joystick thing, you just use your finger to move it forward backwards anywhere. You want to go um, then theres, a camera up a camera down and record button. Its thats about it and uh so its pretty easy to drive around. Like i said when you drop that camera, it will then automatically just hold its position: hey im, setting it up for real.

Now i have kind of run it back slowly to where i know where the rock is gon na, get that thing on the rock and just leave it okay, when ive done black fishing videos, i often say about building the bite and heres. Why look at this theres nothing here its pretty much empty um, but boy thats going to transition so im up in the boat at this point im looking at this view, theres nothing uh. I wasnt sure whether i was going to move the camera or not. I had a bunch of like crab legs in the bucket, so i kind of flipped those into the water where i thought they would fall kind of like into the the field of view, and my thought there was. I just wanted to see whether it was going to attract anything and whether this was a good place to leave the camera and fish and sure enough. Once i um youre not going to see the club crab legs coming down, but i know im putting them in and again im watching. This live on the smartphone and im seeing now fish coming into the field of view, so i was like okay. This is good. Um, so i saw that uh thats the target species, so i know now all right. Let me start dropping jigs and theres. The very first jig drop all right. When i do videos of this kind of fishing, i always say, dont set the hook on those initial bites, because this is whats happening.

The jigs going down and youve got all these little guys on it bouncing around and youre feeling the tip like you know, tapping tapping, but you want somebody to swim away. The blackfish will pick it up and swim away right there. That guy with the x, has got the crab and the jig in his mouth and thats. What you need to wait for us to feel that jig move then set the hook, unfortunately hes out of the frame, but im gon na hook that fish and bring him to the surface. Sometimes you drop a jig and youre, not quite sure you hit the bottom yeah that showed it right there, those fish and even though thats only the second jig drop, maybe the third, i think its the second. Those fish were like waiting for that thing. They grabbed it before it ever hit the bottom now um theres a quality blackfish that has worked his way in and look at that that sea bass grabbed that jig on the way down, which is you know normally what youre doing is you know you have flipped The bale on your reel, if its a spinning wheel and youre youre, dropping line youre trying to find the bottom and whats remarkable is uh. You know these guys are grabbing it before it gets to the bottom, but you have to just wait through all of this stuff and give the blackfish time to get in there and uh yeah.

This i got ta tell you this particular day was what i would call like poor black fishing. I mean i had fished for a while and um couldnt understand how i was getting the jig cleaned off. You know losing bait and um. So often when, as three days prior, there were actually a lot of blackfish here and i caught about 40 blackfish and including a lot of nice ones, but now all these porgys, these sea bass, other things look at these guys grabbing this um the blackfish. At this point, arent getting a chance but, like i said at this point, theyre not getting a chance. This is where, when you go to a spot, you know i talked about building the bite. You know once you start putting a crab down, and this is just me im by myself in the boat, so its one crab jig going down its attracted all of these fish. But the other thing is, with time youre going to see the composition change here, where its, like, mostly sea bass, porgees youre, going to see more black fish and larger black fish work into the area as time goes by and thats really important. Because what happens when you go to a new spot? If you sit here and deal with this for 30 minutes, you might move. But maybe if you stayed an extra 15 minutes, youd get into better fish and thats. What were going to see on this and to me that was very that was you know something i really learned from this because sure theres, a you, know a thought that boy from there half an hour and i cant pull a decent blackfish that just arent any Here, but they need even more time, look at that another one is grabbed it on the way down that porgys already got it all right.

So, as i mentioned, im able to watch this on the smartphone while its happening, but you know what its not perfectly synchronized theres a little bit of a delay. So if you think youre going to watch the action on the smartphone and set the hook when the fish grabs it no youre, i it took me several drops to realize that you know the video is behind the live action. So after, like numerous attempts of trying to do that – and i realized what was happening um then i just switched to regular fishing, where i would look at the phone to see that the jig dropped in there. Just because i was trying to get good video, but then i would watch the rod and fish normal because you know my feel of the taps and when a fish moves that is way way more accurate than watching the video. So you know this camera drone thing is very cool. You know its its not perfect, that little delay um makes it so that you really dont want to set the hook by watching the video. So its been happening that i am hooking fish, but it happens so fast in most cases and theres. So much going on you dont really get to see it youre going to get to see it this time there. He goes so im not intentionally jigging this lure, but i am lifting it to feel theres still bait on there, because with this kind of fishing, you can tell whether that jig is empty or whether it still has a piece of crab on there.

So thats one of the times that youre seeing it jump. The other thing is that you know what some of these porgys are swimming with it, so they feel like hits so yeah. I am lifting on those as well um. What i seem to notice is that when you do make a lift youre almost giving the advantage to the smaller fish, it seems better. If you can, you know, keep it down there, a little bit longer hey check out this guy im gon na catch him thats. One of the that fish took a long. I bet ive been in this area for about half an hour and that fish just showed up. I am gon na get that one so that bit about the lifts, thats one thing im going to change after watching this im going to try and make shorter lifts yeah even like that, you know no too high im, probably at this point watching the video a Little bit just to see what theyre doing with it, but for regular fishing im gon na try and not make such high lifts, because it just seems to kind of reset things where the little guys jump on it. And then the blackfish need time um to get at it and another thing when you get a lot of hits like this, and that bait gets chewed on and youre left with just a piece of shell. I saw numerous times in watching a lot of this video because i havent this isnt the whole thing that i recorded a lot of times.

Um. You know that crab will get like all chewed out, theyll suck out all the good parts and um. Then they have no interest in it. Youll see even the porkies will go right up to it and uh theres, a nice one and and the you know the fish will just swim away and have no interest. So, even if you feel bait on the end of your jig, if youre not getting hit and its been down there, you know 20 seconds or so well, you should recharge, look whos coming a fluke mid october long island sound still some fluke around, and this will Be another instance of a porgy getting hooked, but now youre going to see more and larger blackfish starting to work their way in theres been one big blackfish that lead one. There thats been there the whole time he just whatever reason has no interest in eating. Yet hes drawn to the commotion hes hanging around just you know, doesnt want to hit and i had made thats the third blackfish trip in this area in a week and um. The second true the first trip was spectacular. Second, trip was not as good, but the larger fish were being caught on the asian shore crabs. I dont have any with me on this trip. I have to wonder if i was dropping some asian crabs down here, whether i would see a difference and the interesting thing about when i was fishing.

Those asian crabs is that i wasnt getting a lot of little hits. It would go down there wouldnt be too much, but when i got a hit it was a real one and uh took. Like i dont know. Eight of the nine keepers were caught on the asian crabs, so um. Maybe what was happening was that the smaller stuff wasnt hitting the asian crabs and the big ones were and thats why. I was able to cull larger fish out because certainly now theres some better fish in there, and i am going to catch a couple of them. Um, including the big one that one right there in the middle and thats going to happen right now on this next drop, look at those fish looking up, they see it coming um watch that big blackfish hes going to push everybody out of the way and look At this hes going to knock them out of there hes going to go in hes, going to get the jig, unfortunately theres so much commotion and explosion. He he grabs it and he runs so. We dont get to see it but were going to get to watch this from the surface all right at this point i know theres some nice fish down there. I see them on the phone, but im also using the phone to make sure that im getting the jig drop into the video frame all right. Clearly, you see the rod getting tapped around and im not reacting to that, but it will be real obvious when the fish starts swimming away.

You can see the rod being pulled down slowly, good. I want to get them away from the camera. This a really nice one watch those teeth. I dont know what youll click on the water, but okay up here. That is a good one. All right on this drop youll get to see a porgy hooked itll happen real fast, but you can see it and then well take a look at that from the surface and see what it looks like up there, and so, unless i have something not adjusted correctly, I dont get any sound on this underwater camera. Maybe i dont have something set right, all right, so heres what all of that chewings going to look like on the surface, culminating in catching the porgy that you saw go flying up now, im showing this for jig fishing. But if you were just using a hook and a sinker its the same thing, you know youre going to drop a crab down there and theres going to be a million little fish on it. In some circumstances – and you will have to as im doing with this youll have to wait through it. The advantage here is with a white jig. This is only three quarters of an ounce. It looks like i could even be using a half an ounce. At this point uh, this is slack water um because im trying to make it easier on getting the camera video. But you know you have to wait through the bites its easier to feel everything with the lighter weight, jig and heres.

The biggest drawback of this drone camera setup is that any kind of surface movement, the video balances its very hard to stabilize things so youve got to if hey, if youre, in a lake, if youre in a bay, if youre out on really calm water. This thing is awesome, but as soon as that surface gets a little bouncy, there goes the the video quality so thats it. For me, i i saw it was bouncing and im shutting this down and uh and yeah. So pretty much um. These things even have a return where you can hit a return, and the drone will come right back to you, but right now, im just hitting the up button having the uh thing, pull up its camera all right. Well, this thing did its job um. It takes some toying around with it really is way better in very calm water with no current um. I did this on slack tie about 20 feet of water. You know its picking up a little bit. This guys retrieving its camera right, very cool, all right. If you like this video, please hit the like button.