It is an hd camera drone, so cool, so amazing really really fun toy im about to take this out over to adams house from 9 1 1 studios, and we are going to play with this and have a lot of fun. So the rest of the video im just going to be kind of showing you what this is like and talking about all the features lets. Kick it off right about now. Okay, so you guys can see all the setup and all of the parts that you get with this. Everything is really high quality and it comes with absolutely everything. You need youre going to get your manual, of course, and thats going to be a good to read through, so you figure out how all of your controls work all the settings all of the features. All of that good stuff, its really a quick start guide, which i appreciate, because its just going to get you going really really fast. It has a 5 volt battery and charge theres a usb cable. When you see the led light of the usb plugs on the charging is complete, you will see how to install the camera onto the bottom of the drone. It will also show you how to attach the mobile device holder. There is an app and youll see that in the manual as well, and all you have to do is just scan the little qr code and it will come up in the app store or the google play store, whichever you have and when you connect to wi Fi youll be able to download the app connect, the drone to your phone and control it all from your phone really really cool and youll notice too, that the device holder is really really sturdy.

So you never have to worry about your phone falling off and its going to fit whatever phone you have. This drone is awesome because you can alt hold to have it just sort of stay in place that will allow you to take pictures of one thing. In particular, or get really good video or just kind of hover over a particular area, it has auto takeoff and landing so its going to make it easier for even novices to really really do a great job of flying this drone it has headless mode. There is a replaceable battery 2.4 gigahertz control, wi fi, it takes photos, it records and its all hd. You are also going to get extra propellers, so if yours happen to get damaged or scratched up its very, very easy to take those and switch them out to new ones. Make sure you have a strong gps signal, maintain sight of your drone, so dont? Let it get super far away and fly below 400 feet so that just tells you how high this thing will go because it can go really high in the air. So you can take photos or videos, so theres a camera button on the back of the controller and you do a short press to take a picture to take a video. You press and hold it for two seconds of take video press and hold the button again to finish and save the video. You can see everything thats going on inside the app on your phone.

So that way you will know and be able to review the videos and pictures as you save them. It has one key return. So, to get your drone to fly home to you, all you have to do is press the h home button on the back of your remote. The drone will fly back towards your remote. All the aircraft functions are really really awesome, theres a speed mode, a headless mode. What this means is that the drone is going to fly according to the control direction on the remote, no matter which direction the head of the drone um is facing its going to fly according to your control direction. On the remote controller, i think that this really makes it a lot easier to fly and is great for people that are learning to fly a drone. So you guys this is a really really fun drone. It makes a perfect christmas present its at an amazing price point. It looks really cool its really really fun and its going to give you all of the functions of taking hd pictures, taking video using your phone to control and see whats going on and connect to an app with your drone, youre really really going to enjoy this. This is a great way to get outside to get some fresh air to enjoy learning a new hobby, a new skill and having fun with your family. Everyone is gon na really really love this one. Its gon na be the most popular christmas present under the tree.