Its windier than its supposed to be were in the worlds smallest boat, but weve come here today for greatness now were just gon na go cast some uh tuna and kingfish, hopefully so joes taking three hours to get his life jacket on, but once hes done that Were getting out there and were gon na cast top water poppers and stick baits and see what we come up with direct it out. I almost pulled this one by accident to try and tighten it up. Oh jason, jason classic yeah. So today were doing my 100 hour special on the titty were going to do a review arent, we dave its been through some absolute hasnt caught much, but its caught called sunfish. So hopefully we can catch some fish today to show you what this missile could. Do. Sorry, i just i just stopped filming you when youre halfway through talking also adrians bought a drone. Its gon na be hilarious when he crashes it in the water so ill film that hang on hang on ive had five minutes of practice at the factory, not on the ocean. We learned how to catch it once and were happy with that. So, to see how we go today, all right guys were cruising were looking for any kind of life daves in the crows nest there, the anal pounding nets. Do you reckon i did say he can drive? Oh sorry, dave thats got ta, hurt hes going up like a meerkat like you can see something.

Do you see something davey? Oh my god. Weve done about a million miles in the ocean, but weve just found them. Keep me close today. Yeah. Take that jerks yeah lets just catch a couple. First, all right you can get in. There were just here of um portland here and weve got a whole packaging under us and im gon na try to capture it on my drone here. So i dont know if you can see that in the camera here, but they are everywhere joe and dave theyre, throwing the tackle box at him. Theres doing a nice loopy rainbow cast there. Basically, im just gon na hold it like this and then im gon na hit record and were gon na click take off they bite eventually, in the day, i do this at western port all the time too yeah, and then you get the last one you just To stay with him, weve just got to stay with him. Basically, so i dont know if you can see that but theres hordes of tuna, basically right beside the boat, we got the electric motor going there to keep with him. Oh theyre smashing the surface, no theyre smashing the surface now, but um yeah, the boys, dave and joe are tempting them with everything they got. So hopefully they bite later today and we get a few. We have to be cold. The springer bar might work all right. Weve bloody tried casting the tackle box at them again and cannot get them to commit so were doing a 180 on our lures and um now were going to try and mow them down with some uh lures daves got a spreader bar and a diver so well See what happens there, about 50 meters in front of the boat were gon na, go right through what a phenomenon, what a phenomenon theyre going down Music.

The screen should be lit up now: Applause, oh my goodness, guys its been a slog of a day. We go off at 2 30 in the morning and, first of all, since then, then, on the way back to the ramp, he bloody found him and then weve passed our tackle box at him all day and then daves like im, going to put a spread of R on im trolling him im just like theres four of them on him and they were swiping at do it i couldnt hook. It so were going to try drawing that next time. Oh yeah, he basically did one mega run and killed himself there. He is hes under the boat. I dont even know where he is yeah straight on the boat. Thats, not good were going to do a turn. Go backwards, Music, all right, youre off him, yeah thats, better! Well, the screen is going right up, oh thats! Why? Because theres no swivel yeah, i need to put a swivel on it. Oh, that is a great fish. Music thats, a good fish Laughter, so i just um grabbing it its good on you. My rod grabbed it well done that is freaking awesome. Here we go. Weve got the drone up behind us watching our spreader bar. Hopefully, these fish come up and nail it because before we watch them fire all over, it was amazing, Music and the boats going over them in three two: oh yeah yep theyre falling just keep going because theres a whole tractor chasing it, go over him again, Music.

What weve got one tune up hes about? Oh, he dodged wiped it. Sorry, im gon na walk down here. Oh, that is epic. Oh yeah! I was watching him smash it yeah hes, just running towards you. Oh, look at the little white boat, huh thats, what they chase. Oh yeah! There you go. You got a little chicken one, a little chicken one, keep it up there, thats just in the corner. Oh my god, youre lucky you didnt, pull that hook! White bait. We just thought so. We finally found him check out my simrad, that is epic, that is all tuna, crazy, not very big. Oh there we go hello, oh yeah, im, the spreader dog again so were actually gon na tag this one yeah there we go. Oh, my god, the hook – oh no, i thought it came out so im going to leave it here so were going to do here were going to leave it in the water theres um tags. In that front, weve kept a couple now were gon na. Do some research tagging everybody struggled all morning, joey gave up, he was asleep on the ground and dave goes look at the glisten on the water. There you go its all happened from there. Little evil angel cool uzi run off the back of a spreader. So now daves gon na ram the tag in it. Oh no well try to keep it in the water, so we dont damage the fish yep, so weve got it just above the uh top.

Pin there all right. All right, you ready yep were ready. Look at that well done its about as healthy.