Are you youre? Well, not really? No, because let me have a look around a bit more and then im going to get the drone up and do some drone footage. No, i dont you are, i can assure you, i am Music hi, everybody. Pj, here and today were in shower brook the childhood home of jason statham, the famous movie star, obviously doesnt – live here anymore, but never mind but were on an industrial estate. Thats uh. Well, it was part of oh got a helicopter taking off from sports direct Music. I think i got it, but i dont know im not sure right anyway, uh were at a company called jigsaw foods. Now i did come in here once a long long time ago. Um now what was i saying? Oh yeah um this site is built mostly on the on the grounds of the old shower, brook colliery site so uh it is, it is rather a large site. They cleared all the tip off. I believe and theyve made it into a big industrial estate. Uh sports directors behind me were going to have a look at those in a little bit, but in the meantime, lets have a look around jigsaw foods. Now i think theyve got one or two plants here. I think this one here is part of jigsaw foods, uh im, not sure. If that one is there. I believe that one is and then weve got this big one here.

So i think this is all part of the jigsaw foods yeah that says jigsaw food. Sir look so um yeah, it is a reasonably big site and it is a i should say, a a big employer around these parts. So yeah hang on and go out the way this truck dont want to get run over now the weathers not looking so good. It looks like it might rain, never mind if it does or have to go and get undercover all right. So weve got some of the getting loaded here with food and then weve got somebody stood there on the forks, not knowing what health and safety is hello. How are you doing? What are you doing? Have a guess: what are you filming yeah there you go what you asked for, though, so why didnt you ask to film. I always public road, this thats, not no. If you come over here, its just your food site from where the sign is up there, where does it say that right? Can i ask you to stop filming there? No, no im gon na, ask you who you are. You can ask me who i am: will you tell me that yeah im peter hello, peter im trevor how you doing im fine mate, yeah youve got all these plants down here. Youve got one two three four four of them stay on the wall. You want, somebody just say: keep to the walkway all right, okay.

So what do you make here ill? Tell you if you like, do you want to turn that off? No, no, no, its all part of our own private ill park at video. Well, people need to know what you do here ill tell you what we do thats fine. What do you do? Why are you so interested uh? Because i make youtube videos about industry and things like that? Well, if you want, i can arrange something. So you have a proper discussion, but you cant be walking on someones side. If youve asked well, im gon na fly a drone over in a bit no youre, not oh yeah. I am well done. I dont think legally youre allowed to argue legally. I am my friend its uncontrolled airspace, which means i can fly a drone over if i wish what makes you think i cant, because weve got someone whos trained in it and uh theres restrictions on where you can go yeah. There is, but not theres, none here. So its just the border, yeah yeah, all right, okay, all right, okay! So what do you make here, then right turn off the camera? Why well ill tell you everything youd like to know, though i dont want to be on camera. I dont have any right to be there representing jigsaw. Okay, so im quite happy to tell you everything. I dont want to be filmed all right: okay, no im, not turning the camera off, no because okay! Well, then, this is private land not now its not no.

No, no so, but you cant just walk onto a site, a food site. Why wheres that? Well because its the food side, it doesnt it doesnt, say anywhere that its private, all there is, is a line on the floor. Okay, ill! Try to help you! If you bought any food from anywhere, you wouldnt want anyone walking off the street going into the into a factory i aint going in the factory. I walked up and down the road i wouldnt do it. I dont know i wouldnt walk in the factory yeah youre. Obviously, not not very interested in it, i mean well, you just want to make your youtube video. I do want to make you quite happy. I can get you good people to talk to will tell you all about the company im, not the best person, to do that right. Okay, just turning up having to walk around well thats. What i do i turn up: yeah have a walk around the lorry is coming through. Look ive got a high vis on im on the footpath. You dont get stevie wonder driving them. Do you so youre finished now? Are you youre? Well? Not really? No because let me have a look around a bit more and then im going to get the drone up and do some drone footage. No, i think you are, i can show you. I am well okay, im going to be uh what 10 or 15 minutes, or so before the drone goes up, so im going to be knocking about in this area.

If anybody wants to come and have a chat with me about it, they can certainly but uh yeah im afraid. Let me just uh check on my phone. Let me just check on my phone make sure we are in unrestricted airspace. Oh yeah totally unrestricted, so you dont want to tell me anything. Dont want to tell me what they make or anything like that. All right, so weve got a few uh stillages full of some kind of liquid. I dont know whats. In there. This aint got a clue what they make. It is a busy site, though theres one or two people walking around okay, so uh then have a walk around a bit further see what else we can see around here. If anything. Now i dont look like theres a lot of anything else going off here, so its all this side. This is where everything happens. Yeah the guy stood on the forks of the fort. It wasnt acting very cleverly uh hes talking to me about health and safety and no hives and everything, and then theyve got their staff acting like that, which is a bit silly really. So this looks like theyre all the older empty cardboard packaging going out for recycling and its still on the phone right. So it seems to make mayonnaise dressing, sauces, savory and sweet marinades garlic, butter, garlic, spread flavoured, butters melts and melting middles. What on earth is a melting middle thats? What it says according to the website anyway, that took a lot of finding didnt it uh.

You found me yeah. Oh there you go good. Looking salad, dreadlocks, you werent, sorry, oh youve definitely got the wrong chat younger one. That looks more like me, hey, i say ill watch a few of yours, yeah dont forget to subscribe, yeah yeah! Why not so whats your gaffer! So then hello trevor? How are you good so get the company details and get the right people to talk to yeah? Anything youd like to know, but today you cant just walk onto the side: yeah thats fine. What did you say about the drone man? He said i cant you cant use a drone on the side yeah i can. As long as im stood on public property. I can take off and land on public property. Then i can fly anywhere. I like as long as its not restricted airspace. So well get other advice you dont advise me to. Why is that? Because im gon na have to cool up ill, probably call the police and ask him to dont waste the police time. Well, i dont want to so dont. Well, they turn up and they go oh heyo. What are you doing? I said making a youtuber. Then they go okay, um all right and then they come and tell you that im allowed to do what im doing and then they disappear. So its not me wasting police time, but i can assure you i will be flying the drone over in about 10 minutes.

Okay, all right ill make a phone call. You are saying its nice to meet you and you whats, your first name trevor still trevor. Oh still, trevor thats, the strange name still all right. Trevor youre, like me, mate youre, a bit grey. You, like me, youre going a bit gray yeah. Is it the job or was it old age? Well, they seen the pleasant enough chat, but it was uh its totally convinced that im not flying the drone over the site and hes going to be a bit disappointed in it. So there you go right. I thought that said buckling, oh, it does say bucklings, butlings transport thought brooklyn totally did holidays hes doing some sneaking about that lad, really is and im still not convinced at all this site. Oh this road belongs to them. Really not right. Lets go get the dread. Drone out, shall we take off. The whole point has been updated. Please check it on the map. All right, then, here we are jigsaw foods to be honest, theres, not a lot to see from here, because everythings up and down the front but uh were gon na. Have a quick look: the wind is a bit strong, so we just need to be a little bit careful. What we do, but uh yeah theyve got some silos. There ive got some people watching. I dont think theyre particularly happy about the dread drone, but uh yeah theyre definitely watching the drone and then when we go a bit, weve got to be careful when we go down a bit further because there are some electric uh, some electric pylons theyve got a Lot of stock, knocking about creams and sauces and all that kind of stuff, but um im sure its bigger now than it was when i came last time, but im talking back oh many many many years and i know for a fact, theres nothing over the back.

There, because its nothing but woods over the back, so i know theres nothing. There lets just zoom in a little bit see if we can see what everything is so weve got. Stillages weve got drums, weve got pallets, weve got plastic containers, weve got all sorts there. Music, okay, theres, a massive car park behind and theres loads of people got the cars parked here and theyve even gone parked in front of trailers, and things like which just seems a little bit strange to me. Oh thats, good, looking feather! Look all right like it is a busy place Music. A lot of these food manufacturing places are and uh at the moment. I dont know how people can afford to buy. Uh ready made food, but i dont know i suppose some of them. Some of them are quite cool. Some of them are quite cheap to purchase nothing theyre, chucking, all the old cardboard in a container ready for uh recycling. That looks like some kind of bailing machine where they took it all in and then it got compressed and then bailed up made into bales so that its easier to transport and then once again got loads of stillages and things on this side. And that im afraid is about it lets just go back a bit and we get a full view of the yard all the way across, and that is the whole factory. This is quite a nice layout because everythings, you know all lined up and ready to go.

One way or the other right lets get the old tread drone back Music, see if we can get that nice, smooth landing that were always searching for landing and there you are were down landing. Okay that ends that quick, video right then everybody. That concludes the video. At jigsaw food, even though im not flying the drone over the top, so if youve enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up.