The essence of the new FIMI X8 MINI then let’s clarify a very important aspect immediately. I have not pinned anything for this video. As you can see, the smartphone is here, and it is off, as I want to talk to him face to face about my first impressions and sensations about this, so eagerly awaited drone. A first unboxing then has arrived, definitely packed very well from china. I did not pay any customs fees. Fortunately, we immediately find the image of pain in the front, the white one, the only one currently available. Unfortunately, while in the back, we have the x8 mini orange film, and this is exactly what I wanted them buy, but the policy here this is the color of the micro tomini film that I would have liked, but the policy and I said to fimi with this Man drone is a bit particular as it has marketed only the white version with standard battery, which unfortunately brings it to a weight of more than 250 grams, but we will see it together in a moment, while the orange version is above all a pro battery, that Lowers it below 250 grams are still not available and this marketing choice – perhaps I did not like at all. I would have preferred to have both versions immediately available, both batteries to be able to choose in absolute tranquility instead. Now not, I know how much I’m going to pay for the pro battery and when, above all, it will be available, as you may have guessed, and already seen on the net in some reviews already published of this drone, it is very palatable.

We use this term because, because its weight is roughly, that is guys. I don’t even know how to tell you it should be under 250 grams, but, as I explained to you a little while ago for the question of batteries at the moment it is supe below 250 grams. So to use it, you need the license when the pro battery will be available, which, of course, you can also insert in your drone that has arrived with the standard battery. Well, its weight will finally drop below 250 grams and, except for surprises, we will be able to use it even without achieving the license. The online test at 250 grams or almost the cams 4k hdr jimbo, the three axis mechanic 31 minutes of autonomy. Radio signal up to 8 kilometers away charging via usb taxi and level 5 wind resistance, which, if I’m not wrong. It should be the same as the dj mini two guys. I am perplexed in the other reviews I saw on the net. The movie x8 mini arrived at home and a garage came with a coupon inside a card with the words. Thank you for your support in mine. There is no nothing because the group is aesthetically nice and pretty nothing to say very similar to the older brother that indeed we go to take friends. So we make a small com, aesthetic comparative and look it’s, really the son, the younger brother of the film x8, and if 2020 we put aside let’s see what else we find in the package or the protection for the bolso di buco excited gene is the first Time he inserts the protection in his drone for the jingle we will finally do without this horrible foam rubber and above we find the quarkode to download its application while going deeper.

We have that cute little radio control of the movie x8 mini nice a bit of manuals, fortunately also written in English. We should also have some accessories. I think so that ‘s, where the power supply charging cable. Maybe you see? No, we only have this sachet with a bit of stuff piled up really badly inside it, and the usb type c charging and data transfer cable, the hunt for life and unscrew the propellers when there will be a drone under 250 grams with eddy. That quick release me and on the terror guys, I will make a video dedicated only to quick release. Propellers I swear. I do not understand why not to use this system that we also have on the x8 film and if, on the phoenix 8 mini, oh well mystery the usual three cables to connect our smartphone to the radio control. Obviously usb is lightning and micro, usb and finally, only two pairs of eliks, obviously divided into pairs. Let’S say that they could have made an extra effort. Ok, this is the standard equipment by now of any new drone, but I would have liked four complete spare propellers. Then, before continuing with his analysis, I would like to tell you something really important, at least for me guys, as I said already seen, some reviews on the net. There are those who speak well about it, who speak badly, but in my opinion, you lose sight of the most important aspect of this fine x8 mini or its price let’s face it without too many frills a rivalry, a comparison between the film x8 mini and the Of gemini two, it is natural, it is obvious and obvious, but at the same time I think that a cau knows of the price at which this x8 mini film is sold.

A comparison with the gemini two is deeply wrong. As this little guy was sold for 270 euros, plus euros less for the first stop, but quite natural to expect that his price will will lower in a few months, as has happened for all drones of purpose, and I believe that it will be available within a Short time at just over 200 euros and now how much it costs and of gemini two buoys, we are around 450 euros. You understand well that it is a comparison between a drone that costs 270 euros and one that costs almost double well. It is unequal for this reason it is an inferior drone in almost every respect compared to the dj mini 2, but at the same time it could be a valid indeed, the only low cost alternative without evaluating the used of the dj maik mini 1, for example, For those who want to buy a drone under, hopefully under 250 grams, to start without getting to spend almost 500 euros for the gemini 2 radio control friends or give it really really pretty. I always really liked the setting he uses for the remote controls of his drones, with the smartphone in the central part, is a radio control that stretches horizontally and looks a bit like the controller of the playstation and is really very very comfortable, at least in my Opinion having the smartphone, the former pb the view in the center instead of above or even below that uncomfortable under it stretches enough.

So I think a 7 inch tablet or something more can easily enter it. A comfortable grip materials a little cheap despite the hatred command. It is nice heavy, I think, tracks around 300 grams also seems sturdy. We have two antennas in the upper part of which I believe that it is only one is real, as the duo only uses the 5.8 giger as radio transmission, we have in the commands the automatic return home button ignition. That also shows us the four battery charge. Leds in the upper part we have the button to shoot, are photos the key to record video and the ring the wheel for the inclination of the gene ball. Unfortunately, we have no wheel quick adjustment for manual exposure. It is a real shame below. Instead, there are the two control sticks in addition to the usb input taxi for charging let’s see how these sticks are, among other things, be careful not to get lost, because I think I have not seen spare sticks in the package. Then my feeling of these two sticks is very good, the griffin to our cioni chickens – and it is definitely good, as the tips are notched so they adhere. Well is the grip and always firm, and also the resistance out of curiosity let’s, see how much this remote control weighs? I said 300 grams, but let’s see from more or less we are at 265 g let’s see now, however, the strong piece or the small drone, the plastics have been much criticized in the reviews I have seen, but honestly they do not seem so bad.

It is not that the plastics of the dj maric mini and it is by jamie lee d. Ue – are this miracle. Obviously they are thin and very light plastics, not very resistant. Unfortunately, among other things, I remember that gemma rimini 1 op creaked, even when it touched the plastics instead. These seem well assembled to me not known, strange and disturbing creaks the arms open in this way before the front ones, walls, the back ones. We find four small brushless motors, but which should guarantee a good resistance to the wind. Above I don’t know strong. Here we have only the gps. I don’t understand much the choice of ends to insert this black front bar that could make you believe, someone to be faced with anti collision. Sensors such as in the dj spark. Instead, it is purely aesthetic. The plastic has a lot and slits for the reaction for cooling, even in the lower part, obviously, where we find the v more composed of a small camera and the sonar the power button with the four charge LEDs the symbol, obviously that we are going to free In order to analyze the small cam together, then the gym ball seems to me the one of the palm. I two in my opinion, this is the same module of the film ipalmo 2 taken and put here who knows other details well unsightly vitarelli on sight. As a lab closet, not she is a widow well in here, but you have to go and look for someone who criticizes the protections.

The foam rubber engine covers instead of the classic rubber, but I do n’t understand these criticisms, much as even the gemini 2 foam. Instead of the classic rubber is made on purpose to save weight, to make you understand what I mean with indecent quality plastics, we have to take in hand lab san zeno that, as you can see, uses practically unprocessed plastics are guys. Argentine is really bad as much as I want to emphasize it lab santino 1 – I repeat now: santino 1 is improved a lot over time and today it is a good drone. I forgot to show you the back where we find the usb input. Type is also the input for the micro sd, not included in the scope of delivery, a micro usb and finally, a small switch that serves to peel from the remote control to the control directly. With the smartphone, what is the purpose of controlling the film x8 minico, the smartphone, instead of with radio control? Well for a more immediate flight? Maybe if we want to make a self the steering wheel in a few seconds without pairing the radio control, we turn on the drone, we connect it to our smartphone and in two seconds we take the photo. It is now time to evaluate how much the film weighs x8 mini at full load so with battery inserted well, the film under mini at full load, weighs exactly 258 g without the battery. Instead of the more still shown I’m destroying everything he weighs.

158 g a 2400 milan battery because it should guarantee up at 31 minutes of autonomy in flight. We turn on them. We see how many LEDs are present on the body of this drone. We only have the LED placed in the back pity that there are not even here in front of the symbol. Instead, as you can see, it is stabilized on three mechanical axes, guys if you think that it is only a couple of years ago to find a drone is stabilized on three mechanical axes. You had to spend really high figures well, the technology to. As for the drones, it has evolved so much then guys. First considerations on this. Much talked about fimi x8 mini. Is it really such a tremendous drone which is painted in some online reviews, or is it the new messiah able to steal the scepter of best role from 250 gl of jaime 2? Well, obviously, I can’t answer you yet, as I still have to test it in flight. Today we limited ourselves to analyzing it a bit in detail to see together how done, but in the next video, we will see the qualities in flight, how the cam works, its quality, the quality of the full of iraq, team trek and all the rest. But some I can tell you now at first glance, with this movie x8 mini – is that it is a drone, is sic ur extremely well built with well assembled plastics, not creaking guys.

I don’t see them as terrible as I have read on the net over the years on this table table, I have seen much worse and ended up under mini in my opinion. In this respect, even the radio control is not absolutely bad. The sticks have a good grip. It is possible to insert a smartphone even of large dimensions. Of course, the materials are a bit what they are, but for what it costs. I cannot expect too much. I remember in fact that this little guy was sold in his first stop at about 270 euros, and I think this price is destined to decrease over the next few months. In my opinion, by the end of the year, it will reach just over 200 euros and today finding a 250 gram drone with these characteristics is at this price, especially if we want to buy it from an italian shop. Well, it is impossible. The film x8 mini is currently the only alternative at an affordable price to the dg ai mini 2 al di gerno rimini p. I know very well that in the coming months many new 250 gram drones could arrive, such as the new hub, stanzino mini pro, which, however, will cost a lot more than 270 euros. Is the possible summer mini out that he too will certainly not have such a low price? I therefore advise you to buy it or the name at the moment. I advise you to wait at least wait for the second part of this video review, in which we will test the x8 mini film in flight to understand together if it is worth it or not.

Well now, but I want to know your opinion about the small fine x8 mini. I like what you have just seen. You do not like it is right or not the criticisms that have been addressed to it over the last few weeks. Well, let’s talk about it below in the comments. If you have any doubt, questions do not hesitate to ask. I am as always at your complete disposal if, instead, you can’t, take it anymore and want to buy it immediately. Well, I leave you its purchase links with any coupons below in des crizioni video, inviting you to enter my official channel tegra tecnest dales, from which the offers that a state come from during this video, as as soon as there will be new offers. Precisely the new coupons on this and many other products and 250 gram drones. Well, I will publish them there come in. I wait for you and if this video is at least a little, so I liked it friends. Well, you can support them at a time simply by leaving me a like a comment, a share by subscribing to this channel activating it line bells so as not to miss the notifications of my new next videos.