I think theyve changed some of the specs since the last time i showed you, the um protect 25 pusher from wild boxes from an old video here, not minus the hawkeye camera. This one is a dji version with the vista, and these have 1404 5500 kv motors. Not sure if they change the specs on the motors or not for the whole line or not this one. This is a i think, one of the first batches i think, a each time they make a new batch. They kind of tweak the specs a little bit to sort of improve the characteristics, so these have 1404 4600 kv motors, so a lower kv motor and probably because the overall setup here is lighter than what you would expect on the pusher with the dji system and Like a naked gopro, so again, this is like a cinema style. You know 25 millimeter pusher. You know this. One is analog, not digital uh. It came with an express lrs receiver here in the back, their ifly branded one. The frame is pretty much the same, except for the color of the prop guards is different, and the motors of course, the lower kv 1404 motors, the same whoop style, um flight controller, all in all the controller in there and uh. The main difference here is the um built in run cam 4k camera, and then they have an analog um. I think this is like a can: iflight rebranded, um, cadets and camera here at the bottom analog, of course – and this is basically this – this camera here.

This run cam 4k. Camera is basically the gocam that i reviewed a while back. I dont have it anymore and they basically decased it and they put the camera sensor module here and this 3d printed part in the front above the analog, fpv camera and then theres a ribbon cable that goes back to a camera board that is sitting between the Video transmitter and the on one flight controller – and it is uh really hard to see on camera here, yeah its basically buried, uh right, im, gon na try and put my tool right here is right there by the prop guard and uh. That is where the sd card slot is right there. So you can imagine getting the sd card in, and out of here is very tricky. You have to kind of get your finger up in here and then kind of poke it in and out, and sometimes i have to use uh some needle nose pliers to get the card out so its not the best spot for the uh, the sd card board And uh the video quality is, you know its pretty much the same as the gocam. If you dont know what the gocam is its kind of like a um, how would you say it um sort of a stripped down version of the runcam 5 orange? It does have the built in gyro and it does save the gyro data to a csv file, so it does have gyroflow compatibility but um as youll see here from the video footage.

The footage from the camera looks actually better without being run through dryer flow than after you run through drive flow, and i dont know really sure why that is. It does seem to have um. The data seems to be there im, not sure whats wrong with the data seems to be okay in terms of what what whats, what it produces in terms of the data file, but does that produce very good stabilized video, its you know its actually worse than not Running it through dryer flow at all, which actually the tune on this is pretty good for a little two and a half inch whoop. If you just take the hd footage its all right, you know, you know its probably better, just run through some sort of like post process stabilization, using something like a warp stabilizer, something like that would probably do a better job than gyroflow. It doesnt seem to be working all that great on this setup. Here i did get a firmware update that didnt seem to help that much, maybe a little bit the original firmware on here. Didnt work at all, so um yeah im not really sure whats up with this model. I know that its discounted right now, i think, 30 or 30 percent. So this whole model you can get here for with the camera and everything its like a little over 200, which is not a bad deal. I mean im actually just going to take this set up here and take the camera out and put something else.

Um, maybe like a naked gopro setup, so i have an analog version of the uh project 25, but i think that if you just want to get the pusher, you basically just get the camera for free, i think, is what youre looking at if youre looking at The analog version um, i dont – know if theyre going to be getting more firmware updates for the camera. Yeah im not really sure what the situation is on that. So, if you were anywhere that cant really answer um but yeah, the results here are basically its um. The the the bit rate of the video is kind of low uh, its pretty much the same as the gocam. So if you go back to my gocam video uh, i sort of come, you know outline all the disadvantages its like um 1440p video and its just not very high bitrates there. I would. What i would do is not even bother with gyroflow and just put it into um the 4k mode, and that gives you the highest bit rate and, of course it uses the same setup as the runcam 5 orange and the gocam. You have to get the run. Cam app and then use the keyword code to change the video settings so go back to those videos. If you want to see how to actually set up the camera its the same way its no different in terms of the way it flies, it flies pretty decently and, as you see in some of the footage, ill show you some of the footage that does not Include gyroflow heres what the quad weighs um no battery 149 grams and then with s4s 520, the way it fluid its about 200 and four and a half grams.

So i think this overall setup here at least on this model, is you know pretty much well under the 250 gram mark, which i think is maybe why they reduce the kv the motor, because you dont really need a super high kv motor at this weight. Again, i didnt check the current specs of what the model is on the other editions of the protect 25 pusher. You can go check out the links and on their website and see if theres any differences, but i think thats why this is a basically lighter setup. Um and why they went with a like a lower kv motor, which is fine, which i think you get some breedies and fly times on this one for force 520. I was probably getting like five minutes of flight time cruising around flying. You know, like i said, im upset so im, not exactly sure who this is going to be good, for you know probably someone that just wants to get like. Okay, 4k footage from this camera and not a lot of work. You know i dont have to install anything. It just comes out of the box ready to go. You have to deal with the fact that this is kind of a pain to get the sd card in and out, but if youre. Okay with that, you know, the footage is all right if you dont use gyroflow, but im hoping that at some point, theyll come for the firmware update that fixes the gyroflow uh gyro dataset is actually usable and we get even more smoother smoother footage out of this Setup here, but as of right now as of the time making this video, the in my opinion, the gyroflow results arent that great anyway heres the footage you can judge for it yourself.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and ill talk to.