This is uh the protec r25. So previously, if you looked at the protech series, we had this one that i reviewed last inverted motors and props compared to this ones more traditional setup here with the motor underneath the prop and we have the same motor. The 1404 4600 kv motor on both of these. This one here is an analog version, and this one here is dji its got the uh cadx polar nano camera. I believe they have the same flight control, the f4, all in one which has the vertical usb port. So obviously, with this being inverted, the usb port is going to stick up its actually underneath the battery strap over here, but on on the normal or regular setup. Here the usb port is sticking out at the bottom like this, which im not a big fan of now. You have landing feed here um, but i would have liked to have seen some sort of a rubber uh cover for this, like they do on some of the other models. So, im not sure if that was an oversight on their part. They usually do stuff like that, especially this being on the bottom. You dont need grass or dirt getting into that or water. So a little rubber cover would be recommended if they would add that um yeah they gave me the express lrs receiver in this one. Here you got a tiny antenna here in the back for the vista, the vista is a little bit tricky to get to its right.

There theres a little hole right there for the activation of the uh vista unit and um. You got to either take the motor off, so you take the motor and prop off, but then you have this little cover here, thats holding the motor wires. You can get that out of the way, so you can get a cable in there too, or usb c. Cable to um the vista or you need one of those um usb c right angle, adapters, which is what i used uh, so theres different ways you can get in there, but yeah its a little tricky and they dont include those adapters in the packaging and then The bind button is right. Next to the usb c port. There um yeah, you can see the vista right there underneath this top plate and then the flight controllers on the bottom, 1404 4 600 kv motors, as i mentioned before. So i think you know they came up with this design because um you know, i guess people wanted a more traditional, upright setup here. I personally prefer the the pusher setup because you have less um air turbulence, uh coming from the when the air. The prop is blowing the air through here then. Basically, you get a little bit of disturbance here from the arm and then from these little um spokes. Here on the prop guard: now they did a really good job on tuning this, so i actually thought it flew, really well um yeah, which you can do on a good tune.

So you know really no complaints here for me on the pit tune. I thought it flew great uh. This is designed obviously or intended for something like a naked gopro in this case im using the hawkeye naked cam. It weighs about 27 grams and like a naked hero, 6 or naked hair. Eight will probably weigh about something around there: around 27, 30 grams and theyre, using that standard three millimeter screw mount here and that screw is included along with a nut. So this will fit this camera. If you want to review this camera, this is gyroflow compatible uh. For 2.5 k, video or 1440p video ill link that review down in the video description. Obviously not gon na talk about this one in this uh video its about the protect r25 so yeah. Basically, i think they made this option available for those of you guys that wanted a two and a half inch center up and werent interested in the pressure setup wanted a more traditional setup here, and this is where you know what the ultimate design came out to Be so one of their goals is try and get this under 250 grams, all up weight, so its 179 on my scale, subtract 27 grams for the camera and uh yeah heres the math here thats. How much it weighs. I think on the product page, its like 148 grams is what is specified. I flew it with uh this 4s 650 battery and its going to put it over 250, and then i had this little power cable here to power, the camera.

Of course, you can solder on something directly to the battery lead and power on this. Camera really depends on what camera youre using. So your power solution might be different from mine, but my olive weight flying this, as you saw in the flight demo, is going to be 258 grams. The analog version is going to weigh like 15 grams less so with this set up here in this battery. Youll. Definitely be under 250 grams, but, like you know, if you have a different power set up here, maybe maybe you could scrape a little weight off here and then maybe use like a 600 instead of a 650 im going to like five grams over the 250 gram Limit but yeah, you know overall its totally different from the pusher setup. Here you can see here. Even when i invert the frame the frame is completely different. So really is a totally different design, but its got the same power setup same motors, same flight controller. Just a different frame yeah, i can already see somewhere where we could save a lot of weight is on these little covers here. If you want to get rid of these, this looks like you know this pla plastic, obviously um dirt could get in here, but uh. If you want to save a little bit of weight, you probably take take the bottom plate off looks like just these screws here. I think the flight controller is going to be screwed onto the bottom plate, but then probably remove these side plates and save a bunch of weight there.

If you want to get under 250 grams, we had to you know uh solid frame, i think its going to handle a lot of you know, abuse tribute no problem, the prop guards hard to say you know how much crashing youre gon na its gon na take. Obviously you can replace these pretty easily, so the you know im sure theyll sell replacements for a few dollars, not theyre, not that expensive um but yeah. Obviously i think this is really meant for cinematic, not really for racing, but i suppose you could race it. If you want its got a pretty good platoon, but honestly its really meant for smooth cinematic flying – and i thought for that case it worked out pretty well anyway, heres the flight footage again, i ran it through dryer flow check out that review.