This is mike welcome back to another video. I hope you guys are doing great today and in todays video well talk about the iflight nazgul evoke one of the hottest products out there, its just been announced and its probably one of the best buy and fly quadcopters that you can buy right now before. I start with the video. Please do me a huge favor if you have enjoyed this intro drop a like on the video. Maybe drop us up. If you want to see more videos like this one and help me reach those 100k guys were on the last stretch. In todays video well talk about my experience with the iflight nasgool evoque ive been flying it for the past week or so, and ive been trying it out in different scenarios. This is the 6s version and its also the deadcat version, the the position, the geometry of the front arms is in that cat position, meaning that you will have less visibility of the props inside your camera. However, they do also offer this same drone, but with the truex configuration meaning that you will have a little bit of the props showing inside your fpv camera its not going to be visible on your gopro. So dont worry about that. But its up to you to decide which geometry fits you best now. The first thing i want to start. This review is the unboxing experience, because i think iflight has massively stepped up their game when it comes to user experience and just making everything as easy as possible for their customers.

When they buy this new drone and they open the box, they want to make it a nice experience for you. So i was definitely impressed to see how everything was put together. Everything has its own place. You see all the different cables, the props, the nut tools, the screws all the different parts of the drone are nicely put into the box and they have their own position. You have a nice foam that keeps everything nice and tight and secure, and i think this is probably the best unboxing experience. Ive ever had on an fpv drone and its a little thing, but i think its important to mention it as it really makes a difference. Now the first thing you will notice when you take this drone in your hand, is that it looks very, very different compared to a regular fpv drone and the biggest reason. Why is because its protected from all sides? You have protection around the components inside all around this drone, and you have some really cool led lights on the bottom as well. So as soon as you turn it on, you will see green all around this drone and all directions pretty much. You have some nice led lights that are not only for making this drone looking more appealing and more beautiful. They also serve a purpose. So when your battery gets to a certain voltage, it goes from green to orange and when it gets to a critically low voltage, it gets from orange to red.

This thing, definitely lights up very, very strongly and its uh, its a very nice drone, very good. Looking drone, i think this is probably the best drone that ive ever flown in terms of looks, but of course looks, are definitely not what youre looking for when youre buying an fpv drone. So how does it fly flying this drone was a great experience in general. I have felt a lot of power from it because of those zinc, 2 motors that it comes with the zinc 2 motors are probably one of my favorite motors ive ever tested. I have them on another quad and its very, very nice experience to fly with them. They have a lot of power, but at the same time, theyre very, very smooth at all times, so its really up to you to decide how you want to use this drone, you can use it for cinematic purposes or you can also use it for freestyle. Its really up to you, you can do it all with this quad. Now the rest of the components are the new cadex vista, polar which is this new polar camera. That cadets has just released its a brand new camera and i have to say it is a good camera. However, i dont like the fact that it only comes in 16 by 9 video aspect ratio im used to using four by three aspect: ratio. Now, in 16.9, it crops out a little bit of the top portion and the bottom portion of your uh, your image.

So youre left with a little bit of a cropped image inside your goggles, which of course limits your view a little bit and i dont like that. Also it can only be flown in low latency mode, theres, no high high quality mode on this camera. But for me, thats not an issue, as i always use uh low latency mode in my dji fpv goggles. So its really not bad at all. The quality itself is pretty good, i would say, but this camera is very, very powerful and also very good in low light situations. Like i said, i havent tested the drone. Yet during the night and its on my list of things, i want to do with it, but for now ive noticed that during the daytime, it has a lot of detail. It is crispy. It looks just as the other cadets nebula pro cameras that ive used before um. The only problem, like i said, is the fact that crops your your image a little bit on top and bottom now. Another thing which i just cannot neglect is the fact that this drone comes with integrated xd60 connector, its protected and its just sitting there. On the back of the drone. I hope the camera will be able to focus its right here, uh and for the rest of my quads, its always an issue to have an xd connector. That is secured that its not going to get into the way of the props its not going to be cut by the props, or anything like that.

So here, iflight has decided to just securely put it in one place and just uh make it sit there. All the time theres some tpu parts that are holding it together with some screws, so its not going anywhere and its its a really nice small thing that i really appreciate, because it just saves you some some trouble when inevitably youre going to to cut some of Your cables with your props – sometimes it happens, especially when you crash into something it does happen, uh from time to time. So now, with this configuration of the xt60 connector its not going to happen so its its a little bit safer. Now, before i waited this quad, i was thinking that, because of all of that extra protection from all the sides, all that cpu and all the things that this drone has. I was thinking that this drone will be very, very heavy, but fortunately thats not the case. So the taller weight of the squat, with everything on it and the gopro and the battery and everything else is 821 grams, which is pretty much the same weight as all of my other quads uh. Because of that heavy battery and the heavy gopro hero 9 black. The weight is a little bit more compared to a light. Freestyle quad, however, im really really used to that weight. So its really not a problem for me, and it has all the power to get you out of sticky situations.

So, for me, the weight and the extra protection is actually a good thing, its not bothering me in terms of weight or performance. So i would say that its just pretty good for what youre getting everything has its own label. Even the link button for the vista, which is pretty much invisible behind these protection, uh plates right here on the side of the drone, and i of course have removed most of the other writings and little labels. But i was pleasantly surprised to see how much iflight has worked to make sure that everyone can know what this drone is all about. Even the turning direction of the motors. You have some little signs that tell you which way the motors are going to spin. So you dont have to guess anymore, like it was in the past here you take a quick look around the drone and you already know what most of the buttons do and where you need to press. So you can link this to your remote and i think iflight has done a great job to make this as hassle free as possible and as easy as possible to set up so great job on that now when it comes to the price, i am not too Happy to say that this is just under 500 in this current configuration without the gopro and the battery. Of course. But having in mind that this is the 6s version which is more powerful and also it comes with the tbs crossfire receiver, which which also adds about 30 dollars, i would say: um: it is a regular price nowadays.

Unfortunately, these drones are becoming more and more expensive. Instead of becoming more and more cheap, however, you do get a lot for your money, so even though i think its its a little bit steep, i am still quite happy with this drone. I wouldnt say its um, its pointlessly expensive. You have a lot of protection for your components, meaning that, when you crash – which, of course you will some of these components will be able to take a lot more damage before they actually break so thats kind of saving you some money in the long run. I was following some electric go karts the other day with the squad, and they were surprisingly quick um, which of course, i knew they would be fast. But i didnt know they would be that fast, but this drone had almost no trouble keeping them in frame and just keeping them in the shot at all times. I was following them at probably next to maximum throttle just trying to be as quick as them and they were raised by professional pilots. So it was a little bit difficult to get used to that sensation of using my throttle at 100 percent most of the time. But i had a lot of fun flying this iflight nazgul evoke drone and just like the previous nazgul, i think this drone solves pretty much all the needs for most people for most people, its important to have a reliable, fast, but also smooth flying drone, and this Checks all these boxes and i think, its very quick, its very smooth at all times.

It is a little bit more expensive but, like i said its very, very well protected its very good looking. So if thats, something that will make you spend less money on other components that you would normally break with another drone, then in the long run, this is actually a great investment, so its up to you to decide whether its something that you want to purchase. But personally for me trying it out, i had a lot of fun, i had a blast and i will definitely keep playing with it as as much as i can. I just want to fly with it more because i want to explore more possibilities with this, and just knowing that the stack inside the vista are protected and a little bit more secure gives me a little bit more peace of mind, its its something small, but definitely Adds up to the whole flying experience and thats, something that i really enjoy, especially that xd60 connector so thats pretty much it guys. If you have enjoyed todays video, please do me a favor drop, a like drop. A comment subscribe to the channel for more content like this and ill catch.