So i’ll try my best to do a quick, honest, fast review of this bag. The iflight bag, as you can see it, can carry one two three, four, five six seven give or take drones. You can put some inside the bag too, somewhat smaller and stuff, like that comfort, wise, very good, strap belly, strap here. Well, i don’t know adjustable here. This just to keep your straps together, you can adjust the distance between the strap and your back so it’s, really like a customizable uh on your size or frame so yeah we’ll go into the bag to see what’s up with this design. First off some no grips under the bag, so it’s pretty cool, it’s, solid it’s like stiff the bottom, so you can have it stand up somewhere and it’s. Just gon na hold by itself get this cool. Velcro thing you can see the straps you guys are gon na, say i really suck as a reviewer, probably and you’re right. I forgot to bring a battery because you see all this tubing here, there’s some tubing here and a bit inside the bag. It lights up. Multiple colors and you can switch and you can on enough whatever and it connects through a xt6060 xt60 i’m a bad reviewer, but let’s get inside the bag. Music. All right so let’s remove those. We got three straps on the front, easy clicked right here: Music, very nice little strap here – and this is hard like soft hard but hard.

So when you put your drones, it doesn’t crush everything inside the bag or take weird shape or whatever. This is cool uh quickly since we’re on this side, there’s pockets, like that, i love how they look there’s some stoppers and a stopper on the side, so it just yeah it won’t just solve off in there all right. So you got pockets all over europe with some uh propellers some camp, but you can still stuff stuff. You got the same well, a little different on the other side see this once opens up fully so it’s, not like a stuffed pocket, it’s more of a zipper stuff. I put my tools here: some fc, spfc and stuff in there. These are waterproof. You know so. It’S kind of waterproof, you don’t, drop the bag under water, but you want to rain proof. You get this beautiful pocket, solid pocket. You could easily, when it’s, not stuff put some uh, i don’t know maybe a small remote uh, the one i won’t name or some other, but i use it for like last minute, keys and stuff that needs you know easy access. You get another zipper. If you want, like some sealed stuff, not to lose okay, so this again has some stopper. So when the bag is up, it won’t just fall open it’ll. Just stop like that Music zipper we’ll see how they last. When you flip the cover, you got two beautiful pockets here you can put antennas or stuff like that.

In there i put straps, i put some whatever it does this other little tag Music. You got another pocket here. I put some more props or whatever a bunch of stuff, a lot of bunch of stuff in case stuff, so everywhere gets interesting. You see, i have like the biggest remote on the market, which is the ix 12 crossfire module. So big end, all big antenna that you can’t remove and i can just literally stuff it right in there easily so i’m pretty confident any remote will fit in there. There’S separators there’s some others like this and that. So if you have a tango – and you just want to use this little part whatever so they’re velcro, so you can move them around and swap from side to side easy fit for the dji, and i even have a bag on there with some more stuff in It that i put there this and there’s still more room on the top and the fact that there’s a side air it won’t slip off, especially if you don’t have my bags in the bottom, so everything fits you could fit some more stuff over. I mean it’s huge. I put like a gocam here, that’s going to be another review put that here here it comes with a uh nice battery back, i think, i’m. Just sorry this is dumbbell and but i’m just gon na lower the Music it’s way too bright. Sorry, for the first part of it lipoguard bag, which is actually a cool bag that you can separate your battery a bit with the small one or the dead one here and a good one there or whatever.

This is made. This way this is made actually to slip right in the back, and here you’re left with a bunch of room like a good four inch here, three inch to put props slight props in – and this is really deep – you can probably find a real dimension somewhere, but This is like eight inch or something so. The other thing i want to show you too is there’s a very convenient uh laptop bag with a separation, so you can put your wireless stuff and then the laptop or i prefer to put the wires somewhere else. But still you could put two laptop in there and the pocket is upward. So, even if you forget it open, you take your bag, it won’t slip off because there’s some other pilot. I won’t name Music. That said that he already took his bag and swinging in on his back and the laptop came flying off. I didn’t even check, obviously the price – i know it’s pretty expensive, but it looks pretty sturdy. It’S well conceived the bag folds up like so obviously, two nice plastic pockets on the side you can put beverage or your dead batteries or whatever you want. So i think we went around now Music. So obviously, if you like this review – or you find it a little dumb – just say it in the comments i’m not paid by flight to make this – they actually sent me the bag.

So i could see it, but other than that. I think this is worth your money if you’re gon na invest like uh, three four thousand dollar and maybe a lot more on drones and stuff. Like i say, i don’t even check the price, but i think it’s around there. So i’ll tell you the exact amount. It’S not so bad if you want to go uh check for the bag and especially if you want to help a buddy make more video and stuff there’s an affiliate link in the description under the video. You can click order, the back directly.