Oh, oh, crashed! Wait before we continue with the video I have. An important announcement to make search engine is hiring. We are looking for driven like minded individuals to join our growing team, but wait you might be wondering. Why would I want to work here? Well, let me show you you get to work here with some of the most incredible creatives. You get access to incredible Studios like this and all of this cool equipment Im trying to work here. Can you get out of here what, though you also get free parking? Music, we even offer a grooming allowance yeah, no okay, even coffee from our local kopitiam, thanks Sherry. So are you interested hit the link below to see what positions we have available in recent times? I dont think that theres a single cinematography tool that has impressed me as much as the fpv Drone the kind of shots that you can get with a drone like this thanks to its unparalleled agility, is quite literally mesmerizing. I was hooked. You know I wanted to learn how to fly fpv drones, but then, when I went down the rabbit hole well, it was a lot more daunting to start than I thought. The main thing here that I had to get over was the skill floor. Unlike most modern drones that basically fly themselves, fpv drones are bought as manual as they get. There are no anti collision systems, no preset moves heck, they cant even hover.

That means that everything the Drone does is down to the Pilots skill and given my track record as a drone pilot, there was some cause for concern. In fact, before you even get into the air, you also need to know how to assemble your fpv drone, and, let me just tell you they do not snap together, like Legos, then theres the cost of getting into it. Conservative estimates put a set with the Drone goggles and controller to be about 3000 Ringgit, which is about the same price as a DJI Mini 3 Pro only that comes fully assembled and with a whole host of modern safety features to keep it from ending up. In a tree, if only there was some way to put some of those smarts into an fpv drone, make it really durable and then make it ready to fly right out of the box like wouldnt, that be the perfect beginner fpv drone. Well, this is the DJI Avada and its the companys brand new fpv drone theyve launched one in the past, but that was far more serious. You know less beginner friendly looking model called the DJI fpv. The Avada takes a slightly different approach on the face of things. It looks like a killer recipe, its a tiny, agile, fpv drone that the company claims is built tough, but also comes with enough of DJI safety features that it can. You know do stuff like hover return to home and even has an air brake feature to save you from sticky situations to cap it all off.

You wont even need to learn how to fly with sticks, because its compatible with djis motion controller that uses a bunch of sensors to detect your hand, movements for what the company calls intuitive flying. All of this sounds almost too good to be true. I mean motion controllers, you know, will this actually work? Well, yes, Music Applause! Of course it did take a quick minute to get used to the sensation of flying and the sensitivity of the inputs, but its crazy. How intuitive flying like this is in your field of view, there is a little circle in the middle of the screen that you can move by twisting the controller. The idea is simply to point the circle where you want to go and squeeze the accelerator. The Drone will literally take care of the rest, itll gently bang over long sweeping corners or dot quickly between trees, depending on how quickly you flick the controller, and it is a wrist motion that were talking about here. You dont want to move your whole arm because not only does that take more effort, but your drone wont respond as quickly either. If you want to separate the drones flying from the cameras frame, you can enable the hit tracking function in the new DJI goggles too. So that the camera will point where you turn your head, while the Drone will fly in the direction, you point your controller in theory, it should work quite well, but in practice this isnt really as reliable as I thought it would be its not as predictable when Youre combining both movements – and I found myself turning this off almost immediately, though speaking of the goggles.

These new goggles too, are incredible. Im someone who gets motion sickness from VR goggles all the time, but the screens response and refresh rate on the DJI goggles 2 are really good. They use tiny micro LED displays that you can just focus with by twisting the adjuster knobs at the bottom and adjust field of view by moving them outwards or inwards. The headset is also incredibly light for the kind of quality and range that you get from them. In an open plane, for example, we were able to go well over one kilometer before the signal started to degrade okay. So what makes this really scary is that I believe this is a digital signal, so what happens with digital signals is that they are all ones and zeros, which means that if you lose the signal, your screen just freezes, and that is absolutely terrifying. Oh oh, crashed. The signal is connected. Yeah, oh I crash over there. Yeah it says to the well: were not gon na recover it now its at the housing area next to SS2 model. Look at the sky dude in this cross is just like get us out. The road, but who knows is that it is that it is here right: okay, yeah yeah, oh my God, beer dude! Thank you! So much! Oh, my God! Yeah we were coming up here and then just lost signal and we ran is it? Is it damaged? Quite a tanker now, maybe I was being a little bit of an idiot here flying in a dense City area, but having reviewed the footage, I dont think its entirely a pilot skill issue.

Halfway pulling up, I basically lost all control of the Drone and couldnt redirect it as it was hurling towards the building, but you know that happens with drones. Sometimes what I was most impressed with was the fact that the drones survived the more than two story crash. Nearly unscathed there wasnt even a broken propeller in sight. Yes, the prop guards were scuffed and the battery lost its power button, but the Drone itself was fine and this wasnt, the first crash. We experience the thing hit the deck more times than any of the other drones Ive flown and yet its still chugging along just fine. There was even an instance where Sophie flew directly into a tree and then the Drone just bounced off and hovered in place, ready to fly off again yeah. So remember how DJI said that this drone was robust, I believe them after that crash, though we decided to hand the Drone off to someone a little more experienced with fpv drones, just to get a gauge on how this compares to you know a normal fpv rune Foreign Music: this is Cheryl and hes been flying fpv drones for over three years. Now, initially, I thought hed be disappointed by you know: babys first fpv drone, but, to my surprise he seems to like it. Although he was already accustomed to flying with sticks. You know he still picked up the motion controller almost immediately. He knows that the best thing about the Avada has to be the camera, unlike most fpv drones that have separate cameras for flying and filming with the Avada.

What you see is what you get, which makes it super easy to frame shots. They were also very impressed with the battery life of the Avada, which can last a little over 10 minutes on a single charge, their drones max out at only about 7 Minutes, whats. More since it was a smart battery, the remaining charge is displayed in percentages, while typical fpv drones require the pilot to monitor the voltage so that they dont over drain the battery. Obviously, this fancy new tech comes with its own set of limitations. For starters, the battery is about as proprietary as it gets. Yes, you do get the convenience of charging it with USBC, but youre probably only going to be able to buy new ones from DJI themselves, then having one camera to do both flying and recording means that theres no room to upgrade the camera on your drone. On a regular fpv drone, you can just swap out the camera for a newer model or a 360 degree camera or anything with a light enough payload with the Avada youre stuck with what you get. Luckily, it is a pretty decent camera. It will do up to 4K at 60 frames per second, with both rock steady and Horizon steady, as well as the cine light color, which means its pretty much on par with most of djis consumer drones. Just you know: dont expect mind, blowing cinematic quality here, foreign Music, so its the DJI Avada, The Beginners fpv drone.

Well I mean I came into this review being a complete novice right. I could barely fly regular drones without crashing and I definitely have never flown a fpv drone before, but after just a couple of sessions I was making moves. I never dreamed Id be able to do without hundreds of hours of experience and the more I flew it. The more confidence I had to try new and riskier Maneuvers its crazy, how fun and intuitive it is to fly the Avada, even if youre a complete beginner. Like me, I have no idea how DJI has done it, but they have and Im completely hooked, though I think the most underrated feature about the Avada is that it can also grow with you as great as the motion controller is, I foresee a point in time Where the basic movements that you can make with it become a limiting factor, you know, for example, with the controller you cant dive buildings or do flips or any of that fancy see experienced Pilots making. But if you do want to graduate from the motion controller to something more serious, you can do that with the Avada too itll pair right up with the regular DJI fpv controller too, and give you access to a full manual mode. So you can do all of those complicated Maneuvers and yet itll still have some of the useful features to keep you safe, like the ability to bail out of the flip by hitting the pause button or have your home Point displayed on your goggles Hood whats, more Sharon also says that the Drone should be quite easily repairable.

The propellers and rotors, for example, look pretty standard to him, so you should be able to sort them out if they do get damaged its definitely my favorite product to come out of DJI in a really long time. You know nothing beats the thrill and excitement that the Avada can offer and Im, not even using it to its fullest potential. The way I see it, the biggest hurdle here is probably the price. So if you want the combo that I reviewed, which is the pro view, combo with the DJI goggles 2, the motion controller and the Drone that will set you back 5899 Ringgit. But you can pick up just the Drone for 2499 Ringgit thats, a lot of money and thats, probably a lot more than you would spend building your own fpv drone as well, but the Avada comes. You know right out of the box ready to fly. It comes with built in smarts and as far as miles per ring, it goes its kind of hard to beat well done. Dji, like I mean I think, youve hit a home run here like if you can find a way to also make the price more accessible. With future models, or maybe a future discount, I think youre going to have people lining up around the block to get it. Alright, thats it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. I really enjoyed my time with the DJI Avada um. I hope you enjoyed the video too, like I would have loved to fly it a little bit more, but halfway through the review, I actually fractured my hands, so I cant fly anymore, just kind of sad and but it was a lot of fun and I hope You enjoyed this journey as well.

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