But i thought well lets. Do it right, so i just completed the first step i registered. My drone. I went on faa drone zone went through all the steps Music. They want your the serial number of the of the drone and what what kind it is and so on what it can do with if its uh can be tracked by the government or not, and so i i did all of those steps took me. Probably 10 minutes to do the the initial step, so its registered uh uh for for recreational use, its not registered for commercial use like videoing and using it in a garage set for building garages or anything like that. So thats. Where were at and there theres a list of steps that an faa flight safety inspect instructor whos a subscriber – and i really appreciate him sending this to me – um Music, detailed. What needs to be done to actually get my license at 160 dollars. The this. For first part was five dollars so well see how the costs go as we progress and ill walk you through it im only. I still only have a little bit of a little bit of time here and there to do this. So i had time today – and i did the first step so hang on here – we go okay, so i wanted to just talk about drones. I have three of them here. This is one i bought two or three years ago, its a hub sand.

I think it was a 501 or some. I cant remember the model number. It was about 150 dollars. It has a camera that is fixed, so if youre, if youve got any wobble or anything like that or if you go to take off when you go to take off like that, the camera just dips down when you stop its kind of not very steady, i Did like the control, because its got the screen built in to the control you dont need a iphone or anything to to look at. That was a nice feature in this 150 drone. The next drone i got was its a holy stone. Is the brand lets see if this is one of those that fold up never ill, try not to break them? I suppose this one, the the size its a little bit smaller, but it was um. This one was 250 dollars. It has. You have to use a an iphone on here for your view. Uh, the controllers are pretty good, it worked well, it has a camera with a its adjustable. So as youre flying you can, you can go down and back up you cant go its not a on a gimbal. So, as you fly its getting a lot of its almost rigid as rigid as the hub sand, but uh you can angle it down more. The video is still a little bit shaky. Couldnt seem to get rid of that then i bought the dji lets see.

I cant wait to use this um six hundred dollars, so its quite a step up cost wise the uh as it has a gimbal on the camera, so its it is much smoother and its 4k when its uh hovering it just is perfectly still you get such A great shot, i love. I love this drone, the control its the same thing as the holy stone. It mounts up here with a camera for viewing what a big day, so i am going to have take my my test. Commercial part, 107. Pilots license and currently im smiling because i havent taken the test yet, but were here sightseeing in burlington vermont and we heard about something really cool: how about the worlds tallest filing cabinet thats right. I saw it up close and personal im going to go up and open all the drawers see if theres any money in there back in the shop. So my test is over im back in civilization, out of the big city im, not a big city lover at all. I prefer just a quiet, quiet little neighborhood anyway, guess what i did. I passed my 107 commercial pilot part. I dont even know what it is, but i passed it so that i will be able to get a license to fly legally doing videos for my youtube channel. That is such a relief to get off of my brain im, tired of looking at videos on class b, c d, air space e and g and all the the things you had to memorize uh was.

It was not a simple test for me. A lot of people probably could just use common sense, and no, i dont know if you could you really have to know the maps theres just a lot of information. You have to know. I probably spent uh 15 or 20 hours studying the day before the test. I actually took off from work to to study, make sure that i could that it was fresh in my mind, and so i did that uh, the the instructor was great, that it was just a friendly environment. It was all quiet. You go into you, you have a little cubicle that you go in and youre all by yourself, except for the cameras that are spying on you to make sure youre, not cheating, pulling secret codes out of somewhere um. I was trying to keep track of how many questions i didnt feel confident that i had passed that that i got right and i had put down a bit. I think i put a check mark every time i on a piece of paper that i thought i may have gotten wrong and i got up to around six or eight and i still had 20 questions left to go uh. So i just stopped – and i just looked at each question and com thoroughly, read it to make sure i understood what the question was. They have a a manuscript, a booklet that they give you there, that has legend a legend of airport symbols and so on that you can refer to that also has charts uh of situations that theyre going to ask you, questions on and im thankful that i printed That out, as 112 pages that i printed out, so i could review it and refer to it.

It helped me a lot in knowing what to do when i was actually in taking the test. So after i got done, i didnt know if id passed or not, but i went out and waited for the instructor and um. I was lamenting thinking man. If i dont pass this, i am not going to do it again uh, but i did. I got a 77. um im very happy about that. So now i wait i had to file. I have a an account on its called iacra. Its a faa site associated and ive got all the information filled out. All i need is the faa number that they will email to me to email to me after they vet me and find out if im, a criminal or not or if im, a good guy or whatever, so that can take up to 10 days. So i wont be flying for a little bit at least for another week, but when i do ill put, one up and ill be all good to go. So, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this short little video and i will put the the steps that you can go through to get your drone license.