So this shelf now is looking pretty bad. You know one of these drones has been replaced by a plant and, before you think, im going crazy or ive lost a plot completely. There is a reason for this now ill get straight to the point. The drone i have sold is the dji air 2s. So ive still got this one. So at the moment this is the only drone, the only dji drone that ive got in this house now. Why? So? This is a calculated gamble. So at the moment the dji air 2s is my favorite drone to fly. I absolutely love it. I did it when it first came out, but as firmware updates have come out as its improved its my favorite one by a long stretch, the mini 2, yet its great, but you soon want more and with that dji air 2s. It gives me the options to have active tracks, some obstacle avoidance when i might need it that 5.4k camera that boost it looks fantastic. These clips here i took it to cornwall said: ives was all filmed on the dji air 2s. A lot of the footage was, you know its absolutely stunning, that quality and when weve seen this mavic 3 rumors coming out about the prices of it. When the dji 2s came out, that was really expensive for a lot of people and its become more of a a decent price point for a really good drone, and it still is so in that case, why on earth am i selling it and thats something ive Been considering a lot going back and forth, but im going to make that decision and its going today and you can probably guess the reason.

Why is that dji mavic 3 now i just got some hope and its a calculated gamble that the dji mavic 3 wont be as expensive as all these rumors are suggesting it could be, but at the moment nobody actually knows we dont know rumors sites. Dont know the twitter, leakers dont know the people whove even got this drone, probably in the house. Dont know up to that literally the last week. Prices can change, so i hope fingers crossed that. Dji will have seen all these leaks because he will have done and rumor sites and videos and films on youtube and may have just seen the pretty much outcry and the two different ranges of people of like im. Never gon na buy this because you know im. Gon na have to sell literally my house to buy this or then its just for pros, but the dji mavic pro 1, the mavic pro 2 was a consumer and a pro drone. So why is this any different? The only reason this is any different is because of that price its been knocked about, so what i would like to see to keep it as that consumer stroke. Pro pricing will be sixteen hundred two thousand two thousand two hundred for the fly more and then three thousand or more for the cine premium model, and that could be then, if youre a pro and you need that you need the high download speeds. You want that.

Smart controller, you want the best of the best. You want the internal storage, yet youre, pretty much going to be using this for commercials and pro work where youre making a lot of money. So you can justify the price so yeah, 3. 000 upwards on that fine. But have some set prices for consumers also who want to spend some decent money, but to get the best possible drone and thats what the mavic line always has been. No ones ever come out before and said that the mavic is just for pros, because you know a couple years ago i was a mavic and i wasnt a pro im sure youve got a pro drone and youre, not a pro, so the whole pro stigma. You know its gone. Have you got an iphone pro if youve got an ipad pro? Are you a professional or you just sat at home, watching netflix on it? The whole stigma of that word pro needs to just go away, but the pricing is what makes it a actual, oh yeah, its a pro drone so anyway, back to the actual point of this video. So the reason why ive sold my dji 2s is the gamble. Ive taken this mavic pro is meant to be released in the uk and us around the world in a couple of weeks. So as soon as thats released, the dji air 2s naturally will lose value because at the moment thats the most popular and kind of mid priced drone.

The pro 2 has been out for years, so the the air 2s will lose some value so im taking the gamble off. If i want a bigger drone, so i want the air 2s and the mavic 3 cant really justify to have both. I just want one. So i love the air 2s because of all the reasons i said at the start, but i also wanted just a little bit more. I wanted side sensors on it. I wanted in some situations of low light to be just a tad better and i just wanted a bit more control over that camera being able to adjust the aperture, maybe a slightly wider lens. You know so a little bit more and thats. What the mavic 3 will bring me, so i dont need both sure itd be great for comparisons. Yes, but at the moment the dji 2s is going because that money, which ive got pretty much the same amount of money that i bought it for, can then be put towards the dji mavic 3.. That drone, although expensive, should then bring me everything that i want in a big drone. So thats going to give me all the flying performance, the camera quality and that experience, and hopefully nothing lacking. So for me, its a tactical one. It might fail, but until we actually know these prices, if the price isnt that bad, yet the djs will be coming back and i can be comparing it and you know i was thinking this.

If youve got a two or three thousand dollar drone theres going to be some circumstances and im pretty reckless, where you might think about flying it because youre so worried about crashing the thing i mean me and the guy was just having a conversation about um. How much this would cost if you actually do crash it? How much is this dji care going to cost its going to be expensive so sometimes where you know you might decide to fly under bridges and things like someone might like doing, but you know thats going to be pretty risky with a dji mavic 3., so that Situation i would like to have a dji 2s for those more riskier moments, so i hope it pays off its a tactical one. I dont know whether i suggest it to you because that mavic 3, although its going to be awesome, we just dont know so. If youve got a dji 2s, you have a fantastic drone, but if youre like me – and you just want a little bit more, it could be a good time to sell this and take that gamble. And if the mavic 3 comes out and the prices are insane just go and buy the d drive to us again and just keep that and just forget the three until it comes down in price. But at the moment im hoping that my gamble pays off. Well see in a couple of weeks anyway, but for now that shelfs pretty bare its a d drive mini 2 and a plant so more to come.

More drones are on way so its going to be exciting times, but a tactical one by darren today take care.