It fpv so stay tuned. So, first of all, if you're new to this channel, I hope you will subscribe and hit the notification bell, because we do a lot of videos about toy drones. A lot of videos about fpv DJI drones, a wide variety of things. So if you like drones and RC definitely consider subscribing and second of all, you've heard me talk about this before. If you watch this channel, the syma x5c is absolutely one of the best little outdoor flyers for line of sight. So that said, having flown it for a long time, I decided what would it be like to fly? It fpv, meaning first person view. So I ordered this little fpv camera transmitter, combo from Amazon, it's, a analog transmitter with a little analog camera, and it has 40 channels and it transmits over 5.8 gigahertz at 200 milliwatts, which is a pretty good amount. Actually, most little fpv cameras are set for 25, milliwatts and that's so that you don't interfere with other fpv cameras if you're racing. So if you are gon na fly this around other fpv pilots be careful that you don't cross talk across their channels, but if you're flying by yourself, it should be just fine and 200 milliwatts will give you enough power to fly through the trees. And such this thing was not very expensive, I'll link below in Amazon, if you want to check it out, but you could mount this to just about anything now.

The one thing it didn't come with is a battery, so I happen to have this jjrc 2's battery. That happens to have the right connection, which I believe this is called a jst connector this red one here. I already had two of these, so it's, probably more battery than I need actually, but but it's there it's fairly flat, and it should be pretty easy to mount so that's. What I'm looking forward to here. So what I'm gon na try and do is take this and mount this whole rig to the bottom of it, because otherwise, up here on the top, you don't have a lot of room around before you start getting into the props. I mean you, have you have some space, but if you mount everything to the bottom, two things it won't be top heavy and number two it just you won't have any issue with it hitting any of the propellers or getting in the way. So what I thought I would do is take this plastic container here. This used to have wall mount screws, a little plastic kind that you screw in and and goes into hollow walls and such, and I think this is going to be a perfect size for what I want to do and the reason I chose this is its lightweight. It'S pretty rigid, it's clear, so I can see what's going on inside and it should be pretty easy to mount this to the bottom of that guy and also with everything mounted inside it.

You could actually land on top of it and it's not gon na hurt anything. So what I think I'm gon na do is take this guy and cut it in half, and I could totally fail at this, but we'll see how it goes cut this in half, because I don't need the whole thing so there's half of it right there, which Is more the size that I need, and there is a convenient little spot right here with an indentation where I think I can cut this out and mount the camera into that little spot using velcro. So what I'm gon na do is just cut a little hole in this spot and a little square square hole just slightly bigger than the lens or maybe even slightly smaller than the lens okay. Now I know from experimentation that the top of the camera is where the connector is. In other words, this is upright that would be upside down. One quick note about this type of camera and this type of transmitter you don't, want to ever plug this in without an antenna attached. This thing: will it tries to push power out, tries to transmit out of this attachment here and the antenna actually dissipates that power and dissipates it so that this doesn't overheat so attach an attached an antenna before you connect a battery to it and the other cool Thing here I don't know if it's visible, but you can see that you can actually change the channels on this transmitter using this little button.

So if you wanted to go to a different channel, i've already adjusted these to match that so I'm not going to do that. But you can't change the channels on this so and I can feel it it's getting a little warm already. The the transmitter is so I'm gon na unplug it for the moment unplug my goggles set them back down and now let's see let's just see how this little guy goes in here. So if I were to put the camera right here and if I were to kind of poke the lens out through this hole, oh that's pretty good, and I was thinking about just using velcro to to hold the camera in place. So I think I might just go ahead and do that so I'm gon na get little two pieces of velcro. That will work nicely. So I will take one of these and I will put it I'll put the rough side in here and I'll. Put the soft side on the camera and let's see if it's gon na set like that, then it's gon na be like this and that's gon na go right like that. Okay and there you go, it seems to be sitting in place. So then, we're going to put this guy in here and I'm, going to just cut a little hole for the antenna to poke out of the back. So if I do it on this side, over here, let's cut a little little hole, that's big enough for the antenna and then I'll poke the antenna out.

The back, like so hey, that's, pretty good, seems to kind of hold there, and I might just tape that right there against this wall and then finally, what I want to do is take the battery and tape it down or velcro it down inside, just like so Alright cool that's there, so here's here's. What that looks like, so what you got in there is we've got the transmitter at the battery which is charged, so it should be good to go, got the camera here with Velcro, and then this lid will close down, and I can put some velcro on it. As well and then the goal would be just to attach this underneath, like this okay. So what I've got here is both sides of a pretty big piece of velcro. I probably don't even need this much probably use about half of this. So I'll put this together and I'll cut it in half. Okay, I'll take one side of it and I will put it on here and I'll. Put the soft side on the on the camera case and I'll put the hard side on drone, making sure the cameras in front and it's fairly centered there you go Lance it's on it pretty nicely pretty easily. I think it's about ready to give it a try. All right, well, I'll tell you what, rather than trying to fly it line of sight, I'll just stick these on and see. If I can fly it fpv right out of the gate, the answer's no it's too heavy okay.

So I went and got the Big Brother to the syma x5c, the SEMA x8d, which is right here, and you can see it's significantly larger than this guy and should not have any problem. Lifting the payload let's just see if it will even take off oh yeah. It will oh yeah. Full battery makes a big difference. Applause, Music, definitely not the most agile drone in the world, but it can be controlled. Alright, Music kind of used to fly in a tiny loop around back here, which is so much smaller Music. A thing is self leveling, so I'm, not having to fight that I'm, just having to kind of keep it in control because it is kind of big and try not to hit anything Music all right all right, so we brought it out to the school here. We'Re gon na try it's kind of windy today, so we're gon na try flying it fbb through the trees. Fine SEMA x8c through the trees using the FTB rig closed it's good. The cameras where it should be Music is definitely better in the backyard to get a little room to work with you don't this guy well, and I thought that coming couldn't stop in time. All right so just crashed it, but that phoebe rig is still hanging on there pretty good. So I think it's, alright, I'm gon na try it again yeah. So you got to be smooth with the throttle. You don't want to go up too high and you don't want to hit a tree like that.

Once again, look at that solid plastic container hanging on everything still looks taped down and intact. Music Applause, Music thing just is kind of big and cumbersome, and so it does it's not super smooth or responsive Music. Hi there yeah Music come come back towards us. Then okay, stop kill it kill it, kill it. Okay, y'all around and come back yeah, oh Music. Oh, oh, oh, stop! Whoa! I don't know if you could have ever done that, even if you were trying look at this, this is how it and very odd okay, so take didn't notice that when he was flying the area around here, as you got away through the trees, it definitely got Some interference like it's, not even at 200 milliwatts you're, still getting a lot of interference from the trees and other things around here. So you got ta stay within I'd, say 50 feet of yourself in order to get a pretty clear signal: I'm gon na try that I'm gon na try flying in this kind of open area, doing a big flap through the trees and then crawl it. So here we go right now: it's, pretty clear, Music, Music Applause. Oh, I thought there was a gap there but then turned out. There is a small look at that another another crash. As a matter of fact, I think we lost the door, the battery door somewhere. I'M, guessing it might be over see it broke off guessing it might be over by where we were branches, but the rear.

A couple pieces of tape came loose but generally it's feeling pretty good okay. Well, it seems that my little homemade fpv rig right here worked. It stayed on it, didn't get messed up when the drone flipped around and such, and it is removable, so I could put it onto just about anything I want to including a car which I think I might do next. Yeah I'm pretty excited about it. All the parts are listed below if you want to buy the camera and the transmitter and then some goggles pretty much anything will work. These on ways are great. You could get some phat sharks. You could get some cheaper ones from Emax. I mean there's a whole bunch of different possibilities. It doesn't work with the little guy here, but it worked just fine with the SEMA x8 see the bigger bigger brother, and I would imagine, if you put it on a brushless drone, it would do even better. But what I'm really excited about this is a possibility of putting this on to a car or some other some other RC vehicle it's, really not that it's, really not too bad in there. It it's it's, warm the transmitter is definitely a little bit warm. The base of the antenna is a little bit warm, but otherwise it feels it doesn't feel too bad inside the little plastic case. I think a couple of holes might help with airflow, but I definitely like the way it protected the drone when I landed and such I do think it's – probably a good idea when you're not to keep it unplugged so that it stays doesn't overheat in this container.

But overall yeah, I feel real happy with the fact that this thing was able to. Let me fly the SEMA x8c in fpv mode love to hear your comments below or if you're thinking about putting one of these on something different. Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear about it, see a video of it.