Music, hey what's, up YouTube, you're, watching Ready, Set drone, and today I have a box that I received from a viewer and someone who has built some floats for the DJI Mavic. I think it's for the Mavic Pro I don't know if he builds them for other drones or not I'll find out, and he wanted me to test out the the drone floats, and so I thought it'd unbox it here and see what this is all about. Now he sent me some video of himself using this thing, flying it out onto a pond and then landing his drone on the water with this device. If it looks secure enough to me, I will do the same thing see if I cannot do all the peanuts. All over the place and yeah let's set this aside there it is yeah, so it looks like he's taking two pool noodles and he has built this piece of metal that goes on it. Let me go get my Mavic Pro: have a map Pro Platinum still and see if I can attach to it now, Clifton did send me a couple of examples of what the drone looks like when it's mounted on on this thing and how to do it. So it looks like what you do. Is you take the back here there's two little empty spots right here on the back of the drone two little two little gaps, and so it looks like he's got it set up here where those just fit in like that, and then this front part fits in Here and right here, and then he in the video said to make sure to seed it, pushing it down a little bit now.

A couple things he pointed out is that these are, I think, stainless steel rods and they are very, very secure, very lightweight there. Shouldn'T be any interference with the camera there. It is look at this thing looks like quite a contraption as far as something that should be able to float so I'm gon na, take it out to a little small pond up at Old Settlers Park and see. If I can get it to float on there, so let's go check it out. Okay, so, first of all I want to tell you: this device was sent to me by a viewer and he is building these he's built a few of them for friends. He did a little demo on his on his own drone and here's, a video of that. If you want to check it out: Music, Music, Music, all right float, they're, just under the natural perfect, even if it's a little rougher and it feels real good. Your bird is not gon na go down Music I'm gon na bring it back up here. I'Ll show you this all right, good, as you can see it works, seems to be enough to support the weight of the drone. The thing I like about this it is very, very well built, meaning that this is metal. This is black metal. I think it's, probably powder coated, so that it doesn't rust, it's welded to these strips of metal right here and then it's looks like electrical tape.

That'S holding the pontoons to it now it's pretty easy to assemble. You basically take this back piece right here that has two little hooks on the inside and you pop them into these back hooks on your Mavic Pro again. This is the original Mavic Pro and then there's two little because she'd call them receptacles here that you push these legs into now. I'Ve broken one of these front legs before not on this drum, but on a different drone, so they're fairly fragile. So you want to be careful, but once that's on there that's on there pretty good, I feel like it's it's, not going anywhere now. What we're going to attempt to do is just take off and fly around with it a little bit see if it interferes with the camera at all, see if there's any issue with performance and again it's pretty windy today. So then, once we've flown around a bit, we've, maybe tried landing on the ground. We'Re gon na try landing it on the water and see how that goes. Okay, so we've got a live view of the drone on my phone, it says: it's got satellites is ready to go, let's, see how it does in this wind with these pontoons attached to it. Okay, so winds pushing it a little bit, there's tape. There'S me there's, Evan, Music. So far, it seems to be okay, big gust of wind, big gust of wind right now, it's shaking a little bit, but you really can't see it in the footage because of the gimbal but it's doing.

Okay. Alright, take it up a little bit higher or the winds, probably a little bit stronger Music. Again, the footage is pretty solid because it's, a Mavic and generally the footage, is pretty solid on a maverick and fly it right over my head out, there spin it around so it can see us, hey drone, hope this isn't goodbye. Alright, here we go down to the ground down to the water takes prepared to go in for it in case. Hey. Look at that it's on the water Bob in a little bit cameras still rolling. Now we're gon na try taking off Hey there. We go a little success, let's, take it down low and go out there and see what this stick is. I see what looks like a little stick out there. I see some ducks it's 92 I'm, so used to my Mavic zoom that I want to zoom, but there's no zoom on the Maverick Perl let's, see where there's that stick. It is indeed a stick and those are indeed ducks which I won't I won't pester. I know the duck lovers out. There are saying don't don't pester the Ducks okay it's kinda, it's kind of going down a little bit big breeze, big breeze, a little boy, all right, we're gon na it's, really really blowing we're going to take it over a little further into the alcove over here And try landing it one more time taking it over got a little bit of breeze blowing the water go ahead and try and land it, oh goodness, where that breeze is really blowing it better take back off before it gets into the Oh Music.

Okay, so tried to take back off and it tipped over. As you can see right there, I'm going, you would know yeah. I guess it's, okay, yeah, oh it's, muddy it's muddy. So I can keep talking now. Are you filming if it gets deeper than the microphone? I'M in real trouble can Harun. Why why why no, oh, my goodness, well big failure on this, not necessarily the device it tipped over forward. I think, did you get it? I think these pontoons need to be a little bit longer would be my suggestion, especially on a windy day and it's really windy. That was my fault, though okay, so I just had to go fish it out. The wind blew it right as I was trying to take off and it tipped over forward and just did a 180. I think my recommendation would be longer pontoons, so it can't flip forward like that, because I think I was you, know kind of pushing up on the stick and it kind of I don't know just like that. Take a look at my shoes. It is very muddy and gross out there, and I think these shoes, these shoes were kind of done anyway, so I'm, not too upset about that, but they're really done now and yeah. I don't know that I could recommend this with this size pontoons on a windy day. I think, if you wanted to do it on a Unwin d day, it would be fine, but for today not really the best choice.

Taking it over got a little bit of breeze blowing the water go ahead and try and land it, oh goodness, where that breeze is really blowing it better take back off before it gets into the oh.