Today, we're gon na review the larva xhd let's open it up and check it out. It has the cat X baby turtle on board getting 1080p at 60 frames per second, which is pretty sweet. 2. 3 s battery tons of extras in the box. You get some extra 3 inch props in here as well. This is a screw on con cat X, control, board extra whoop style ducks canopy and 2 batteries that's. The combo that I got the wheelbase is a hundred and 25 millimeters and that's actually a unibody, so it is fairly easy to work on a replace if you have to pull everything off and work on it again: polypropylene canopy and baby turtle on board there. It is 1080p video with 60 frames per second, I like the baby turtle, because it's kind of foolproof you just plug it in put your SD card in there and it starts recording or I access our receiver came on mine as well. I'Ve got two antonis one out the top one tucked in right here, so it doesn't go in the props 200 milliwatts etx, it's, adjustable down to 25 milli watt and the micro ux2 antenna. You want to zip tie that down, so it doesn't pop off and you lose it putting in stock right here and the cat XD v r button startstop buttons in the very back right there. You just push that start and stop crazy bf4 FR Pro 12 amp es C's on this baby, and we have plug and play motors, which is cool, no dude slaughter design.

If you need to replace one beta flight port is right here as well. That'S easy to get to and in XD 30 most of the micros have those these days and we have 1203 6200 kV open bottom motor design. With that 3 inch HQ problem, the very top that's, a by blade, prop let's, see what the weight is by itself. 62 grams, not bad with the 3 s, 450 we're getting up to 103 grams let's go ahead and do some flying and get right into the fpv test. Now you're. Looking at the cat X DVR, this is 1080p at 60 frames per second that's. What most of us have wanted for a while on our race, quads and micros 30 frames, just doesn't cut it, but what I noticed right away about the flying characteristic is that it handles really well, and I expected that it doesn't fly that much different from the Original larva, which is great because the cat X baby doesn't, add a whole lot of weight to it. The previous versions that had dual layer DVD did add a lot of extra weight and on something that could be classified as a whoop or even a toothpick. You can feel the difference. At least I can, and it starts to feel kind of kind of piggy. The way it flies. I do notice too kind of a little bit of jello in this video. I would say that the tune could be just a little bit better, but man, the colors look fantastic cat X, baby turtle I've always been a fan of this one, because the DVR is really simple.

To use basically put in your extreme sand, discard and start recording. It automatically starts to record you can see it on the display on the DVR I'm on your cat X, camera there in your goggles I'll just do a little loop back down really nice, but this feels like a quad that I've flown before, because the quads that I like out there nerves did example that jello you can't, really see the jello until you're, really boosting that was kind of a punch out for you guys but I'm, not mad at this camera. Now, when I smooth out just back off the throttle a little bit weightless jello, but I can still see some if I want to get critical. But again, this quad feels like some other quadrant before, and this is one of my favorite type of power setups for micros, a 3s battery 1200 series motors, really nice, nice control I'm, able to get in there nice and close to the curb wouldn't. Do that with a five inch so close to the curb, but man you can really get these micros in there close, and this is flying without the ducts on there. If you want to make it a whoop, you can have a little more protection for your props and your motors and your frame. It will just give the concrete something to bounce off of before hitting your frame, which is always nice, but I did durability test the canopy as well.

The canopy is actually pretty solid and polypropylene holds up really well. It took a really hard hunk concrete hit concrete, concrete hit. I can't talk today and back down super nice, so I think that the price is justified on this one. I'M, not I'm, really not mad at this quad at all, because I love the way it does have that toothpick feel to it it's a really great flier. If I can't I'll work on the tune for you guys to maybe tune out some of that jello, you can also try different props. You can prop down a little bit sometimes and that will smooth out some jello 2306 props. You can do quad blade. Props 2306 work great old school gym fans. Those are great on these motor combos you'll still have plenty of float really nice. So now let me show you guys some DVR from my goggles and just show you what this cat X camera looks like. It looks pretty good, of course, not half as good as the 1080p at 60 frames for a second, but right here, man. I want to turn around and almost well on the other side of that fence, which is a no fly zone. No retrieval zone. You have to jump that fence and go inside that little patio area, which I would not want to do because I'd be on camera. Pretty much everything right here is on camera smile, your own camera, pretty much anywhere.

You go these days that's the way it is, but you can see right here, I'm running 25, mil away there's, quite a bit of breakup right here, but man there's a ton of stuff in between me and the quad right there. So again, I'm, not super mad. At that and you can't adjust it up to 200 milli watt. If you want to do some little further away, flying really get out there and send it, they also have a TBS nano receiver combo. You could really do some mountain flying with this thing. If you wanted to the coolest thing about micros is that they can go places that other quads can't go and especially true for something this size it's. A super small wheelbase looks like a lot of water up there, not good. I was continuing with a ton of water on the ground this afternoon, flying all the grass is basically an electric electric blanket carving a carbon conductive electric blanket full of dew and rain from the night before. So. If I touch the green I'm gon na fry stuff, it's coming in nice and close plenty of control with this quad, I really like the way it flies. I feel like. I could really get crazy with some freestyle with the larva x series, the original one – and this one. I got no real complaints about it. So some final thoughts – I I think that they have another good design. I'M, happy that all the components survived.

I was a little skeptical about the the crazy bf4 fr flight controller on there holding up and I've had this one for about a week now, there's other reviews out there and this one's coming in later than some of the other reviews. But the good thing is that it came back in one piece and all the components held up on it so I'd like to see that this one got a little bit cheaper for you guys if it got in the 150 dollar range. That would be awesome. But for what it is right now, there's, just not a lot to complain about Power Systems. Good power rate ratios great, the punch outs great. If I could be critical, maybe a little better tuned would be be awesome, but looks good from where I'm sitting really nice.