Oh welcome to todays video little grinderinos. Now, as you may or may not know, i edit all of my own videos, thats right. Every single video thats ever been on my youtube, video edit channel. What is it so? Every now, and then i like to go over to fiverr, i like to take some clips of a video that id already made, and i like to pay people the bottom barrel amount to edit me a video. So i can make another video about it. Thats right this is buck. Grinder pays people five dollars on fiverr to edit his drone videos. Before we jump into these, i want to say i have a new t. Shirt of i shouldnt have smoked all of it. I have this new t shirt available theres this graffiti artist in philadelphia named septic, and i hit him up and hes like hey. Will you do my logo and your style? And this is what he came up with and i think its super sick. You can go to shopbackrender.com today right now and buy one pause. The video go, buy one and then come back and lets not make fun of some people, but lets see some. So why do i do this? I dont know one day i just have the ideas like i want to see what its like to pay people to do. Drone edits people. Typically, this is a thing. This is people that dont do fpv videos.

Normally they advertise drone footage, which is generally ap aerial. Photography drone crap after i do these videos. I inevitably have a few emails from people being like man. You should let me edit a video. I can do way better than that sirs and madames youre missing the point. The whole point of this is that theyre bad edits and we all get to watch it and not you know, make fun of the person editing it, but its five dollars so were gon na have a few chuckles. You know what i mean a five dollar video ad is asking a lot. I sent people three clips three two minute clips and i said: hey people take these three two minute clips and please turn them into one two minute clip add music and transitions. Thats. All im not talking right today, oh my hats, on all weird and add transitions final product im expecting is a two minute: video with transitions. I hired four people lets jump on into the computer and lets see just how these did Music all right. Welcome to the inside of my computer, including a different microphone and a change in audio levels, that is sure to frustrate everybody. Here we go first person. First, video ive, hired three editors, the fourth one. Let me see uh yeah, i know the fourth one has not gotten back to me yet so ive hired three editors to edit three clips. Like i said the first one i dont know how to make this video im so high.

Okay, first up cod, the editor lets see whats a little bit more about cod uh. You get two minute video. You got: ta pay extra for color grading and sound design. I dont think i paid extra for that. So i got the hookup thanks cod. The editor todd editor wait. We have whatever lets watch it all right cause. The editors up. First im excited im very excited. Now, like i said, i gave these people three just three instructions. I said i wanted these three clips that i have to be a two minute: video with transitions and music thats, all thats, all the instructions i let them use there and entire ill. Let them use their artistic integrity to do the rest. Am i recording good here? We go god what a sick wall ride. So they know they know what a sick wall ride looks like Music. Oh, oh, my god. This music, though this is making me look like a badass. I would never would never think to use tunes like this. Now. I am not going to bomb on anybodys music choices in any of these, because i only like punk and 90s hip hop well thats a lie. I like a lot of stuff, but you know im not going to bomb with somebodys music on this itd be funny, but thats thats low hanging fruit well make fun of the flying. If anything, god this guy sucks its amazing that these editors can make anything out of them.

This footage is baller. Actually, this guy doesnt suck this guy whos flying whos. Oh! This is my footage. Oh god, damn im good! Oh! Oh! Oh! No! What happened? Oh someones got all the transition i did. Oh, i didnt tell him to do a six transition wow, so he must have really watched this footage man to make these types of cuts for five dollars. Let me oh oh, this is good. This is good, actually dude for five dollars. He really did pick good parts man this. This is better than my these same three clips. You know i use in my edit Music. This one right here is worth five bucks. This guy did some great cuts. He had some great great musical or not musical. He had some great selections with whites, and is this part all this whole thing going in the video? Oh okay, i got ta keep talking. Well, let me see, oh, oh, is it another whats? This was that two minutes already wow, okay, bob the editor or whatever, oh no whats, this, oh starting over again stop bob codd the editor that was really guy. These people are not gon na, be watching these videos im not gon na, be sending them the link or whatever, but holy dude for five dollars. That was really really good. Thank you very much. Next up binge animation. Binge animation am i recording binge animation, uh jamesons professional video editors work. You can read uh.

This was three years of experience. You could be guaranteed to be satisfied in his work. All right all right lets see here. Big big, binge animation, who i cant say. Oh also from united kingdom wow, okay looks like a lot of united kingdoms here, which one did bin animation. Give me binge ill say it. Five dollars: goddamn, okay, thats right, binge binge animation sent me two videos im not gon na play them both im. Just gon na pick one and what ill do is ill upload. The uh video that i dont play as thats right. You guessed it a patreon only video on patreon. So if youre, a patron um youll have been able to already see this video well call it a bonus clip or whatever now, which one one or two which one theres theres a simple one and a more complex one. He said im going to go with number two starting. Oh okay, here hold up. I was talking. I was talking, listen that was probably the best chance weve ever gotten. Oh dude, that was amazing, okay, okay, so thats, pretty cool. That was pretty cool to to notice that and start to clip off with that do not care for this music. I already said that im not gon na im sure im not gon na care for any of the music god. I got ta turn my headphones down. So i was live on your tv or computer ipad, or what else do people use to watch things on your watch all right this? This is all right.

I feel like um. This is a song i would hear on like a mr steel, video or like, like an atlanta crew video from 2016. You know what i mean it just kind of that like did his computer slow down, editing this or it was that a purposeful, slow mo. That was cool anyway, all right, all right, i told this person also. I want some cool transitions, all right wow. This is what five. What was that this is what five dollars to get you? This is what five dollars will get you editing wise. This is not bad at all. The first one was definitely better. I think he has better cuts. This dude, which is did what i would do. Oh, oh Music, one of those little high pixelated zoomy zooms. I just used one of those in my drift car video. You should go watch. If you got ta watch my drift. Video go watch it. There might be a thing up there somewhere. They like figure out how to do it all right. This video, its not as good as the first one i was like this – was kind of boring, but its my fault, its a flying. You know i gave them not much to work with. It was like here that was cool. That was a good cut that was sick Music. This is good, i think back what i said. No, this is good. Oh, he did a little pop up like when youre in acid.

Sometimes everything goes blah blah blah. This is good. This is good. That was nice and close Music wow im astonished. You know this is the third or fourth time ive done this video, and that was sick. This is the first time ive gotten these kind of results. This is this is so good, dude, okay, thats that i heard a beep i heard i was coming back. I was coming back to show you the next person and i heard a beep and if the beep – oh, oh, what do you say? What do you say? Final guy youre good, are you good? Yes, board, grander thats thats, my secret name, dont. Tell anybody my secret name, so they dont know who i am is: is port grander on fiverr there? What do you say? Uh, the editing is done, rendering the video its actually a 4k video thats, why its taking hell of a time? Okay, no problem its not like im in the middle, no just kidding no problem, no problem, no! Probably my friend, okay, no problem here, my homie, this guy youre youre an exo. We got two more well one more video and youre next flashback. Cosmo next up is my man, sadaq bar dog, so dakbar has out of everybody on this list. The most baller profile picture ever i dont, know how much you can see in this, but hes got a little flowers in the background, hes wearing a really nice little suit.

My mans level, two that that expression like this man. He is a heartbreaker. There is a line of women with broken hearts behind this man hes a professional artist who takes time and pride in creating videos, lets see if that time and pride one day for five dollars comes through. I appreciate you snack bar uh hes, insured to get full facilities buyer to fulfill some crap, something rather right on all right lets. Go where are you from uk, alright, so jack barr? Amaze me amaze me my friend what we got here. Okay, im! Not! I hate this song so much. This sounds like wilson phillips. What is this whats that wilson, phillips song uh take my breath away? No, i dont know what it is. I should i god damn it. I want to do another take of this, because i try to sing wilson phillips in the goddamn beginning of it nope nope it doing it live sending it. This is a take that were using in the video god, damn it so that bar i hate this song. Why is there so many light fluctuations? I go to great pains to set my iso to lock it at 100 and 100 and then break the screen. So i cant change it. Oh i cant forget, i cant cut, damn it. Oh its a dac bar whats wrong with the lighting is this. This sounds like a two minute tutorial where you cut your drone open and shove.

Ramen in the middle then cover back up with sandpaper and a 1920s newspaper and some shellac thats supposed to somehow be better. This music – i said i wasnt gon na make fun of anybodys choice of music, but nobody sits in their irok z and listens to this song, while on their lunch break for mcdonalds. You know what i mean like this nobodys rocking out to this music so that, oh, oh god, im a good pilot, oh that little yall spin sedak bar this is some hey. Let me show you how to diy a ladder uh in the middle of the forest. Oh pull away from the ladder and its an entire underground pool with a a mansion made out of mud, mud chin is what i was talking about. You know what im talking about god, this take sucks. I want to review this one, but you know what im not gon na do that to you im not gon na talk and be like that was stupid and redo. The whole thing youre gon na get were gon na, go dont. Let them dont leave yet. I know some of you are trying to leave so that far youre ruining my video so that car this i know it wasnt the best flying to begin with, but youre ruining this whole thing. Youre shitty, oh i hate sadakbar, oh thank god its over Music. All right, while i was doing bong rips, we got another message from the dude uh.

He said you want to tell you that the duration is two minutes and 40 seconds. Actually i did some creative work at the start and thats why i exceeded above two minutes. Im sure well, like it okay great, i will be waiting. Oh, how do you spell i will be. I will be waiting. Okay, there we go there, we go nice and normal human typed messages. I will be waiting for the video now well im in the middle recording dab time. Okay, i dont know this im gon na go. Do something else ill come back when uh! Well, oh, when this guys done to see this is incredibly dangerous. Dont, let go of it. Dont dont keep hanging on. Oh now, its ready. Are you kidding me? I just put the green screen away. Dude. Are you kidding me just put this away check? Oh, its still recording oh, this is the this is the p or the water whats, the p, oh, my god, its here, okay, so this took for ever this uh flashback. Cosmo is our final video editor flashback, cosmo here uh, looking dapper in that suit, i got ta tell you, i got ta tell you its thats, a nice suit. You got there. Oh oh another message: you can mark it. Okay, so heres the thing heres. The thing with flashback, cosmo uh, he theres some glitches theres a few glitches in the thing like it was taking forever. I was being kind of a dick.

I i mean i wasnt thinking that look hello, sorry to bother you. I was just like this. Clip was due today, im trying to get this clip today in real life. Ive been waiting three hours four hours now for this dude. What time? Oh, my god, its 9 30., wait a minute for this guy to send the clip he said it sucks. I said i really dont care, just send it whatever you got dude ill, give you top ratings. I dont give a just send me: the five dollar clip whatever you got, works you know so here we say you can mark it down when its complete ill share. It with you itll be the final okay. Okay, thank you for your work. Like i dont know how bad can this be? He said its glitch, so what theres gon na be a couple little like uh, glitchy spots or whatever lets see, lets see what flashback cosmos got all right. How bad can this really be? This is oh, oh, oh, it looks um okay, so it looks like he did. The wrong resolution. Yeah. Look at that! Ah, no, no, no, im too big, no okay. So this was like a 1920. This is like a 4k clip. The timeline is probably like 1080 or something so its all mega zoomed in yeah. He probably in premiere just needed to grab the the side. Why is my thing? All small and kabir probably needed to grab the thing.

Oh there i am oh, this is bad. I mean this music sucks too bro yeah cosmo. I should have given you time i should have given you. I wonder if this is the glitch like. Is this what youre gon na be fixing? Sir? Are you gon na be fixing the crazy zoomed in shitty ugly 720p timeline with a 4k clip ill zoom it in? I appreciate cosmo five dollars again again, everybody i paid five dollars for these. I was not expecting, although i was pretty surprised by some of the clips this one im, not so surprised, this isnt kind of about what i always sent me another message at the end uh. He says, thanks to you, thanks to you as im, disappointed that i didnt deliver your perfect video on time. Much appreciates all right, its all right, cosmo flashback, cosmo its all good bro, its five dollars. He gives a all right now lets discuss these videos im im, trying to look up tier list im, trying to look up tier lists, and i looked up terry list. So i just looked up a list of terries all right, so my opinion: how do these edits right? How did we do lets start? Lets start with the worst um im, gon na, say im gon na who is this hang on im gon na say my man uh my man cosmo here come back cosmo or whatever im sorry cozmo youre youre see grade that video.

I know. I know that you want to send me the perfect animation. It wasnt your fault, but what i got was what i got was just kind of kind of pb, poo poo. You know what i mean all right, the next worst one. I think who the was this. Oh, this was binge animation, binge animation. It was all right for five dollars, it was no, it was all right, but you werent, you werent the best one id say: b, squad b squad for all uh binge animation there, all right, so that leaves cod and suzak bar sadak bar im gon na put In third plus second place, i think sadaq bar did a crazy good job. Hes got a baller ass profile picture, he picked some banging ass music and the edits were actually pretty good. So thank you, sadakbar. You are in a second place the winner. The winner, though, of this editing, competition here is what was it cod, something rather cods gaming or i dont know cod something fantastic job. This was actually a really good edit, like i you, you picked great drone shots. You pick great parts and videos that i didnt use that looked really good. I dont know if, if cod is just a natural at editing or if they just no, i dont know what im trying to say: cody, you did it for five dollars, especially homie. You did a fantastic job again, i know. None of these people are gon na see maybe ill send this video to cod, since they did such a great job on this thing, man – and they told me they liked my flying so that was nice of them lets wrap this up.

I cant believe it worked. Music, well hot, damn, im actually surprised, usually when i do this its like: oh heres, some bad videos with bad music, but cod gaming or whatever crushed it. That was a really good edit. I am super surprised. Everybody else sure you did a great job too for five dollars. I dont know if i personally would have even put half the effort into this for five dollars. Man thats, basically nothing. So i really appreciate all the fiverr editor people that did this today. For me, i dont think i got i think. Thats might be the end of the video im gon na try to sell you some. You should buy that shirt. I make my own weed drink. Now you can buy that dads, elixir, dot com each and every video. I like to shout out my patrons now: if you dont know i dont monetize my youtube videos. That means i make zero dollars off literally zero dollars off of each youtube. Video i put out theyre all demonetized, so i rely 100 on my patreon to get paid to keep making videos to pay the bills to do all that. But whatever you do with money, save up for an fpv park and because i appreciate all my patrons especially my top tier patrons thats, the top tier say my name level, which includes i need a teleprompter lets, see. If i can pretend thank you so much to billy how that didnt work, thank you so much to billy hackett diesel, cheeks, fred805 mikey fpv stunt, strat 76 tt, fpv, volley, tronics and wam fpv.

Thank you! So much yall, literally literally helped me pay my bills and every single patreon. I appreciate you more than any job ive ever had. If you want to become a patron ill say your name ill, send you stickers ill play your videos on my friday night live stream. Just go to patreon.com there, the ads are done now we can just hang out. Oh now, the video is over. I dont know what else to say. You know what, though you know what i appreciate all of you watching. I promise next time well be better, although, but next time is definitely actually going to be better, i can literally promise next time well be better. I have some super sweet videos coming up, including a budget center lifter that will save you 9 000, and you can still get cinematic. I got this device that the homie build that oh, never mind, im, not you just better! Come back and watch hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss anything. The notification bell who gives a about the like, but nobody cares about anything – were all gon na die one day anyway. Bye everything is dropping.