For a very long time, you may see a welder in the background there. I certainly don't claim to be a welder. In fact, I've only attempted it about five different times, but today it will be the six I am thinking. I would like to put a new thumb on here, not a ram driven or hydraulic thumb, but a mechanical thumb on here and the way I have been working it out is I've got some scrap metal that's here I might as well make this. Have the ability to grab a log or a stick at least like this? Would that be cool? It would be better to pick something up with this excavator. This will also be a piece that will be easily you know or within reason, removable. The other thing I want to say is guys: I've got a lot of people that write to me and say they don't get all the notifications. You all know how the bail system works. You can either click the Bell and choose some or all, but if you're really lost, please head over to my page click on the videos, tab right here and you'll be able to catch up on any of the RC adventures that you have previously missed. Also, I do have another channel for loading kings. If you guys are fans of that show all the additional loading Kings are over here on our see sparks reboot, so there's quite a few videos over here.

I think about 60 of them, but back to the project. So what I would like to do is actually let me see here a piece of metal here, a piece of metal here now, if I have let's say I drill into the boom right about there and I have another one on the other side and then I Have a support, brace that comes up using a stock hole right there, and then I maybe put a flat piece on the bottom. Underneath this I could start making some sort of pinch grab system that really is just based on a fixed area, so let's get started. Okay, first things: first we're gon na round out the edges of this metal. So I don't have a 90 degree Music. Okay, so I rounded out the edges. So when I place it here and I put a new drill hole through the middle it's not going to interfere with any of the armature that's there already, I get a full throw without any interference now I'm, using a drill bit that's slightly smaller than what I Need but I'd rather drill a hole that was too small to begin with than one that was too large, Music and then I'm. Just placing this piece back here to know where to drill the hole for both sides – Music, hey and then back to the bench to mock it up like this, I had one going through on this side straight through to the other side there.

Now, if I had a pinch like a lip like that, that would help me clamp it so I'm, just cleaning the metal preparing the weld don't want any rust or any kind of oil on there wanted metal as clean as possible. Okay, now giving it a slight Bend to make it a nice snug fit on these holes, see if I made it too snug. I did not nice, so curl out curl in now, it's, just a matter of where I want that one to be the thumb to be done like where I want it to be secure. So now I have to make a cross brace, which would be better if it was adjustable depending on the size of material I was picking up, so how can I make that adjustable like a pin system? Okay, I see immediate problems in my design. Obviously, that hook is too low and I don't have it in place yet which technically it does work as a thumb. But I don't have it set in place right, like there's no bracket to support it there. But I notice that, even if I come in here and try to drag and drop it, but that thumb is still going to be an issue I can't get a hook now I do have a ripper, so let's try the Ripper on goes the Ripper. Okay, let's. Try that yeah see that's the problem. That tooth is too long, but it works so well, just a matter of which position.

Does it go in like right there that works, pretty good hey. If he was a bit shorter, it would be a little bit better. I think there you go it's actually working, and so I just kept fiddling around off camera here and the more I thought about it. The more I realized I needed to manufacture two more pieces. Really it was this adjustable hanger plate where I just have some holes. Drilled here were, and also this contoured arm right here – that comes down to this one side, arm of this entire gripping mechanism right here. So this comes straight up notice. The nuts are on the outside, because there's nothing to inhibit. I also cut a channel right here, so I could have full motion of the Ripper coming through no matter where it was at. So if I needed to pick up much larger objects, I could easily just make the jaw grabber larger and move this back. But here it is a pile of logs, shall we give her a test and see how this goes? Okay, so what a heck of a looking Mad Max machine do I have now through that? Am I going to be able to grab logs properly with it? Can i grab a whole bunch? Yes, I can. I can even squeeze it harder that's what she said there we go put the logs over here. But what if I wanted to pick up one specific log like one that was much closer to me, like let's, just say one in particular here this difficult to get at let's, just zoom in there with one continuous shot here, see if I can actually do this.

So I'm, just going to point it out again it's this log right here. So what I'm gon na have to do is get this in here kind of separate it get out of there, get it over there and then just get that one log practice yeah yeah! So I can do specific motions with the arm. Look at that guy's that's incredible. I can pick out specific logs now with it and unload it. Oh yeah. I always knew this would be able to be done. I don't think I've seen it done on an RC excavator, yet Music, but I have now guys thank you so much. I hope you smash the like button already. This is totally unique share it with anybody. You know that has one of these very unique excavators, I'm sure they're going to want to be able to see how to make themselves a mechanical thumb it's pretty easy guys thanks a lot for tuning in, hopefully, you've made some noise in the comments section we'll see In the next episode of rcadventures now get outside and have fun with RC, you know I always do yeah Music.