What am i i am with you today to wish you all a happy easter and at the same time, to review or to edit a little short live, because some of you uh have been asking me on instagram? Well, why do you go repurposing, your content for instagram and the answer is i do it because i believe that the shorts or the little reels as they’re called on instagram, actually work out quite well and that’s. What i’m going to do now considering the time and considering that some of you in the us will be sitting chilling out for easter holidays, no better time like the present. Now, if we look here, you will see that i already have some jobs going. So let me just say: go down to shorts i’m, just going to add it away and you guys can chat, and i will take you from the start to finish just with my process in making some of the little shorts. So here what i will do is i’ll immediately go up and i’ll start a new project, and this will be say: let’s call this an easter short right, theoretically uh. What i will do also is. I will make sure that um, i have it in the vertical workspace because of the fact that the last one i did was normal, so i’m going to put it into vertical here, and i will do it at full resolution at 29 so that the so that The um, so the drone footage will work out in the best way it can now.

What i normally will do also is. I will take i’m looking for my little. My logo here from before. Is that the right one? No, they all seem to be using the other logo, so i may actually have to do that if there’s anyone there and they want to chat away, feel free to do so, as i bring in the different bits and pieces i’ll always i’ll close some of these. So that they’re not distracting you if we can so if i close that tutorial – and we also then close that one and i’ll just leave the one that i am using open, close and we’re all we’re going to do is keep is keep the actual folder in Question now, if there is anyone who comes on live and does actually is actually interested in watching that then feel free to join in the chat but i’m not really expect. I will do a little. I will do a little um drone view later on. So this was an evening clip. I do want the i’ll bring all this in, because i actually do want the end bit. Ctrl c, i hope that you can hear me okay and if you can, and now we will go looking for the new short which in this case is the easter one, i mean the spelt right: it doesn’t, really matter control v. We will okay that, even though it is going between control z, just spreads right out, we did have some wind.

We did have a different bit of music there. I do like the end of it. I do like the fact that we have the titles, the raw footage versus the color corrected footage, which is still a way of doing it, and i will bring in some footage now, perhaps from let’s see if i have even drone footage from before original footage and We’Ll go with donegal. This time, when i remember, was nice it’s a while back i’ll leave that one let’s go with a different one: drone footage donegal and the lake drone footage, which one was that well. That was a different just going over the licks and did i have 30 seconds or so of that that was around spring it’s an old castle. Definitely, if i’d be able to get as much in that one all right, let’s go back again, see that’s. The original footage well that’s the original footage, but not, but the one that has been done. Okay, so this one should have the drone footage all in one go need all my bag yeah. I like that trap, and that was in the evening time. I should be able to get something nice there see. Can we brighten it up? Also so we’ll import that one? Let me see, can we get 30 seconds of nice footage along there? It was getting quite dark at the time you do like that. We did like the reveal there let’s see, keeping it smooth reveal, that’s, okay, still smooth even from there going across the island it’s showing a little more.

I like that, that’s very smooth there. We go that’s very nice, so we can bring that all in like that. Let’S, replace it let’s see it again. We’Ll delete that one. Okay, okay liking this, so we can immediately. Yes, we can. We can immediately transform that and see what it looks like bring it in to fit. I did like it from like it from the beginning, as it revealed no, it was a little bit we started from about. There worry about the titles just yet that’s showing it nicely. We could actually bring a little bit more of it in it’s. Just a nice little reveal bring over the titles. I do i just use this music again so command c and here command v that’s, the original for now. I do believe. Okay, let’s get a look at this now, so have a look at it first and it would have been shot properly, so i’ll bring up the color wheels me see what they’re like i’ll, also bring up some color spaces. Hello capture, live creation, i’m, just adding editing a little short here for my instagram feed, and i thought i would just do it live it’ll it’ll help some people and others may Music be interested in seeing it others may not. So i am just going to go to my workspaces, color and effects, so i can see exactly what’s going on and try to adjust them slightly. I do think that this is the normal one that i would look at, and i also look at the overlay anyway.

It is the shadows: don’t need to be brought down any if anything they’re just about right as they are. The highlights need to go way up to nearly just under 100, without it getting too noisy, hopefully um the mid tones go up a little too just this was done well here at night, so i’m, not even sure how it is going to look. It might just be too noisy, i think, that’s a bit better. I always like to learn as much as possible. Even in the shorts, it is rendering there there is a nice little bit of color. It was the evening sun, so that’s, really all that we’re able to show here, okay, it’s, just a little bit dark. I think it’s too bad. Now long piece see it looks really nice there on the evening sun let’s look at it from the beginning, it’s not going over it. So you just wanted to be above zero, which it is good morning lost girl hikes i’m, just editing a little short here for instagram. I like that. I think that’s a little bit more realistic. Now, yeah that’s a lot better, a lot better. Are we making it warm yeah, warm it up a little bit now that it’s springtime that’s? What we got to do so, if that’s right so let’s, keep that there the raw footage and then and then the music again and them both at the same time, nice. Okay, so that’s it corrected yeah.

I think it’s nice, you don’t, want to overdo it. Just bring the colors out a little bit. What kind of engagement do you see with your instagram reels, patrick most of mine, get 150 to 170 views with a couple getting a thousand two hundred views. I don’t know what you’ll be able to see if i just pop it up here for a second. Let me see doing it on another screen here and i’ll be able to show you instagram. I think there’s a couple of tips that i would be giving you lads to help you with it. Uh don’t turn on notifications. If i go to my own profile, if i go there profile, will that work Music rails, okay, you’re ready for this? Are you ready for it? Look at this right, so here’s, my here’s, my profile at the moment. Okay, make sure you give this little live stream. Now a like and a share, but look the rails: okay! Well, that one was just a joke. I put up yesterday, but look at the some of these reels are getting say: 600 views, but then there’s a thousand there’s. Ten thousand views. Ten point: one thousand views eleven thousand views you can’t go wrong with that eleven thousand, that is unbelievable, eleven thousand four hundred twelve thousand. So some of the some of the stats look. 10. 600. 12. 000 views on a reel. Eleven thousand. Please do like this. If you’re, still on looking at me that’s, why they’re looking at looking at this little live at it that’s why? I think it’s very important um to keep doing it, because sometimes our videos on youtube are getting less.

So if we are getting the likes of like well there’s one, there got only 607, but the next, the one before it got 10 000. So it’s, not that and you’ve got quite a few followers yeah. Well, a lot of them are coming from that anyway. So all we’re doing is repurposing the content that we have from that. So i’ll close that and get back to our live edit of it. Let’S just fill the screen. So if we have it here, that’s the raw footage, i know it’s not the raw footage yet, but i am going to put it in and we’re saying where it is no it’s, not actually very windy here. What is, if would it be like it’s, not arctic winds? No, so it doesn’t need articunts, but what it might need if i go come on, zero gets rid of the color spaces there for a second and we can go into our uh sound effects. Let’S, just do some wind, some forest wind, oh gosh, kevin winds. No, what sound effects my friend effects in general! When here we go see there, isn’t really there’s, really much wind happening. What about some nice evening evening, forest evening? Okay, see! Ah what about birds? I should imagine there are some birds there, like that. I like that so let’s pop that in bring it down a little bit, see that’s nice. I like that because it does seem like there are birdies right.

So this, of course, is the raw footage, so let’s put it here and now we’re going to create okay. So now we got ta go and reveal that to you and it’s more of a crop, so will we reveal it from Music uh right to left so let’s start it here. Uh the raw footage will say so suppose we’re starting it here, aren’t we so let’s. Go with that add a keyframe and it needs to be totally corrected by then we’re doing it on the footage. Did i put that in the wrong place a dead sorry about that so we’ll zed that and start that again bring it in here and we are putting in our keyframe here at the right and then we are to the right. Okay, we want to totally reveal by then all right. Let me just i’m keeping this in the ship, for you guys, that’s quite a bit. I hope you’re. Well, please hit that like. Yes, we are um yeah. I need to do it from the beginning, all right. So bring it over here, put it in the left, put in a right, keyframe and then by here we want it all corrected. I know i need that from beforehand all right back again, okay keyframe in at the right nine by here that’s. It done just go back one that’s it all right! Oh get this yet lads, uh, it’s, very bad. Okay, all right so start this for bringing it in from the right keyframe there and by here.

I do this wrong again. All right! I need to keep going back scale color wheels now this one add our keyframe, which we have bring it to here, reveal it that’s it okay. Now that should be pretty good um. I will be back on later for a little drone review, even though it is for the champions league tonight, probably near just bring it in now. I like it. Okay, i like it. This will go up as far as 31 no has to be within 30. To about there is that still 30, it is okay, let’s bring that to. There goes off nicely. That should be it. Okay, folks, that’s it there we go that’s. The little short happened very fast there, so that’s, okay, i think so so that’s just a little short and we can lower that off towards the end. I actually wouldn’t, even i’ll, bring it in about here, see i’ll bring the music in a little earlier. So if that’s the case, i think that makes it look nice lovely little now. Perhaps we should really only be putting in that as soon as we’re passing over here so that’s, whenever the the first little sound effect should start to appear, and probably only just once over the island. I think i think it doesn’t need that much. How about that? I think that works guys that’s that’s about the height of it. Look raw footage color corrected bit of a sound effect as we’re going over the island.

Is there a slight little waterfall there or rapids? There could be let’s just put that in because there’s a little rapid just down here. So if we can get water water of a lake, no no forest stream waters enough and it just came in a little bit beforehand about there see there’s ripples see that so that could be oh needs to come in a lot earlier, because we’re going past it And we’ll drop it right off there be a off. It goes so now, we’ve put just just ladding, just landing p. Okay, could it come in? It could uh even just a little bit beforehand, you’re starting to see it there. The tree bristling sound effect over a tree tree bristling sound effect tree bird wrestling let’s, see yeah. I have any anything there on trees, just a for just a forest yeah. Have that one in could you i think that’s about it? That’S it leaves blowing the wind. You could do the wind just at the end when it when the camera is rising up. Couldn’T you just at the very end, let’s see don’t know i think at the end, just at the very end there. Whenever it goes up, then up higher. We could bring in some of the softer sound but bring it in from nice and low. So i think that’s enough, i think it’s enough, so this is just a little thrill or a little um. Oh, we put that in.

We need that in v b, we’ll just end that for now folks, this is just a little live stream to show you the edit of a short, and i think that will do it and i’m gon na i’m gon na post. This now so make sure that you go on and see the final version. Let me know what you think, so i wonder, should i actually put the sound like say a sound effect added well like, should i actually go through and put every single step be interesting. Wouldn’T it and we want it just to end not so harshly so we’ll just put a little actually what i’ll have to do now. If i do this – and i do this – and i put it as a compound – clap, uh, easter, short clap, which is fine means i’ll – be able to put let’s just make sure yeah and now at the end, because i’ve made it a compound clip it’s easier. For me to just add in that little transition just there – i can move this down to here and this down to here now it all has to be less than 30 seconds in order for it to work in an instagram rail. So this is old footage which i’m basically repurposing for instagram, because everybody seems to think that the shorts are getting a lot more traction well. They’Re called reels, sorry shorts as youtube, so i’ve started off here.

I probably should even raw footage color corrected uh. I should almost put water sound effect added god would not be interesting. What do you think? What do you think should i do that, just as a test, so we would be sam, so we would actually say something along the lines of right. Look very, very fast. So mavic r2 footage that can go on the top then it’s color corrected then the the forest, then the stream river water is added. What do you think guys? Anyone who’s on at the minute? Just answer me this? What if i made this short a complete tutorial? Where i’m actually saying to myself, okay, he added in the sound effect for a stream water, sound effect, so brings it in brings in his logo raw footage added color corrected. Then, as soon as you hear that we say the stream water sound effect added, perhaps even use the same um or do you just pop it in? What do you think i think that’s a great idea, because then it will it’ll help. Anyone who’s, you know, wants to see well what process they’re not all going to watch this live at it and i’m only doing this for you guys, but it would be interesting to see so that’s the raw footage which is dark, then it’s, color corrected. Then you’ve got the stream coming in there. So if i even copy all right and put that in there, okay, i’m gon na bring it up here and i say um, you know i say what um river water effect stream river sound effect added now we’ll make it smaller, we’ll pop it over here somewhere.

Perhaps here and even put a little arrow, what about adding an arrow? So oh i’ll wait for five minutes. So then i’ve added the and just keep it nice uh that what do you think so and then the birds i’ll forget about donegal. For the moment, i’m. Gon na have to put it in about here, ctrl c pop it in here over the island, so we’d be saying here: the bird sound effect i’m just copying so birds sound effect, birds in in the island and the trees. Sound effect added we’ll pop it over here. So what do you think? Well footage, color, corrected stream river added birds in the trees, sound effect added better when down control, c and then ctrl v so and then we can say yeah as drone rises as drone rises. We’Ll put wind when the fact added, so every few seconds you’ve got something all right. This is so we want to go that tomb. I think i need to make that a little bit longer right. Raw raw footage, let’s see just make it a bit bigger here and then we just add just make it a little bit bigger one. Second, 106 105 let’s, just put it it’s, just it’s, just not long enough and birds five. What do you think and then, as the drone rises we’re putting in i i’ll, just put filmed in donegal ireland? How about that that way, it’s more of a film than donegal filmed in donegal, ireland and we just bring it in there.

I think that’s it that’ll. Do me, i think that this is it yeah, okay, folks, if you haven’t, if you’re, not, if you don’t, follow me on instagram, please do, but here we go here’s the final version, raw footage, color corrected, silver stream audit birds in the tree. Sound effect added drone rises. Okay, what about that – and that was all done within now. Why is that? Going out so much z, actually there’s, nothing here: okay, let’s export that 4k easter short and that’s dji mavic, oh it’s, not it’s. Actually, the phantom 4 dji drone, which that’ll do pop it on, let it let it go onto the desktop and now, if we go and let’s see how much traction it gets guys, i hope you’ve all said hello to each other. I see you’re chatting away among yourselves clinton, latigo i’m very happy that you’ve been watching my videos. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the lovely comments too and guys. I will review your drone footage. I may do that later on this evening. If i get a chance, if not it’ll be tomorrow evening, so that’s rendering, i look forward to showing you this on youtu on instagram later and i will catch us all again. I hope that you’re all well. I hope that easter has gone well for you and i hope that everybody’s enthused to get out again when restrictions left slightly and there you go there’s. My my instagram short in a nutshell finished all part of the journey.