All right, let’s start simple, mini smartphone great start: oh we’re here already let’s see what’s out there. 49 pounds 2.5 inch screen that’s tiny. Oh look at this we’ve got a 94 pound mini smartphone. Here with a one percent discount. I wish you’re too kind. Hmm, okay, there’s, a luxury mini phone here, that’ll be interesting, so this one describes itself as small tied beauty. Strong performance, i feel very, very reassured: oh they’ve got a rugged mini phone that’s curious. Oh we’ve got an iphone like notch up top here: whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s, tiny, okay. I think it’s, one of those we’ll believe it. When we see it type things really, you do wonder, would a phone this small actually function like a bigger one like something’s, got to give right the king kong mini 2. I feel like king kong is the worst possible name. What if we search for a mini speaker, that’s, pretty small, i think we can do better, okay, that’s small, that is very small. Is that going to sound better than your phone speakers tiniest drone? That is tiny that’s like that’s like this big? It says that has a 4k camera in it. They have spelled the word camera wrong. Hmm let’s try a mini camera. Oh these are all spy cameras. They’Ve got a 1080p hidden camera inside a die. I don’t want to try it but that’s weird. I just wanted like a little dslr.

I was thinking like how small can we go no way that fits on a keychain? I guess i shouldn’t be that surprised. You know. We’Ve got tiny cameras on our phones as well, but just seeing this as like a standalone camera, pretty cool this one’s, just adorable, i feel like we’ve, got to try this as well. Okay, mini macbook, i don’t know what i’m hoping for here. To be honest, oh okay, i want to find like a tiny laptop all right that passes the small test. I think let’s give that a go. Oh! What about a mini car that’s just going to be a toy car isn’t it the smallest mouse? Oh, we can go for world’s, thinnest mouse that’ll. Do us just fine that’s, so tiny? Oh, that is exactly what we need let’s. Do it mini flashlight, oh there’s. Some very bold claims about the brightness here that looks ridiculous. Okay, um! We have one here: it’s, not a mini flashlight, but this is claiming to be 9 billion lumens, so we can either get 9 million lumens or we can get 9 billion lumens for an extra 10 pound, anyways anyways okay. So this is a mini projector that fits in your hand and can apparently create a 100 inch display. What about mini power? Bank 10, 000 milliamp hours, that’s, not 10 000 behave, so we’ve got one here: that’s made to look like a little fuel, canister and it’s. So small, you can carry it on your keys.

Oh we’ve got to get a mini fridge, of course, mini fridge that is perfect. Mini fan, Music that doesn’t look fun at all. There’S got to be a better way of doing it than that. I wonder how small a phone could go if it doesn’t have to be a smartphone. What is that? Oh, my god, the zanko beetle well we’ve got a mini flip phone here that said tree that’s half the size of their finger 70, but this is claiming to be the world’s smallest phone, so we’ve got to get that one that’s, a no brainer. The very last thing i just want to check is: how small can we go if we don’t even need to make a phone that turns on wow that’s, unbelievable someone’s made, like actual mini mini iphones and there’s, like a full on unboxing experience for them as well? That’S, incredible that’s, so small. What if we just go miniature ps5? They actually have one. That is everything i wanted from this video and more right. I’Ve got to stop before i end up actually buying a dollhouse, okay, let’s fast forward a month when, hopefully, all this stuff has arrived, it didn’t all arrive, but i think i slightly underestimated how many things i ordered so thanks to surfsharkvpn for making that possible and Let’S, do it from small to tiny to miniature right. Let’S start with the fridge. Oh, it feels extremely cheap and cheerful all right, let’s power, this bad boy up it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence but let’s test it so because i’m british there’s a cup of tea i made earlier so you can see right now.

The temperature is hovering at about 65 degrees celsius, so let’s get it in close it up and come back to it at the end and see what temperature it can call it to this. One has me: weirdly excited i’m, not the kind of person who gets excited about vacuum cleaners, but look at it yeah, that’s adorable. This is the hose on the inside more complex than it needs to be. Does it seem right? Okay, batteries in oh ow, the proper, solid job this okay, so we brought up some flour from downstairs we’re, just gon na on the table on the table. All right, let’s do it. It does actually work to be fair, not what i was expecting i’m ready to go, but i do feel a bit like a short crust, pastry. Okay, so this is the i think, it’s the world’s smallest laptop, that is very, very small. Oh it’s got the little pads on the bottom. This feels like it’s, designed like a macbook, really really curious, like what would it be like to use this as your main machine? The fans have a kick to be fair. It sounds a lot like my macbook, too. I’M, just showing milo some cat videos he’s a fan, it’s, not the fastest machine, but there is something novel about having a full windows operating system on something that’s a quarter of the size of a normal laptop. I love this little trackpad that’s such good engineering.

I think he wants one can have my computer back hello, he’s like why are you taking it away from me, it’s like it’s little brother, okay, so this is, i mean according to where i bought it. Apparently, the power of the sun, this one’s, almost the same design just shrunk down this one is adorable, look at it all right. This is the smallest flashlight. This is what it can apparently do. Let’S test it you can just about tell it’s on my disappointment is immeasurable and this is the biggest nine billion lumens here we go. Oh oh that’s, not bad. Ah this is our bladeless neck holder looks so ridiculous. Oh i kind of like it it’s pretty much. Just cooling my neck, so my head is like this temperature. My neck is here: it’s, also quite comforting like it. It feels like someone’s, giving you a hug, oh and you can turn it up, it’s nearly macbook levels. This is very exciting. I don’t know if it’s the world’s smallest but it’s one of the world’s smallest projectors, and that is literally it. How do we test a projector here? You might ask well we’ve, got a nintendo switch, a hdmi, cable and the secret ingredient. I thought it was going to be faster than that. I think we have. We have power, it does work, not the brightest or highest resolution, but for the size, not bad videos. Look good we’ve got one set of earphones that was stickier than i would have hoped, and these are actually a pair of earphones that do not exist in real life they’re the beats tws3 wireless it’s actually really nice packaging, but um.

I wonder how the everything about this just just poor on the bright side, you do have an led in the earphones and the case does tell you the battery percentage, which is falling every time. I look at it but yeah this is. This is probably the most budget. True wireless earphone experience, i’ve ever had yeah one of them. Doesn’T work, oh let’s check on the tee from earlier these cats. Okay, now we’ve got the phones. We’Ve got a lot of phones, so, instead of watching me, unbox 15 products back to back let’s do them all at once guys. This is incredible. You know what the best part is. Is that for once on these types of videos, i don’t feel like i’ve, been lied to by the photos. These are genuinely tiny, let’s, get them in size order and then see which ones we like. So this is our luxury mini phone and i’m kind of surprised. How much i like it, because it’s so so thin and it’s got this leather like material on the back, it’s crazy, comfortable, like i’m, just not used to phones that are this usable with one hand. My thumb could probably stretch across two of these seven out of ten and now we’ve got a little bit of like a like a chubby iphone 10.. To be honest, though, apart from that camera layout it’s very, very standard the camera, for some reason, it just has the text megapixel, so i guess we can assume it has one feels like a four out of ten hmm, this one’s.

Surprisingly good. I like the way it looks and the screen is bright. It kind of looks a lot like an oled screen, which means the blacks are dark enough, that it hides the border also it’s, actually just pretty smooth eight out of ten okay, yet another iphone clone. Oh, oh, okay, so we’ve got a white iphone style bezel, but then inside it you’ve got another set of bezels. Basically one could say we have an iphone on our hands and why do companies feel the need to put text like that on the back i’d. Give this one a five okay, i’m particularly excited about this one, because this one is inspired by huawei’s porsche design, limited edition, phones, they’re like two and a half grand, and i do get the impression of quality here like this. One feels in particular very firmly constructed and i like the contrast between the plastic rails and the glossy buttons it’s like a weird level of attention to detail for something as cheap and cheerful as this let’s try, the camera probably going to be disappointed. Aren’T. I oh no it’s, so bad. We got to do me like that. 7 out of 10. um. I kind of hate this one it’s trying to look like an iphone right. It’S got the iphone camera. The iphone flash it’s even got a knot on the front, but it’s a keypad phone it’s, a non smart, brick phone that’s, just trying to jump on the bandwagon, and it doesn’t really pull it off three out of ten.

So this one is uh iphone number two. I actually like the way it looks from the back that white and silver combo. That is one of the colors on the iphone 10 and it doesn’t look far off, but i think the front is even worse than the other one pretty smooth phone, though all things considered and the home button does work well, so six out of ten, ah tough To know what to think about this one because on one hand, if i’m, just holding this on my hand – and you take a cursory glance at it, you might for a second think. Oh, my god, he’s got an iphone 11 pro but it’s a third of the size that it should be, in which case it has achieved its goal, but i mean just look at the front it’s. Not very pretty is it. I think my calculator has prettier buttons. Hmm, this one’s pretty interesting, so it kind of reminds me of the iphones we had earlier like this one but they’ve, obviously trimmed some sort of corner to make it even smaller and they’ve definitely made some sort of compromise to the screen, because the colors and the Contrast here, they’re not even close, still, though there is some part of me that’s just impressed that, like this is full android like look how tiny some of these icons are. How often do you see that? Okay, but now we are going down a serious step in size.

This is oh, my god look at it. It’S got more bezel than screen. It sounds like me when i used to play the recorder, so this is not running a full smartphone operating system, it’s it’s more like a smartwatch operating system, but it is still touchscreen and do you know what the really impressive part is has a headphone jack and It also has a camera, although, as with most of these things, i can’t vouch for how that looks. It feels like there’s a certain size beyond which you start to make some major major compromises, but this is a really interesting case study, because this one is a phone that isn’t trying to be like a big phone. That’S then shrunk down. This was made to be the world’s smallest 3g phone, pretty sure i paid like 60 70 for this, which, for a non smartphone, is it’s crazy pricing. The screen is very bright and i like the fact that the buttons are backlit and it is kind of crazy that this has internet too small, too small, but with a keypad. This small it’s gon na take me five minutes per word, just to type out a search, and then i’ve got the smallest one of the bunch, a flip phone. Would you look at that? This is actually not bad. I mean my thumb does cover the entire keypad in the front, but the screen looks decent and it does have a much more normal functional phone interface and the best part of a flippy phone wait for it now they’re getting even smaller – and i know this video Is about the smallest tech in the world, but if you are enjoying it, then a sub to the channel would be herculean, oh uh, so this isn’t a mini phone.

But while i was browsing i found apparently an iphone like a real iphone for one dollar. So we’ll see it does look. A lot like a real life fan feels a lot like a real iphone. Oh my god. No! This is a fully working iphone! Okay. If someone on is watching this, please explain to me what what is the business model here? It’S, like the strangest mix of a a scam and a charity at the same time. Ah, i think these are our two mice. Why is this one packaged like my mum’s curtains, so this one is meant to be the slimmest mouse in the world. No way you unwind it, okay just feels weird, like i’m kind of used to having something i can wrap my hands around it. It just feels like i’m, pushing something along a table here. You’Ve got a virtual scroll wheel in the middle they’re, saying that, but there’s more, i don’t know why this just reminds me of like a block of cheese. So this one’s a wireless one. So you get a wireless receiver, oh that’s it it works. Oh that’s way better there’s, something very nice as well about having a a three dimensional object to grip onto, as well as an actual physical scroll wheel, much better getting to the really small ones now, so this is meant to be world’s, smallest tv, oh dear. What have i got myself into so this right here is the speaker.

This is the battery. This is the remote control it’s, so tiny put the circuit board inside yeah. Okay, i can build. Oh look at that. Can i change program? Oh my god, so strange. This is like russian propaganda. Oh i built it. Okay i’ve got that speaker, i’m, pretty sure that’s, not what i ordered you take what we get it’s very small. Now we need to find a phone with a headphone jack lg to the rescue. Some of the few modern phones that do have headphone jacks, even if they are now out of business. Okay, three two one Music that’s, pretty impressive. I like that: okay mysterious pile of bubble wrap. Ah this is our camera. It does feel a lot more like a toy than i remember turns on. Do you know what, though, it functions a lot like an actual camera you’ve got a settings menu here the video is apparently 1080p and for those of you who are wondering this is what that looks like i’m, not hugely excited about the quality here but i’m willing To forgive a lot for the price that i paid for this, i feel like now, we’re approaching miniature territory, so this is the controller for what i’m assuming yep is the drone. Okay, i am 99 sure that this doesn’t actually have an sd card slot and therefore that this isn’t actually a real camera, which means that i’ve been lied to Music. Okay, we’ve set up a bubble, wrap finish line i’m gon na try and drive it straight through and just see what happens.

Oh, my god! Oh my god, i’ve got i’ve got a surprising amount of control over this. Okay. Let’S go let’s! Go! Oh! Oh! Oh! No! Okay, bring it back and bring it back in there. That’S me that’s me, oh no, that was so close that could have been uh apple. Pro display xdr down the drain, and this is our miniature power bank. Oh, my god, look at it so that’s the micro usb cable it’s built inside of it. What else do you do with the power bank very, very excited about this one? This is pocket sprite, and this is one of the world’s. Smallest game consoles no way that’s beautiful, it’s, absolutely minuscule, but it kind of works. I guess because there’s just not that many buttons on it, but like just for some perspective game boy, pocket sprite. I always wanted a transparent game boy. When i was younger, i just thought it was like the coolest thing and i’m trying to think what my reaction would have been. If someone had rocked up to me then and handed me this and finally are the miniatures. So i believe this must be our ps5. I know it’s not going to do anything but i’m i’m. Strangely excited about this. Look at that that’s amazing, and it actually feels like i don’t know what it’s made of but it’s proper high quality, and you can also see every single port on the back of it. Ps5 mini ps5, and then we have ipad pro and iphone 12 pro max mini mini mini mini mini it’s, just crazy.

I don’t know why i’m impressed, i mean it’s, just a piece of plastic with a screen taped on top but i’m just not used to seeing tablets of this dimension and then our iphone. What is this unboxing experience? That’S the iphone? Let me try and get closer it’s like a tic tac. You could probably swallow this and you wouldn’t even notice all right. The moment. You’Ve all been waiting for the big reveal of what temperature my tears now. Oh, it feels cold we’ve got our temperature sensor here. Come round so it is 18 degrees celsius, two degrees below room temperature, we’ve been filming for four hours. Okay, never mind. Does anyone want a fridge? Okay, here’s? Something to think about for a second, your location, your operating system, every hardware, detail of the device you’re on right now, as well as all your past browsing history. These are things that you’d want to keep to yourself right. Well, this is how much information a website immediately knows about you, the second, you click on it and, to be honest, if it’s a website, you trust, then it’s, fine but i’m willing to bet that there’s a lot. You visit that you probably don’t and that’s, where surfsharkvpn comes in as far as i’ve seen it’s the most affordable way to keep yourself anonymous, it’s just over two dollars a month for as many people and as many devices as you want, but there’s. Another perk because i can effectively pick the location that i want my device to be from.

I can, for example, pick the united states and watch us tv shows you can effectively have the exclusives for every single region without leaving your home like. If i wanted to watch batman, the dark knight i just switched to canada – and i can do that so check the link in the description and if you use the code boss, you get an 83 discount and an extra three months for free.