com thats a little uh expensive and were going to see if whats actually on wish is usable in a different challenge than we normally do im going to let someone fly a nice drone. In this case, the hotel, nano and im going to fly this one and were going to see who can make the better video now clearly, this is a scam. This drone is, should not be this expensive um. The hotel. Nano, though, is about seven hundred dollars, so its not a specific its, not specifically a direct comparison. I think, more importantly, is going to be how easy it is to fly um, especially just like a quick look down here. Um can tell me that were using were probably not using image, stabilization or optical flow and not image stabilization in the sensor image stabilization as in positioning common, modern drones, they have cameras, pointed at the ground that use algorithms to detect movement thats. Why a lot of dji hotel skydio all these common drone companies use this, because it makes the drones a lot more rock steady im going to go through and buy this and were going to try to do a comparison uh to see who can make a better Video so foldable drone 5g wi, fi, fpv gps positioning surround flying for s f, 11 4k. Pro weve got a three batteries: uh charging, cable, spare, propellers, gimbal cover user manual, etc, so frame rate 30 fps photo resolution. Yuck.

Look at that video resolution sd card, okay, so its supposed to be 4k. I doubt it im going to be honest. I highly doubt it but drone batteries control distance. I dont think that control this ones gon na be good either said 5g earlier hand, gesture shooting 360 degrees around flying hot trill. Didnt know we were into star trek, gps positioning. I have no clue. I think we should just go through select it. So we get a case. The drone controller lets go through and buy it and see exactly what we get Music. Now this one already looks scratched up, which is kind of stuff ive already mentioned, for an expensive drone lets try to fly it here. We go lets give this a shot and that my friends caused our gimbal to break. Oh, my gosh, well um lets see if we can fix this. Why would the gimbal break on it like, after that, like im, sorry but like if i flip this one? For my whole point ill flip this one to prove a point and i will take off from the grass. So there is no reason that a gimbal should break or the thing should have flipped over, but a gimbal should break over flipping it over im, subjecting it to the same thing. So i guess okay, not only is this crap but im glad we have this. This is going to be fun to see who can i got to fix this one, because this is what im supposed to fly and uh lets do it? I just want to see propeller wise.

These are a lot more fragile Music. We managed to still crash our drone. Same thing happened same bumpy landing. I guess my point is this: this is flying this should not. This should not have happened. Well, boy. This is going to be fun because this flies great. The other one uh broke its gimbal. Flying lets go land this one properly this time and im going to um, go back inside and try to fix it. So here we are round two, but i repaired the gimbal. This is gon na be more of a challenge than i thought it would be Music. Its always great when you take your hands off the controls and it has a mind of its own Music. Well, it looks like i cant control, the yaw and pitch of the or the rotation of the uh camera, so the camera is stuck as it is: Music. Crap looks like we damaged an arm too, and then the gimbal of course came off. My job of super gluing was not the best yeah ill. Try to repair this one again. I was actually getting to the point. I was kind of semi having a good time. However, um yeah so with the gps, its manageable, without it, it drifts a lot so which makes sense. However, i was having a good time, so this will be interesting to see when we go through put try to put it back together. Now, i guess okay, so the challenge is pretty simple.

I got ta go through and record my part, and then it looks like my brother will be the one that will come out here and record his part later, which sadly its going to look like. He is going to have to do it later at night, which may be a little bit more of a challenge, but um at least have the advantage of having a little bit more daylight, which well give it a shot with. So let me record my part and then well come out later and record his Music. Your challenge is to take a cinematic video of the shed such an interesting topic. I know thats your goal, uh. How? How often have you phoned jones mister, like three times in total? How many of us have ended up in a crash? Okay lets not talk about my win loss ratio; okay, so ill warn you that will crash if you, if its on the sides and above if everyone votes – and you make a better cinematic video, you get a drone which lets go lets go uh. I dont crash that one too, oh okay, let me show this so this back here that speed adjusts the uh, the height or the the way that the camera looks so um. Also the butt press, the button once or twice to reset the gimbal thats. How i have them on set up um thats your battery is here uh obstacle volume, snows up in red and uh.

You probably want to keep an eye on it, also yeah stay below the trees, and then you also can um theres some different types of shots. You can do you can adjust if you stop recording, you can also have it automatically do stuff um. So its got like all the quick shots, all that stuff too so yeah. This has obstacle avoidance too so, and its below the two 245 grams for um. Registering your the aircraft, so it doesnt have to register with the fta in the united states so sideways it doesnt have obstacle avoidance and it will crash backwards. It does so. Oh, it is backwards. Yup and you can look on the front there, give it a shot and then you can try making taking some videos so um cinematography. They use a lot of uh. They use a lot of like different shots. You can do slow, motions and stuff like that. So its in standard mode yep that will look pretty um stuff, like that you can fly and zoom some stuff, Music Applause. I guess i want to take the last bit of this video to kind of dissect some of the montages um. My stuff is clearly going to have atrocious camera quality. There is no justification to call this 4k. There is no, i think, if its not a 4k sensor, a 4k sensor would not look like trash at 720p. I dont care what sensor it is. It would not look that bad um, but so some things that im just noticing is, i think the wish drone.

I mean i like the colors color is kind of bright. You cant be mind. We flew at different times, um the hotel nano has a lot more. Was phone at a darker time? However, it has a you know the ryyb sensor on it, so it can detect a little bit more of that little light, but i think overall, some of the shots that i was able to get with the drone that from wish just because of how dumb it Was was, you know, was a perk, i mean you definitely had some times in which the image you know would kind of you had like the one side of the image with lag, even though its just you know, especially when flying next to the shed. You know you have a straight line that all of a sudden becomes diagonal uh when youre flying and thats. Just you know the low quality sensor, but i think overall i was able to make some really cool shots. Um – and i mean i think i did the best with what i had now my brother. On the other hand, he did quite an impressive job with what was provided to him, especially because the nano was one of his first drones that hes flown. I think it makes it a lot easier for him to fly. Given the optical flow. You know he was able to take some really cool shots above the shed. That would not have been possible with the drone, especially with the wish drone, especially because the wish drone did not did not even get a successful gps lock period at all.

During the like 30 minutes that i was flying also, it was easier for him to fly. I chose to do riskier stuff. He did stuff that wasnt risky at all and i think the stuff that i did i had to because there were so many low qualities of the drone that i was you know the wish drone. I had to make sure that i did the best that i could with what i was given and take advantage of the strengths which was flying in places in which the you know obstacle avoidance would not have even allowed me like the the nano lets you keeps You hovering prevents you from crashing, so you have to be very, you know, keeps you at least from crashing on the ground like it will keep you above the ground. It will slow down, it will hover, at least like you know, a feet or two off the ground, whereas the wish drone had no sense of where it was. I think it looks good, but um you guys will have to decide on what you guys like uh. Most so me and my brothers, so thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this uh investigation into this wish drone and uh. I definitely enjoyed flying these two and it was honestly a lot closer than i thought it would be um. It was a lot closer than i thought and i had a. I had a good time, though i had a good time.