I think its exciting anyway news. I bought a drone thats right. This is the ruco f11 gim with uh two xs gimbal, and i actually bought this well for one to play with, but then also to um add to my camera arsenal with making youtube videos so ive. Actually, this is not an unboxing section here, because ive already opened it and ive already flown it a few times and ive got some video to show you but theres a little bit of a problem. You see im recording this on my cell phone now. The phone is also the control app for the drone, so i cant actually record video of me flying the drone because im using the phone to fly, the drone see what im getting at. So i got on amazon and i ordered myself. A 4k camcorder came with a shotgun mic, absolutely terrible quality mic very good camera mike is trash. I mean you get more than three feet away from it and it sounds like youre talking from 300 feet away, so thats, no good. So the problem now with the camcorder is that the jacks uh, the input jacks and the microphones for my lapel mics and all my other stuff equipment. Ive got a headset and several lapel mics doesnt work with the camera works with the phone, which is why i bought them, but doesnt work with the camera. So i can shoot video, but no audio and i havent been able to figure out how to shoot audio through the drone controller, its its weird, because i have done it a couple of times, but i havent it was like an accident.

It just happened to push the right button or the wrong button, or something and started video started taping, so im not really sure how to get that back. So until then, um im going to be doing voiceovers after the fact im going to be um like this ill record the soundtrack and then i will add that into the video using adobe rush and uh yeah, i mean itll work, its just im not going to Be able to really be out in the field talking into a camera, explaining what im doing itll have to be voice over after ive shot it until i can figure this audio problem thing out, but i think its going to add some really exciting flair to my Youtube videos im very excited about it, as i said, ive already had it out and i have used it three times: ive actually taken it up to 400 feet twice and let me open it up and show you what i got and then ill talk about it. Okay, this is the box that it came in very good box too. By the way, very nice i mean its cardboard very good box, its just a box right, but um it came with these codes. You can scan for downloading uh the app to your phone. It actually runs on two different phones. It runs on apple and android. Mine is an android. It comes with this nice little this nice little case now.

This is not a hard case, its not um like plastic, its kind of like a really thick paper like a cardboard or something um with cloth glued over it, but still it is crushable, so you wouldnt want to take it through an airport or something but youre. Just transporting around carrying it, keeping it safe up on the shelf, taking it out into the field, its its pretty good. Actually, its got these two zippers and then, when you open it up, okay, here youve got us. You get a spare battery the controller which ill open up and talk about a little bit. The drone itself, which im going to open up and then you get several us, mini usb uh cables for recharging, and you get this rucco quick setup guide which could come in pretty handy out in the field. And you get these three codes to download the app and to uh download a video guide, so you can again you can and you can download it for for and for android or apple, and then you can download a video guide too. All free so thats kind of cool and then of course, these little mini usb cables. The manual which is in english, even though uh you know you can tell english, is not their primary language. You know yeah, but even so its its readable and it just theyll, say something occasionally in a way that you know somebody who speaks english as a first language would not say like um, you know for the landing in the safe place, yeah yeah, we just dont, Say that but its still yeah, you know you know what they mean its its usable and then you get a set of extra propeller blades, because thats usually whats like that, so thats usually whats going to break first when you crash it and theyre just plastic kind Of flimsy plastic lightweight, so you get an extra set of blades, an allen wrench and a screw which can make minor repairs of the propellers out in the field.

You know pretty easy to get back to work, so thats cool. Now the drone its a its foldable right and you want to open the box, the top ones first and then the bottom ones. Otherwise, the legs here on the front interfere with the back part, and you can tell it in here: they just they just open up and they just kind of snap into place, and you can hear them so again top one bottom, one lock them into place. A gimbal cover on the camera, which uh recommended that you keep it on where its not in use to protect the camera, its a two axis gimbal and what that means is um. If you can see, as the drone rope moving around the camera holds steady, so it gives you an almost rock steady, video, its lightweight easy to use um the battery takes up, i think about half of it. This is the battery and its got these two clips here on the side that you just press and it just the battery just lifts right out its a lithium ion battery. It has a 28 minute flight time per battery and you get two batteries, so you 56 minutes flight time, but it takes about four and a half hours to charge each battery. So if you have two adapters which are not included, you can go out for about an hours flight time, every four four and a half hours, depending on how low you run your batteries down.

If you have one adapter youre talking about one flight a day, basically real 4k camera, not a fake one drill, and it has got a few nice little options with it. But this is not the pro version and um. There are a few things that it doesnt have. It does not have obstacle avoidance, which i dont really want and dont use anyway. Um, not it it doesnt come with a charging stand, obviously its really after flying it for several days um. I would say its probably at the low end of entry professional grade, in that its capable of doing enough that, if somebody has some experience and skill with it and had a talent for video, photography could do some really cool stuff. With this, its capable of doing that remote, this is what holds your phone okay and it comes with these two fake antennas here. I have no idea why, because these things dont actually do anything theyre fake, the antennas are internal, but they look cool. I guess, and then youve got this folding handle here that folds out and even though it looks like its got these slots here that looks like you could put your phone in it. Um an average phone is just not going to fit in there. Even my android. Now its like this much too long wont fit in it, but it fits in here very nicely and the the controls on this are very ergonomically designed and very simple.

You got two joysticks youve got a few buttons. Youve got a backlit display screen. These are not touch buttons. This is just a backlit display screen, youve got uh record camera buttons and then youve got your gimbal controls zoom and um gimbal gimbal up gimbal down now. The thing on that is, the camera has some zoom capability, five times zoom, and it has some vertical up and down pitch, but it doesnt have any yaw side to side um. The yaw is is limited specifically for keeping the camera on track, and so its got. No left or right capability and its got. Oh, it does have a couple of sensors see a couple of sensors here on the bottom. Okay, so it can tell where the ground is its got, nothing no sensors on the back or on the sides. So when youre flying this thing, if youre in a confined or tight space and youre going left or right or back or something you could run into something because you cant see it now, you can always rotate around and get your or get your bearings. But you cant see it just by you: cant keep the camera still or the cant keep the drone still and just move the camera and check to see where youre at you got to swing the whole drone around but, like i said, ive had it out several Times i have flown a remote, controlled, apache helicopter in the past, and but, as i was saying, um, i have owned a remote, controlled patchy miniature helicopter many years ago, and i mean just to be blunt, it was it was more work and effort to keep the Thing in the air that was fun, i mean it wanted to just fall out of the sky, and it took every ounce of focus and concentration just to keep the thing up in the air and not flying off into a wall or something it was a real Pain in the butt um i crashed it.

I bought a repair kit, didnt repair. It set it up on the shelf back in the library and a couple years later, i gave it away to somebody it just wasnt fun. This, however, is a pure joy to fly. If you get into trouble with it all youve got to do is just let go the joysticks and it will stop right where its at so, if you get it coming down too fast and youre kind of freaking out. Oh my god. What i do just take your take your thumb off the joystick and it will and level itself out and stop pretty cool. Actually, it gives you some indicator. Blink blinking indicator lights here on your battery status when and its got also blinking lights, um white lights here and its got blue lights in the back here so like when its in the air above your head, you can kind of tell how its oriented, even if Its up high enough that you cant see the camera, you can see the light and you can tell if the blue lights are in the back and the white lights are in the front, so you can kind of you know looking up at it. You see. Oh theres, the blue lights, okay, thats, the back or the blue lights – are on this side. On this side, oh yeah, okay, down the camera is pointing that way. It kind of gives you your orientation on how you can straighten it up easy to calibrate um its.

I dont know i would suggest that you um, if you want a real review, a full review of it, go to um youtube and look it up its the ruco f11 gim ruko f11 gim, and this is backwards because ive got my camera turned around. So i can orient myself in the view screen thats why i bought the camcorder basically, so i could take my camera off and i could start getting real time. Video because look at this. This is actually my left hand, not my right, and this is actually my right hand, not my left, so this is left. This is right. I know its weird uh so im going to go out now and do some flying record it im going to dump all that video into um adobe rush and i put together a fairly decent video to show to you, i hope anyway, um 400 433 dollars actually To get it to my doorstep, uh took me about four days to get it so thats, not bad at all. Um yeah im excited about it, im really having some fun with it, and i can see some serious potential with this. Even if you had an interest, maybe in starting a business in video photography, but you dont have or dont want to spend an arm and a leg on equipment, because you know you likely are going to crash it eventually learning at least once this is actually a Good little camera to get started with, because its got enough capability that you can shoot some really outstanding video with it.

It may not be as stable as a bigger, more expensive one um. You know the you get better camera capability with a larger drone. I mean you get what you pay for, you can spend, you can spend four hundred dollars or you can spend four thousand dollars. I mean its or fourteen thousand dollars, i suppose thats. You know up to you for 400 bucks. This is a very good entry level. Drone, however, i would recommend uh. This is not for kids now they say on the on the box and then the all the pamphlets and stuff 14 and up. I think if this was given to an average 14 year old, theyre, probably going to crash and destroy it within the first week. Okay, just because kids are kind of stupid and theyre not going to take the time to learn how to use this thing. You know properly theyre going to get cocky with it theyre going to fly it into a tree theyre going to crash it into a wall crash it into the tv or whatever and its probably not going to last very long, but for somebody whos serious about shooting Video photography or maybe even want to do some home movies or even get into some professional pro amateur movies. This would be a a great addition for your your aerial photography. So let me go out and do some shooting and get it all into adobe rush and see what we got okay, so here i am taking off in the driveway after calibrating it and its very easy, really, you just give it a little bump on the left.

Joystick and itll just go up about three feet: three or four feet in the stop hover and you can rotate it around its about seven oclock in the morning here. The suns almost is on the strong left and whenever you get i get to facing into the sun, even just a little bit there, you can see that interference with it um im, not sure what to do with that im wondering if maybe i could jerry rig A cone or something around the camera, its a really small camera. They have to be something very small and very light and easily removable. Yes, i know i need to do a little landscaping around the house haha right now, its like 95 degrees and 90 humidity. Im staying in the air conditioning guys, like i said its seven oclock in the morning here and i was sweating like a pig by the time i got that drone down and back in the house – almost 4 30 in the afternoon now still showing 92 degrees. So anyway, were going to go up to 100 feet and hover and 100 feet is easily enough to clear any obstacles. Here we are at 100 feet. Music were going to go up to 200 feet Music, and this is my backyard. This is actually the wheeler wildlife refuge, 35 000 acres in all inside the the town limits used to be a swamp got drained back in the 1920s 1930s theres still an estuary back in there now, but the swamp is gone still.

Plenty of mosquitoes, though so. Well, do a little pan around the neighborhood get some farmland surrounded by farmland and a golf course there. You can see the golf course im zipping right by it im gon na focus in on that later, as i get up higher a little low hanging cloud Music. My neighbors Music, okay lets go up to 300 feet: Music, Music, 300 feet, Music, gimbal down a little rotate Music, some more farmland you get even in the wildlife refuge. You get open pastures like that farmland back into my neighborhood and there that pond surrounded by the trees and the green area there thats part of the golf course and then the rest of the subdivision and then farmland and then back into the wildlife refuge. All right lets go up to 400 feet: Music, Music and there we are 400 feet. That is the maximum altitude that recreational drone flyers are allowed to fly by the faa rules, so thats, just as high as i can legally go, which really i mean thats, pretty thats, pretty good. You know thats high and it wasnt too many years ago. I would have had to have gone up in a hot air balloon or a helicopter to get this view Music, and while i was tempted to go flying out over that forest or out over the gulf, of course, i restrained myself this time. This was only my third flight. I dont want to get too cocky, but yeah i mean you can see once you get up that high man, you can really go.

It has a maximum range of 4 000 feet, which is, if i remember, right, 1.67 kilometers. I think not quite a mile, which is 5280 feet now, were going to go back down to 300. Music and then on down to 200.. Here we are at 200 and then keep on descending until we get down to the ground and, like i said at the beginning, this was just a quick test flight and i really really wasnt expecting anything. You know super exciting or fantastic, its getting familiar with the machine and the controls. Actually, this is the third time that ive been up that high. The first time was actually kind of scary. It was almost like. I was up there with it. I was almost afraid to look at the view screen yeah. It was so high up, but i was you know almost afraid it was going to drop out of the sky. I guess because of my previous experience with that remote controlled helicopter and then of course, we got this interference here from the sun, which is just off to the right. So youve got to be careful either film on an overcast day when the suns behind a cloud or make sure the suns um a little bit behind you if its straight left or right or in front youre going to get this kind of interference. So here we are coming back down about 20 30 20 feet, maybe yeah. I wanted to go out running down the street, but look at all those power lines.

I thought yeah better, not better, just bring it in bring it in for a safe landing battery was starting to get low anyway. So here we are down about six feet or so im going to bring it back over to its takeoff point and land. It manually im not going to use the return to home feature and the thing about this drone is the closer to the ground. You fly it the harder it is to keep it stable and thats, because the prop wash creates turbulence underneath it hitting the ground bouncing back up against it, plus its got those sensors that knows its getting close to the ground, and it wants to avoid that. It wants to stay about six feet and up between six feet and ten feet. It really stabilizes out, but right now its like a couple of feet, and it really wants to go back up if it cant go up its trying to go to the side to get away from it.