There was a heavy wind sand, storm rain and most of the footage was unfocused. Everything actually went wrong, so i decided to do this again, but are we gon na? Do something different i’m gon na attach an action camera on this drone, yeah, you’re gon na, say now, but there is already a built in cheap camera inside it yeah. It is true, but this piece of is no longer working for no reason. I tried to fix it, but nothing happened, and suddenly i discovered that i have this thing: the cheapest sport camera that you could ever buy. I called it the ultra low quality camera, as you can see, they said here full hd on atb and it’s a lie. Waterproof 30 meter, of course, fake super wide angle, that’s, a big light, super wide angle. You know the camera angle is just like this, even if you put it so far, it’s just going to give you this distance and you’re going to see it right now, i’m, going to show you that li 9, fake, fake, so let’s open and see what’s inside It some accessories yeah, i ordered before don’t, say yeah it’s, not organized. I ordered before all this stuff. I never used before. What is this and finally, we have the main thing: the ultra low quality hd camera, and here we have it let’s turn it on sport. Camera yep – and this is the wild angle that they told us about from here to there and that’s it.

Where are the wild anger that they said about it? Okay, that’s uh, i guess photo mode mic mode. At least it has a speaker inside okay we’re, going to show you some footage from it. I can’t even film anything so today i want to add the ultra low quality camera on this cheap drone. If i mount it on top of it, there’s a high risk is we’re going to move a little bit and hit the propeller. I don’t care about the camera but i’m afraid about the drone itself. I know both of them are cheap, but i like this drone, so i decided to put it just right here: yeah, it would be great and everything will be perfect, but first i have to know. Can this drone actually lift it and that’s a good question to measure it? I made this weird thing and i’m gon na glue the drone into it, but first let’s see how heavy the drone is. The drone is about 150 grams and the camera is about 40 grams uh. Okay, this drone can lift about 253 grams, which is more than we need. The drone plus the camera is weight about 200 grams, so i still have 53 grams free and i guess it’s enough to make it fly so that’s, a good weather. The sky is clear and there is no wind, and this is what we need and we are here now. There is no any air and it’s very cold weather.

Okay, we’re gon na try it first without the camera yep, oh that’s cool. I can’t see anything. Oh that’s far, you know i can control it from this distance, perfect landing as always: okay, now we’re gon na try it with the camera. Okay, attach the camera that’s real cool i’m, not sure if you can edit it or not, there’s one way to find out here it can lift it a little bit heavy, but it can’t lift it. Oh that’s nice. How far can we go? How high can we go actually let’s see? How high can we go? Yeah that’s, very cool it’s, actually very stable up there. I still can control it from this distance. Can we go higher yeah? We can. Can we make it just a small tour? Oh that’s, very nice, okay go down now it’s descent. What i actually lost control of it. Okay, you going to go. Okay, look at the camera! I don’t just want to try it land, land, land, land, yeah, it’s time to move the camera. Now, we’re gon na check the footage at home, but now let’s have fun with the drone before the battery dies watch for it wait for it. Oh what did i just do? Did i just hit it on the floor? Yep i just did that it works fine. I lost one of these Music Music, yeah that’s enough let’s go, it is done, it is done it’s on and we are back.

The ship camera works. Fine, the video quality was so bad. It looks like i’m filming in mars and nasa actually took a higher quality pictures of mars from another planet, but this time the drone damaged a little bit. It looks way cleaner than the previous time and i didn’t clean it. Yet, as you can see, there is still dust, and here is the damage it’s, just a scratch actually from this impact i was so excited and i hit it so bad onto the ground, and i lost two of these, as you can see, there’s a shiny thing On top of the propeller, i should have four of them and i lost two, which is not a big deal on the dronebox. They already gave us two spare of these and a small screwdriver, because they know people are dumb and you’re gon na lose it, but it still works fine without it and that’s it guys for today. I hope you liked it.