Music. So let me just start with a walk through here. This is a canadian spec ionic 5, because again i am in laval, quebec and the specs that they have here are a little bit different than whats offered in the us. This is somewhere between an se and an sel. It has the se front, end and headlights with the fog lights, but it actually has rear vents. Unlike the sc in the us, it has heated steering wheel, which i believe is only on the scl and above in the us. Uh has the se tail lights, but its a long range rear, wheel drive so its not the all wheel, drive model and its not the small battery, but here it is 19 inch wheels. Let me show you the efficiency that ive gotten and how much ive driven it. So here you can see the efficiency 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour about 351 miles, im about to return it uh in about 13 hours and weve had this car about three four days. Something like that ive been driving it kind of all around quebec montreal lavalle area and really enjoying it ive been driving it riding passenger uh charging it and overall, its really good its really comfortable. These claw seats are awesome, its cool that the back seats actually recline and slide forward and back so you can get some more room ill show you that as well, but overall, im really pleased with this car and i think its a really good value.

Uh im. Actually, considering selling my id4 and getting one of these, because i really want the faster charging and i can sell my id4 for kind of a profit or at least come out totally even and then some especially considering in the tax credit, because i leased it and It was an instant credit all that fun stuff. This does have the two tone interior. The gray got the morse code h on the steering wheel there and it has actual physical buttons. They look like capacitive buttons like the id4 but theyre. Not they actually are buttons. These go up and down um, actually works, really well. Theres more information on the screen than the id4 would give you, so you can cycle through these things. Unfortunately, carplay does not show anything on the nav there, which are on the instrument cluster, which is unfortunate. Unlike the id4, you can see tire pressure again, id4 does not show live tire pressure, and here you can see kind of the driver assist and you can cycle through. It has a a tension level which is kind of interesting. I tried it out its basically just make sure you pay attention and if, if its not yelling at you, it youre going to be on the high versus low. But the last break thing is kind of cool because it tells you when you last stopped here. You can see 351 miles, as i showed you. 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour is pretty solid for mixed driving, uh just charged it not that long ago there we go again.

It doesnt show any nav there unless youre using the built in nav but which doesnt have route planning or battery preconditioning. Unfortunately, and then theres just tire pressure, nothing else. There infotainments quite snappy overall, pretty good its a little clumsy to go back and forth between apple carplay and the rest of the system uh. I like that it uses the whole screen for carplay, but, unlike the id4, you dont have a constant, like menu bar home button to be able to just go to the in car menu, but you also dont really need to use it that much here you have Some of the hard buttons youve got climate control here, which works pretty darn well uh. I havent really played with these a whole lot actually, but back up camera has usb a which is actually kind of annoying theyre, not that fast charging and carplay really does use a lot of power, so you kind of need it. I like this cubby here i like this open space, this open space. This does not have the glass roof, because thats only available on the limited, but back seat, pretty comfortable, pretty nice looking the cloth seems durable its kind of a denim. Almost i would say here you can see the trunk thats just the charge cable. I actually rented this from a dealership on turo. You got your space there, these fold, of course, and, like i said i rented this from a dealership, but through turo it seems hyundai.

Canada is running a bit of a promotion right now. They have a bunch of dealers that have ionic fives listed on turo for pretty reasonable prices about 100 canadian a day, and i guess, if you rent it and buy one, you get 500 canadian off of the purchase price, which is kind of a cool program. Lets you do an extended test, drive with fairly low commitment and without liability or really needing to get approval from the dealership or anything you can just rent it. Onturo, like i did, and do it uh, but i just rented it with no intention to buy at least definitely not in canada, and it was no problem at all. I must say its really unfortunate that the car doesnt have battery preconditioning uh. I didnt have it low enough to take it to a 350 kilowatt station and actually really try it out to get the full peak speed, but i did charge 180 kilowatt station and did get 180 kilowatt, which is pretty cool that was at uh, andre gardian custard. Anyway, id love to hear your guyss thoughts on the ionic 5, whether you think i should sell my id4 and get one. I think i can find it pretty easily at msrp im, also considering the ionic 5 standard range, but i havent seen anything really about the charging curve or the range because they just started hitting dealerships. I dont really want to be the first one to get one uh without knowing a little bit more, because the charging is so important to me.

I definitely think if the ioniq 5 had been available at the time that i got my id4. I definitely would have gotten the ionic 5, instead, its just a better car for basically the same price. The id4 does have a little bit better uh package, tiers or trim levels uh like the glass roof being available on the pro s, which is kind of a mid tier on the id4, whereas on nine five you have to go all the way up to the Top tier to get a glass roof most of the time. I actually keep my glasses shut in the id4. So its really not a big deal, and i kind of like the extra headroom – and it seems a little bit quieter in here without the glass roof and being tall headroom, pretty important ill have to try out the ev6 as well.