So today i have here with me: hv john minnie jones, so i’m gon na test it out right now, i’m gon na do an unboxing of this doing right here. So you guys gon na see what’s inside okay guys. So this is a join mini, join right here, so individual we have um two extra batches. They come with approximately three batteries. So here is the controller and use um double a batteries in this right here. So here we have some popular cards about four of them and we also have some extra populars for each um labels, a a and b so i’m just going to set the one right now so i’m going to fold it out, okay, put on the guards on It turn it over come with four guards put them on right now, yeah so that’s. It guys you’re on an alicorn um cameron. Here is a bottom camera and there’s a top camera right here. You can adjust out right. So this this is um. This is basically a 4k camera, so i’m going to see guys, oh where this operates. So this is the controller right here, as you can see, but on this controller i have a tray right here where you can put your phone in. I do see a phone right here so basically, for today do some flight tests to see how far this can fly and basically show you guys how this jewel operates here. We have um, i think, over here, the speed.

This is one two three, the speed right here. This right here is the return button. That means it’s gon na return, where it um take off from so right. Here we have uh. This is a gps signal, that’s connected to the drone, and this right here is the flip, so you can do a 360 flip right so i’m going to show you guys how to do the 360 flip with this joint. So right here this is the navigation. So this is a take off and this basically a control from left side. This right over here is a right side. This is up. This is now this is. This is um moving forward moving backward. This is down landing and the power button right here so guys. This is basically simple: joint operates, i’m, going to show you guys right now how it’s operating get over here control. It flip bring it closer. So we can’t see it no uh. Thank you! Another nice, dude, no home guys, can’t, see it bring him down. Return get over okay now so guys, one more test again to see the flip crush me about you all right. So right now guys i’m going to replace the battery. We can expansion it can. I see it clearly all right so turn it on light is blinking right, so i’m gon na connect. It right now guys cameron, all right. Altitude. Altitude altitude is up sky altitude, sky skied, up, okay, know catback, lady yeah, so yes, guys it’s, basically pretty good time to play with understand, it’s lovely there’s, some flight test on it and right now in our water.

I see okay now dirty right now, so let’s go away, yeah we’ll wipe it off and make it seem guys. So a flight at night now yeah london run run. It is right now standing right here, sir, appear up up back up back over, see we’re going over here. Take time and it’s done bad landing, i’m up, yeah, so let’s say we can’t give a! Maybe it made it made it made it made it made. It made it yes, guys so that’s it’s for today, so i hope you guys enjoy this video remember to like share subscribe for more content like this.