Um i’m really excited about this um. This is my second one. I had to get a new one, because i kind of crashed my last one but uh it wasn’t any technical difficulties or anything like that. I just was trying some stuff and crashed that joint into a building, but um that’s, neither here nor there um let’s get right into this unboxing boom. So it comes in this hubsan Music, uh cardboard box. Oh wow, look at the way, it’s packaged. I think i ordered like the bundle last time, and it was it was a different box, but i i like the way they packaged this um. I really appreciate the time that hubsan puts into their products. Oh yo really excited wow like the box is sleek it’s like it’s, just super presentable man. It makes you want it makes you want to to fly a drone like i’m like wow. I don’t compare this drone to any other drone. I don’t compare it to any of the mavics um, because it’s kind of in its own class, like the way it flies. Um i’ll – probably fly it later, but i’m just going to do the unboxing now. So you all can see what comes in against the standard kit box. So um let’s do this. Oh man, i feel like i feel like it’s christmas. Okay, so i’ll do this wow all carboned out, um and i’ll. Take this stuff out. Let’S see what this says.

We fly with your dreams. I man, i’m, just i’m sold by the box alone like this is this. Is this is kind of epic? I i bought it, but i feel like it was a gift. All right let’s. Do this all right, um yeah, i guess i’ll, take the drone out i’ll, come back to that um yeah it’s like super presentable, it’s like they pack it like man. The way they packed it in here is just like all right, so here’s. Well, i’ll. Do that a bit? It comes with instructions, of course spare parts i’m holding my phone at the same time, so i mean where, should i start? Okay, i’ll start with the instructions. It comes with the manual i’m sure you all see this once you get it, but hubs and xenopro. It comes with a spare parts box, and this comes with a little screwdriver, um extra propellers for sure extra screws. If you need those, i learned the hard way. Um, okay, cool: you got your usbs um these plug into your either your phone and your to your controller. Um and i’ll show you that connecting a little bit uh, we have micro usb. Here we have the iphone adapter and then we have usbc, and this is your charger and you’ll hook the battery onto that actually think uh yeah you attach this as well. This goes to the side of this. The bundle came with a different charger, but again i’ll show you all how to connect that too um.

So yeah let’s let’s get to this controller real, quick okay. So we have a dual analog controller um with antennas um. I really like the way this controller feels um, even the even the analogs themselves, like they’re, not they’re, not too, like the tension, isn’t uh too crazy, um like the recoil, is like i don’t, know it’s. I i i like the way this feels um. I, like the carbon, pretty much it’s, not really like a skin. I, like the carbon textured plastic, here’s, your auto land button, your power button take off this controller. This drone actually has a sport mode, but we can get into all that stuff, like that. When i fly, but i just want to show you what the controller feels like looks like um, so also here, you go. This opens down here and you kind of like slide your phone in this joint and then the adapter kind of goes into the side and the other half goes into your phone or whatever you know, but let’s get to this drone nice, okay, i’m, just gon na Take that paper off here, i’m excited i’m, so excited man again, i do have the mavic, but i do not compare these two drones at all like i don’t compare them at all again they’re in their own class. I feel like each drone serves its own purpose. Okay, so here is the hubs and xeno and that’s one of my sony cameras, so i guess compared to the box, if you can kind of see um how proportionate the box is to the drone.

The drone is pretty big here’s my hand and here’s the drone. This is the top. This is the bottom of the drone um. The battery goes right in here. The gimbal and the cameras is um. I guess unprotected by this plastic cap um. You can either put the plastic cap on when you’re done. I mean i definitely recommend you put it back on when you’re done, but i’ll take hold on. Let me put my phone down real quick yeah, so i wanted to take the plastic cap off, so you can kind of see the camera yeah. It has a little uh plastic screen on it right now, but yeah. This is the hubs and xenopro man um. You have a power button here. You also use this to you hold at some point and again, i’ll do i’ll. Do a demo on how you fly this joint, but i just wanted to show you all. The unboxing i’m, very, very, very, very, very satisfied. Super satisfied, i’d buy four more of these honestly, i would buy four more like um. I love this drone um. I give this drone if there’s a five five star rating. I would give this drone a five star rating. I literally would i would it’s great um. I wouldn’t even buy another one. If, if i didn’t like it, if i didn’t love it so yeah definitely get out and go check out the hubs and xenopro amazon has great deals on it right now.

I definitely picked this up from amazon, um yeah i mean, but i would recommend the bundle. I would recommend the bundle you can grab the bundle it comes with two batteries and some of them comes with. Like three batteries i mean the flight time is like 30 minutes long per battery, or something like that so yeah. I highly recommend this drone um get out hubzen thanks. I mean, if you see this video holla at me. I would love to. I don’t know be on your team or uh. Do more demos with you all um yeah let’s.