So today, on the channel, i have the xeno mini se version here, its one of the three 250 gram drones that hubsan has released recently, except for the xeno mini, which hasnt been officially released into the market. Yet the se version which stands for standard edition is hubsans comparison to the dji mini se and the femi x8 mini. So let me go ahead and open it up and show you guys everything thats inside of the box Music, just like the xenomini pro it comes with this nice little travel bag and inside of the bag. You get the drone. A usb wall mount adapter, an extra battery which comes with the fly more combo, a multi battery charging hub, an instructions manual, three otg cables, a mini usb cable, a small screwdriver and an extra set of joystick thumb, rockers two sets of extra propellers and last the Remote controller, so looking at the sc version, you can see that its pretty much the same in design as the pro version minus the forward and backward obstacle avoidance cameras which this one does not have. As for the weight lets, uh just place it on the scale to see what it weighs with and without the battery installed Music. It does have a three axis: gimbal stabilizer, just as the pro version, but with the different camera specs. This one here has a one over 2.6 inch sony cmos image sensor with an aperture or f stop of 2 over 2, and it also has an 80 degree field of view, along with an effective focal length of 3.

5 millimeters and an electronic shutter speed of up To 8 000., it can take jpeg pictures at a maximum size of 4000 by 3000 and videos at 4k resolution at both 25 and 30 frames per second in the h264 codec. Its also capable of filming in 2.7 k at 30 and 60 frames per second and at 1080p hd at 30 frames and 60 frames per second as well. The video bitrate is between 64 to 100 megabits per second, and all files are saved onto a mini sd card which goes inserted right here on the side, it supports a u3 or class 10 sd card, with a maximum storage capacity of 128 gigabytes. Now what i like with the sc version is that once you turn it on and connect it to the transmitter and then open up the app you immediately get an fpv feed, unlike the pro which waits till youve taken off. To give you an fpv feed, which kind of sucks with the sc version you can set up all of your camera parameters while being able to see the image from the camera, which is definitely better than the pro version. In my opinion, the motors are 1503 kv. 2820S and are capable of flying in level 5 wins. The maximum speeds that can be reached flying horizontally are between 10 and 16 meters per second on the bottom of the quad. It has the same heat sink as the pro version, as well as two infrared uh altitude, sensors, one optical flow camera and an led search light.

The battery is a 3000mah lithium ion that can provide up to 45 minutes of flight time, which is five more minutes. Uh more than the pro version, but in reality we all know that these numbers are exaggerated and youll probably be looking at. I dont know 40 to maybe 41 minutes of actual flight time, depending on the weather conditions. Now these are also smart batteries, which means that they can display the current voltage and do other things like go into hibernate mode and discharge themselves when not in use. The remote controller is also the same design as the pro version, except for that its in white and the thumb rockers are stored on the bottom of the remote. Just like the pro. It does have an internal 33, 50 milliamp hour battery with a working time of two and a half hours uh in terms of transmission range. This one uses the synclist 2.0 technology and not the 3.0 that the pro has and it can reach a supposed maximum flight range of up to six kilometers Music Music. On the face of the remote, you also have an led screen, thats great for reading. All of the telemetry, and if, for any reason you end up losing your fpv feed youll, be able to operate the quad back to you safely by reading the telemetry thats on the screen to set it up for flight. You first have to turn on the remote by pressing once and then press it again.

This time for three to five seconds now: connect the otg cable to your phone and open up the xhobson2 app Music wait until the transmitter, icon appears and says aircraft is connected. Next turn on the drone and wait for the gimbal to go through the startup calibration process. Once its connected youll see a weak gps signal message on the top, meaning that its in attitude mode and youre able to fly indoors now, if youre outdoors youll have to wait a few seconds to acquire satellites before you can take off when you have at least Seven to nine sats available the ready to fly message will appear, and now you can take off Music, Music, Music, all right, thats it for this one guys. I hope you all found some useful information from this video and that it helps you to decide whether its for you or not. If you did like the video, please add a thumbs up to it and if youre not subscribed to the channel, i do invite you now to do so with that said, thank you all again. God bless you all and ill see you on the next video Music.