But im going to show you just one today and these drones come from hobson and hobson im. Sure many of you guys, jordan lovers are already familiar with well aware about. Hobson is a well established drone company and they are coming strong at dji, with their hobson xeno mini series and theyve already shown us hops and xeno pro, which comes in gray color. However, theyve just sent me hobzen xeno mini s e. I love how all these naming schemes work, because they now just followed apple products, so that its very easy for the consumers to understand. So, of course, hops and xeno mini sc series is like the more economical version and i love economical version, because that makes it a lot more approachable for all of us, so ill show you whats inside the bag. So here we do have a drone and it comes in a very nice white color. You guys can see here and actually the design looks exactly same as pro. I think what you guys think and pro comes in gray. White comes in white, so obviously the size of it is very similar to dji mini series, and you guys can see that. Yes, it is also 249 grams in weight, so you dont need to register in many jurisdictions. So the first i want to highlight the price, because this is the se version. This does not have obstacle avoidance and it does have the lesser sensor compared to pro version.

So this sc version comes at the price of only three four nine dollars: thats really economical. For a drone but hobson sent me the two battery version, so it is 66 dollars more expensive, however, its definitely affordable at 415 dollars in total package, including international shipping. So now im going to get ready to fly, hobson xeno mini se, so inside the bag. Under the compartment, there is the rc and it also comes in beautiful white color and i have extra battery. But i already have one battery inside the drone and the package comes with the usb cables and also this cable that can connect the mobile phone. Any types of mobile phone, including iphone onto the rc and then there is the manual and also the spare joystick screwdriver, and also spare propellers and another usb cable. And i must say, i really like the bag. Its super compact and everything can go in here and theres also a zipper at the front, which means you can probably like put in sd card and so on. If you need to so one thing to note about sc version compared to the pro version that i am already quite familiar with pro version, it had the memory inside the memory storage inside. However, with hobson xeno sc, you will need to put an sd card in here, which is basically same with most other drones out there. So just dont forget that here inside there is a pair of joystick, so you just need to screw it in which makes rc extremely compact, and today is a really beautiful day to actually fly the drone Music.

I like the noise. I like the sound Music Applause. Music Applause, Music, hobson, xeno mini sc. It supports 4k resolution at 30 frames per second, and it has one over 2.6 inch. Cmos sensor so lets see how the unedited raw video performs Music, Music, wow, Music Music in the creative mode menu. They do have all the quick shots menu, so here im trying dronie, Music and also im trying the rocket mode Music, Music, hobsons, inner mini sc, even though it doesnt have the obstacle avoidance sensors. It can still follow you and i was pretty impressed with how it could follow me. While i was walking or running Music Applause Music, and when i was blocked by the tree, then the drone would actually move backwards to try to find me. So that was pretty impressive. Music do Music and i tried the waypoint mode. Actually it was first time for me to try ever all i need to do was to draw a path on the map and it actually exactly followed the route that i drew Music. The line fly mode where the drone would actually go straight into the path that you said. It also worked totally fine and orbit mode was super helpful. If you want to draw a circle around a certain object and it looks super professional Music hobsons inner mini sc, it can zoom optical zoom up to three times. It was handy in some cases, however, the resolution was not as great as if you dont zoom it in Music.

Surprisingly, for a small drone, it does have hyperlapse function, so i try the freestyle and this is the result. Music. It is a little shaky, but hopefully that can be updated in firmware update or i should only fly it during non windy days and you might wonder about the photo quality and i was pretty impressed with the sharpness of the photos and also you do have the Panoramic photo options where you can do sphere, 180 degrees, horizontal, vertical, etc. However, it doesnt automatically stitch as yet. Hopefully it can be updated in the next firmware update. So probably right now, i would not be using the panoramic option very much slow battery warning. The drone is under return to home, soon return to home, also, the return to home its coming right here, which is perfect. This is exactly where im standing hello, and now we will just land perfect ive flown a solid 35 minutes and the battery remaining is 16 one. Six percent still left no crazy, beeping warning sign, because i landed at a very safe time and after the drone has landed. I was able to check all the photos and videos that i have taken in the sd card inside the drone and since the drone landed with more than ten percent battery left, i was able to actually download many of the footages to actually check on the spot. All right, so it is a little chilly. Why? Because i was able to fly this drone for solid 35 minutes and it landed with about you know.

Like 16 20 battery left, i had plenty of battery to actually check a lot of the footage and so on. So i have to say when i usually do drone review videos i have to actually you know, do a couple of days so that you know i get used to it. I understand the app. I understand the device and also you know. Sometimes i dont have enough juice to test out different features and so on, but with hubsan xeno mini sc wow, i actually with two batteries. It was just plenty was just more than enough, then i actually, you know, went on to the website to double check the price. Two batteries 415, four one five dollars for the entire package with a bag, and i also went to dji website to double check on their price as well and dji mini 2 right now, um, the drone in itself is 4.99. Although some countries, the drone itself, sold out the flymo combo, which comes with actually three batteries, so yes, you do get one more battery. It was at around five nine nine dollars so a lot more expensive, so 415 dollars with hobson xeno mini sc super impressive out of all the drones that ive flown this year. I must say, with the price point im most impressed with this drone. Well done hobson team and ill come back with other interesting gadget reviews, so please dont forget to subscribe.