If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by co host. Mr ron braun during one of the segments we discussed at length. The latest updates regarding the hubsan xeno mini pro, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. Now, yes, hubsan xeno mini pro update, something youve all been waiting for. Okay, now i i know marcus had posted out on the um xenomini pro group. His shipping update out there okay. Now he ordered and remember this okay once remember, he ordered his from hubsan. Okay, not huffs in the u.s okay, he ordered his from hubsan as ron and marcus, and i like to say the mothership all right, the the epicenter. You know he ordered from directly from hubsan. I ordered mine from hubsan us all right now. There hasnt been a lot of activity out there. Now i ive logged on every day i go out there. It still says processing, processing, processing, processing, so ive sent some emails, ive gotten some dates. I got the last date. I got was 8 13.. That dates come and gone, and i sent another email out. Okay, now im gon na share with you the response that i got from kyle from hubsan us all right now its very interesting what he has to say here, all right, all right, dear bill or hello bill, we sincerely apologize for the shipping delay.

There are some firmware updates, currently being done, which is holding off the shipping time. We are making sure the end user will be receiving a great product with all the wonderful features we will update you via email, with an update before shipping, unfortunately were unable to give an exact shipping date, as it depends on all firmware updates to be completed. Also its impossible that any of your friends got it already or has an active tracking number, since it has not been shipped yet outside china. We hope to get your kindly support. Thanks, hubsanus.com support team, okay, now heres my response back to him, i said kyle. First, i stated friends who ordered directly from hubs and have received tracking information, not hubs in u.s, and i attached um the example that marcus had posted and then there was a picture that ron brown had posted. Another picture shows l3 toys overseas with a xeno mini pro in stock. Second, im, not sure why i understand its being delayed for formal updates. Consumers could do that themselves and hubsan overseas has already shipped their drones. Okay, now theres a customer in india. I believe thats, who he is um and i forget his name hes, already put out several videos um regarding the hubs and xenomini pro, and i think you guys have seen that and its posted on the xenomini pro website. Uh. These delays are trying everyones patience in the state we all paid for it in full three months ago and get to see it ill.

Look forward to your email, your reply and well await the shipping notice email shortly. Okay, i wanted to go ahead and talk about a few things here, um that i thought that i thought were real interesting. Okay – and you know the first thing here place – it here – hey well, welcome place it here, thanks for joining us tonight, okay um, you know the first thing that i wanted to talk about is now. You know hes saying now that the reason for the delay is firmware updates all right. Okay, firmware updates can be done by the end user. Okay and i i dont know yeah yeah. I i just i i dont understand why he said something like that. Okay, you know i i can understand if it needs a firmware update. Okay and you can push it on the consumers can do that. But why hold up sending out the drone? You know work on the firmware update push them out over the air, like everybody does, and you know probably the first thing you need to do after you get everything charged up and everything is to do a firmware update. So you push it out and you do the firmware update so thats i mean unless this thing is so large, you cant do it over the air but uh. I i dont think thats the case, so i mean that thats just very curious and the other thing that you know, as i stated you know and and i attached in the email was a screenshot from you know, from marcus.

I didnt put marcuss name in there. Um, but you know it shows clearly that its been shipped and its been shipped from hobson from over in china, so he was confused. He thought i meant hubsan us, no, i didnt say helps in the u.s and theres very few people. You know i dont think i havent really seen and unless somebody can correct me, i havent really seen anybody here in the u.s. You know with the hubsan xenomini pro yet um miguel silva. Maybe he said about firmware updates, because some drone reviewers have been telling that with so many delays has better come with everything working, uh thats, a good point, miguel thats, a very good point. Thank you for thank you for bringing that up, and you know you know, and i agree with that, i think out of the box, you know like i just talked about with the mini se out of the box. There was a firmware update. It was a minor one boom i mean you know before i even flew. I i did the update and you know it said stability, whatever okay and i got it taken care of, and it was. It was a minor kind of a thing and – and it worked, you know lets hope thats the case miguel. You know im really kind of hoping thats the case um, so i dont know i dont know so you know why why its still being delayed, i dont know, and because you know i understand what youre saying miguel.

But the other point is this. You know, hubsan has already shipped their drones out, okay directly from hubsan hubsan us has not shipped theirs out yet because it needs this firmware update and you know it just i just dont i just dont get it. I dont understand whats going on here what the delay is uh, and you know you know again. This is something that can be done by the consumer. You know buy. You know you know its better, i think its better to get them out in the hands. People like we said its coming up. Tomorrows tomorrow lets see yeah tomorrow, the 18th, so it will be exactly three months since i, since i i paid for it all right and theyve had my 540 dollars for three months. You know i i would like to see something for for my money. Um. You know its kind of been kind of been sitting there, so i think its frustrating its frustrating for a lot of people um. Maybe hubs in the u.s is trying to get a more finished product than buying direct from china. Thats thats a possibility too miguel, so thats kind of like you know well see well see what goes on here. I mean its just its just one of those things that i think a lot of people are very frustrated. Theres been a lot of delays with this. We all know what a fiasco that the um you know when hubsan did their live stream with this, what a disaster that was uh, you know, and they had they showed the run time with the drone which it really kind of lived up to its up to Its run time, but you know somebody didnt watch it at the end and it crashed.

We saw that, but just you know the give and take and the back and forth with the questions and and probably mandarin and in english – and you know the the give and take with that. There was a lot there, and that was just that was just kind of a disaster and then and youve seen recently and im sure you all have seen these um. You know hubsan has been putting out video after video after video, how to videos, training videos on the hubs and xeno mini pro good stuff, its all good videos here – and you know its an advance of probably people actually getting the drones um. You know that thats one of the things that i that i have to say it theyre theyre doing their due diligence and getting these videos out. But you know its good to have them its good to watch them. But you know the drones not in hand, and i think a lot of people are kind of frustrated about that. So you know well kind of cross. Our fingers im, hoping within the next few days, well hear something on this uh. You know now one of the things i did go ahead and i did watch that video from that gentleman over in india um. You know i didnt really see a whole lot negative in that video um he did attack. Now there was a heat guard on the bottom of the hubsan xeno mini pro.

I dont know how many of you have actually watched that video its you know. It was on the hubsan xeno mini pro group that i have out on facebook, uh theres theres, a guard on the bottom that covers covers the heatsink on there and he actually touched it and he didnt get burned. So evidently thats a good thing uh, but there was its necessary to put that guard on there. So you know like that area is hot and i think thats something ron and i had discussed about the heat buildup because of the processor in the ups and zeno mini pro that that would be. That was something that was, i think, going to be an issue and uh rear its ugly head and hopefully its not, but they did, they did think ahead of time and they did have a plastic guard there. So you dont go ahead and touch that. I think thats a thats, a good thing to do and and im hopeful that theres theres good air flow through there when youre flying to cool, to cool things down that you know because thats thats something thats really necessary. Um. You know uh uh, the the video from what i can tell, and i mean you know i havent you know ive only watched that one gentleman who i believe is from india um. You know it looked good from what i could see. I didnt really see a whole lot of things, um negative about it, and here we have mr ron braun hi, sir hello bill and uh welcome everybody out to the chat there, how hows everybody doing tonight uh you know bill.

How are you uh gave me a chance to get some uh much to eat of water there? How on on there doing good doing good were talking about the um xenomini pro, and i just shared my update uh and it was real, interesting update, yeah. I got an update from from um hubsan us and they told me theyre in the process of doing software updates to to it and its not ready to ship yet and they dont have a date. Oh wow. You know this is unconfirmed, but i did hear a rumor just in the past 24 hours that uh, a big update, is coming to the the xeno mini on friday, and i dont know if thats a firmware update to the drone or an app update, but hopefully That adds some of the missing features that that we saw in ali shawns video that was missing some of these yeah. You know and thats miguel silva in the chat he kind of pointed at pointed that out um. You know, maybe because you know, like i had just said when i talked about the mini se in an earlier segment – how you know pretty much out of the box. It was good to go. We really didnt have. There was a there was a firmware update, but it was a minor kind of thing and i just ran it right away and then boom. There was no issues with it um. You know – and he said maybe theyre trying to get it to the point that theyre trying to get it to where out of the box its going to go.

Yeah and of course, the the you know the what the mini se doesnt really have a lot of smart features and bells and whistles, so they didnt have to work as hard uh. You know that, as is hubs is trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink in this drone, so i mean i mean thats on them. I mean you know, but still you know its a big difference between the feature set on the two drones. Well, i dont know if you saw im sure you watched the video from um. I forget the gentlemans name over in india. I i cant pronounce his whole name, the gentlemans indian, but his channels – i i i say, ali shah, but theres more to it. Yeah yeah that part where he talks about, and he shows the plastic guard on the bottom to prevent you from burning yourself. Well, call it the heat like the heat cage or for laughing yeah, which i thought was real interesting and i dont know if you saw the part where he was touching his hand to it and holding it, and you know, obviously, he didnt get burned. So he held it for a long time before he took his hand off of it yeah i was, i was pretty impressed, so i think obviously its getting some air good air flow when hes up when youre up there flying now bill. When you get do you intend to, i mean i know this is early, but do you intend to fly with that heat sink on or off im gon na initially not put it on uh just to see how it does but um, you know again being here, Were still having 90 plus degree days down here, so you know its.

If i, if i time it right in the morning and get up early, it wont be super hot, so thats, what thats why i want to do thats when i i took my mini se out, it was early in the morning on saturday, when i did my Flying because it wasnt so stinking hot uh, so im going to do the same thing when i get my xenomini pro is to get it up early in the morning because it just gets too stinking yeah and the sun causes as much of that heat on these Drones as the temperature does hey bill, you know im glad you addressed that you know one thing i found you know interesting im, not saying interesting, good or anything bad, but what did you think of the future or the uh, the hubsan mini pro before it takes Off for susan lanza automatically shuts fpv off so the you know the same battery life and i guess even the same heating issues yeah. That was very interesting. I didnt you know im like im like what is this. You know its just like, because its foreign, because you dont expect that you know with like dji products, that you know that thats just something you dont see and even with even with femi, you dont see that okay and thats a very interesting feature. I thought it was just okay, you know im like i guess i see their point. You know theres no use having the video on when the drill is sitting on the ground, especially if youre using battery or eating the drone up by having it on, because you know how it is sometimes youre sitting there messing with stuff you may have had on.

For two three minutes, where you take off youre still in youre and youre burning up up space when youre doing that kind of stuff too, so i mean yeah thats, a good thats, a good point, so yeah, i think thats. I think its a good thing. Its just something that that i think is going to be different and something were going to have to get used to you know one of the things that im real curious about was that slot that looks like an sd card slot, because um ali shah, he hasnt. He didnt say anything about it, but im really curious as to exactly what that is. If that is indeed an sd card slot, i mean people speculate that you know its just, maybe uh a slot for you know if they have to do some sort of repairs at the factory on the drone, but i think theres a sticker over top of it Or something to say, and not the insert a memory card in it: okay, okay, i believe i believe, thats been in one of the unboxing videos that theres a like a sticker, a piece of tape: oh rewarding you not to put a card in there, thats yeah Thats youre, probably right, you know, and i think that well you know it could be the same theyre, making the same exact body frame for this and the uh um. I keep want to say, feed me hops and mini xeno.

They l, hubsan xeno sc. They have an sc too. The se model of the xero mini actually will have a memory card slot and not have internal things, so they probably save money by you know fabin the same body both times and just you know so that that that card slots there on the better one, but Its its its nothing on the other side, in fact, im afraid its one of those things where you push put a card corner. It would fall all the way through and go into the in innards of the drone, and then it would bounce around in there and possibly cause some damage. Yeah youre, probably right and thats. A very good point ron that its probably for the for the mini se. For for xeno – and you know, because theyre not going to have that internal memory like the xenomini pro is going to have so i mean, and by the way on the website, it says that the um, the the xenomini ses coming out the 20th. So we, you know most of us uh well outside of a couple people in asia. Nobody even has the you know the pro yet and the ses due to ship or something on the 20th yeah. Well, you know you cant even buy the the sc in the united states, yet i havent seen it for sale, uh, yeah again the 20th supposedly the day. Okay, all right so i mean i have no intention of buying, but i will i will cruise over to the website to see if the buy buttons active yeah.

I want to do im curious about that too, and you know, and just going back to you know, point jeff do we know the price of the of the mini sc of the i havent seen anything wrong because of right now, if they havent announced the pressure, How could it be more money than the um, the dji uh sc right, i mean yeah its got to be at the same price, put or im going to say even less right. I mean i dont, i dont remember the feature set of the sc, but i cant imagine having too many more features than than the dji mini yeah. I dont think i think i think youre youre spot on with that. I think its going to have to be around 299 or less because to make it above that thats hubsans going to shoot themselves in the foot right unless they add something real compelling to it. And i dont i i i have to go back and study the feature set to see if it, if its as bare bones as the sc or whether it has more bells and whistles yeah, im yeah im going to go back and youre right, thats, a good Thing i want to go back and take a look at it too, and i think itll probably prove fruitful to find that information out there. I guess if it has the same battery as the pro itll have the same incredible battery life yeah that the private, even better, because without without the advanced, electronics and cameras, it will probably even square out a few more minutes of battery time than the pro version.

Its probably going to weigh less too, i would think um way, a little less and maybe maybe get a few minutes more battery life. So yeah um uh its interesting days ahead bill yeah. We got a lot a lot to look forward to well. You know, as i said in my previous segment, i was talking about the mini se. I was given some reasons why its the perfect starter, drone. Okay, you know number one. You look at the price for 299 dollars, i mean really, you know, youre talking its the best under three hundred dollar drone ever made. I bought a limb right, oh yeah, i mean you want youre, not even on a lamboron with that i mean its its like. Well, you know i was talking about you know. I know marcus has flown what the potential drones and holy stone drones. You know and not knocking any of those but ill. Tell you what okay first id say: 299 ballpark yeah. The first thing i noticed wrong after i took off with a mini sc it was it was like i was just holding it there. It was just still like, like it wasnt, even moving at all. It was that rock solid okay, just right after taking off i mean yeah and – and i dont know, if you got to see theres a guy called, i think his names world explorer. He also has the um dji, i mean dji, the hubsan xeno mini pro im.

Gon na have to come up with a four letters for that and he hes not a big youtube channel like alexander, who has 300 000 subscribers hes somebody has less than 100 subscribers, so he did the hover test between um, the the dji mini. I dont know, if which many it was whether it had to be the mini one or the mini sc, because he had the old style controller, and then he he hovered, the um, the the xenomini and and – and you know the dji one was locked in just Like you said, and now the hubsan drone it didnt do any you know uh would he go up and down anymore we used to call it or whatever, but you know you can see it move a little bit like it it it danced ever so slightly where The dji drone uh did so weve kind of been led to believe that a hover just as good as the uh, the dji mini drones, and by this video i dont think it hovers quite as well, but very acceptable. Though i mean uh. You know good enough for most yeah and you know and see. This is the thing you know and, and i wanted i wanted to talk a little bit about this as well too um i sold my femi mini okay and oh shocking. Yes, it was a big shock, breaking news development Laughter, the big ones coming i dont want.

I dont i dont want. I dont want to cause any heart issues for you ron, but you know i i mean look, you know and i think for you and you know, and for most people you know i want to be able to out of the box like the mini sc. You know charge it up fire it up, quick firmware, update, get it up and its going to do. Whats going to you know what what i want it to do: okay and be rock solid about it. Okay, you shouldnt, really have to work at it. You know and do and do oh its going to take another firmer update. Oh i got to calibrate the gimbal again. Oh, i got to calibrate the remote again. Oh got to do the imu calibration again. You know its like it gets. It gets where it gets. Really old having to do that time and time and time again you know and thats what thats what it seems like to me with femi ron its like between every time i fly theres another firmware update. You got to do that and, oh you know the gimbals. Now off so its not going to have youre going to have horizon till you know its its a lot of stuff yeah, i mean weve uh, you know uh. I i thought the phoebe was making real progress, whether you know the original x8 or whatever the 2018 220 version, and i think they took a step backward with this binny.

Oh yeah, it was obvious that they put this out way too soon. They were trying to be, you know they knew. Hubsan was coming out with their drone, so they wanted to be okay, fema, you did win the race, okay, you did beat ups and out with your drone. However, you know its its like. You know when, when you put on a product like that, i mean nobody ive not really heard any drone reviewer recommend that drone really, i mean its, not a drone that you want to recommend for that kind of price. I mean for that kind of price. You know, spend 299 dollars, get yourself a mini se youll be so much better off right, because if you think you need for the 4k video that the fema offers or the tracking features that it offers and all that stuff well, it doesnt even do the things Its supposed to do correctly, like you know, fly right, gimbal function right or whatever it doesnt even do the basics, so the advanced features mean nothing to me if the drone cant cant do the basics and whatever thats the thing that we at least weve seen with The hubza drone i mean yeah, maybe maybe the advanced features arent there yet, but you know it hovers well enough. It flies well enough. The gimbal, you know, looks steady enough. I mean it, the horizon looks uh, you know uh, fine or whatever, so the most.

The the most important things seem to be there. Now we need to nail down the the more advanced you know. I hate the advanced features, but the you know the the the intelligent features over, but the basics look like theyre. Okay to me, if the bases arent right, none of that other stuff matters. Oh absolutely i mean you know if you cant get down your basics, like you just said of being able to take off hover relatively stable, you know to get stable video from it. Uh to get you know, no gimbal shakes from it to get a stable horizon from it. I mean these are things that should be given givens. When you buy a drone, they shouldnt, be they shouldnt, be things that you have to work at manipulate um. You know. Do adjustments to it should be it. It should work right away like that theres. I never thought sean one time in his videos have to land it have to recalibrate the compass he didnt have to recalibrate the gimbal he didnt didnt, calibrate anything during all the videos. Hes put out, and even and even if you say well, hes a big time you youtuber hes, hiding this this guy again im sorry, i dont have his name exactly the you know: world explorer, whatever you dont see him doing it either and hes. Just some. You know less than a hundred thousand subscriber guys hes not cutting anything out. Well, you know what i thought was real interesting.

You posted a picture from l3 toys about how you know that they have it in stock, okay, yeah, which is really interesting, because you know here i am here in hubsan us and its like. Oh no, we got we got firmware updates. We need to do before. We put it out and everything and im like okay, i said i said i dont get it. I just dont understand, but i guess ill find out shortly. That was a that. Was you know one of those facebook story things you should have said this well. How comes l3 toys has a warehouse for him and his arm being updated, yeah. Well, you know, i did say sure, im guessing the order and im gon na call all three toys up and get mine yeah ill, be getting here faster, even though hes in malaysia hell probably still get it to you. Faster yeah id, probably get it faster. If he could put it on a boat id, probably get it faster than hubs in the u.s sends it sends it on. You know its like the whole thing its. Like my whole. My whole thing is like okay, if you have, if youre working on a firmware update heres here here, you just send the drone out to the consumers. Okay, push the firmware update to the consumers and say we highly recommend before your first flight. You do this firmware update because it will fix a b c d: e, f g.

Okay, it will take care of all these issues and youll have a drone that will do everything. We say its going to do. Okay, yeah but remember, remember the the dji mini one. Remember it had that issue. Remember laura made a big deal about it where the where the batteries were not charged. Up correctly, you had the you had to put the battery in the drone for the first charge, but you know but dji they did issue. I think they issued a firm update that same week that we got the drone that corrected it or whatever you know. So i understand you know one or two firmware updates to correct something: thats wrong. Okay, you know like that battery thing – thats fine, i mean i didnt, think dji too much on it or whatever you know um, but this what youre just talking about some of this is ridiculous. Well, you know its like i i pointed out in my email tomorrow. Itll be three months since i paid my 500 plus dollars for for a drone and its theyve had my money. For three months i mean back to my rumor about the about the either the firmware update or the app update on the 20th thats. Also, the rumor date that the people that pre ordered will start to receive thats why that updates coming friday, because they think thats the day that the pre order, people in the u.s will be receiving their drone.

Okay, yeah. This is all river speculation, not coming from hubs and corporate or hubs, and us this is just you know: rumor mill, stuff, that fridays the day that the pre orders will come and now be the day that the big update arrives and puts in some of those Missing features: well, you know, you know its its three. You know, like i said its three months and and i thought it was – i thought it was real interesting because you know i was getting progress in my emails saying you know its going to be initially, it was going to be like the the 13th. They said and then the 13th came and went, and then i heard i heard a date. I heard the 20th, but they never. They actually posted it out on their website. Okay, because i went out – and i look and i can you can click and look at your order out there on hubsan us and it says: processing, okay, thats, all thats, all it says it wont say anything until its actually been shipped. So you know you know it was just like okay. Well, you know, whats the hold up whats the delay whats going on here. You know it and it actually took a couple of days for them to respond back to me, which i thought was pretty interesting, because i think they were crafting up something to tell me: okay, yeah, i i you know the last time i emailed hubsan.

com or whatever The mothership is is mark we like to say uh. They sent me an email back. I think i got last friday. They said: oh yeah, your drone ship and i didnt know were gon na mark your priority and get yours out first right away. You know yeah its just like all my communication with this current generation of hubs and it sounds like the same way over hubs. Its all sunshine live pops and rainbows. They. You know everything everythings good, your drones on the way dont worry about it. You know, uh again, you know were all walking on sunshine around here: yeah yeah its its exactly what it is and thats exactly the tone that you get from these emails and meanwhile, you know were still sitting here empty handed. You know we dont, we dont. Have it, and i mean people say well you guys you guys, got all these drones. What are you complaining about? You guys fly all these drones, but were as much speaking about the drone community as as much as we are ourselves or whatever sure we got of the drones to fly it doesnt matter, if it to us. If it comes next week next month or whatever we got playing droids to fly, but what about the poor guy out there? You know his. This is his current drone right here, the nahimi or whatever, but but you know, hes waiting for his first good camera. Drone and hes been waiting all summer to get his first good camera drone or whatever you know summer is you know its its? You know were already halfway through it or better here and uh.

You know hes not getting any of that nice 4k footage that he was dreaming of when he right. You know he read. Hudson uh, you know, you know uh, you know their big ad back in may. You know you you listen to what they had to say. It sounds good. I mean you know it really. I mean with all the feature set that was with it its like. Okay. I said i said for that kind of feature set. I im gon na, get it and thats why i pulled the plug and thats, probably thats, why you know both you and marcus did the same thing, because you know this feature set just sounds absolutely incredible. For a mini drone – and here we are its three months later, no drones in hand – and you know, like you said you know – were hearing sunshine, rainbows, lollipops, pixie stix. I mean the whole nine yards and were not getting. You know we still just dont have that product in hand and, like you said, and i think, thats a good point. There are a lot of people out there who listen to us who you know for good or bad. You know you know kind of you know. Well, well heeds heed our advice and our recommendations, and you know what we say these all with a grain of salt, always with a grain of salt, because you know were not hard and fast. We dont know we havent had these drones, yet you know were basing it upon.

Previous experience were basing upon some of the videos that weve seen you know these are. These are our recommendations, you know and – and i you know – and i i feel safe to say – and i think ron would probably say it too. You know its a drone that yeah, i think it bears. It bears some syria, a serious look at you know, thats, something that rons gon na do marx can do im gon na. Do you know a lot of people are gon na. Take a good look at it and you know listen to what we have to say on it um and to the point. We kind of beat it down a little bit here, but whats lets pump it up a little bit. You know, weve already said it. It seems to, however, well it seems to fly well. The video looked good ali shawn, you know flew with almost no sunshine its a hard time, but at this price point the base price of this throne is 459. You dont order anything else. Okay, you you get working obstacle, avoidance outbox, he tested it. You know it seemed to work just fine or whatever you get waypoints. Now that features on the droid its working right now he tests the waypoints. They seem to work well now, if you were to buy a dji drone to get obstacle avoidance, you have to go up to the the first um. You know air 2, which is still available for 800.

. But if you want waypoints out of the box, you have to go all the way up to the mavic 3 series, which um, which is theyre kind of almost all, sold out theyre like its almost end to life product whatever. So i think on dji you can only buy the mavi 2 pro bundle with smart controller, smart controller yeah like 70 800, so in other words to get some of the stuff youre getting this 459 dollar drone dji doesnt offer it anywhere in the same price category That hubsan is offering for, and these have, these have been tested, the office of the woods and the waypoint work, theyre theyre im, not saying the best in class or anything but theyre very acceptable at this price point at that price point youre right ron, you know Having that having having this feature set on a mini drone – and you know working out of the box, you know the relatively stable flight, the obstacle avoidance working, okay, waypoints are working on that i mean you know, thats a big deal, because i know a lot of People, especially for waypoints, ask you know constantly thats one of the questions. I get a lot of hey bill. What tgi drone can has waypoints on it, because they you know that theyre not they may be new to it or whatever and find out. You know, and i tell them well yeah you got to get a mavic 2 series in order to get waypoints you you cant, get it well.

I cant afford that yeah you know and who you can and see. The thing is not a lot of people are right now, if youre, if youre looking to buy a drone, are going to chunk down 1800 realizing the mavic 2 series, its really kind of like end to life right now, uh, you know, because you know their inventory Is starting to dwindle, not only like online on retailers, but you know in mortar brick and mortar stores as well too. You know its. You know its its its a sign, its a sign that somethings coming okay, how soon weve got also a sign that that the air 2s can fill the void, uh uh uh for a few months until we get the mavic 3., oh absolutely it sure. Can i dont think, but of course, if youre, if waypoints are a requirement for you, then it cant fill the void yeah and you know thats, where the xenomini pro comes in. You know having you know in flying waypoints its fun. I like it. I think its really cool – and you know i i set it up and ran it on the mavic 2 pro and its so much fun. You just sit there. You hold the controller, you sit there and watch everything and its just it does everything it does. You dont have to do a thing: it just the height the altitude, the speed everything its all done for you, you dont have to worry.

If you make a mistake on the sticks or something like that or whatever you know, youre not going to fly crooked or or or yall too hard or whatever, because its all automated its all automated its gon na apply perfectly straight. You know – and this is why and youre right i its something its i i think were kind of chomping at the bit and i think were excited about the xenomini pro, because the it has a very rich feature set – and i think, were really anticipating this. To be a very good drone, i mean you know the the other thing that that im, anxious for – and i know, ali shah, really kind of didnt touch on it. Was you know getting that video off of the drone and onto your pc or mac um? He made a separate video, a windows uh pc it just kind of shows up like an external hard drive. Okay, you drag to drop the the files over the the only thing alarming that video not alarming the only thing he showed that the raw photos werent working. Yet you can only take jpegs with it right now, even though uh the raw photos, you said, are coming well, thats good, its good that thats easy, because i think a lot of people, you know thats, so nice having the ability, you know run that cable from The drone plug it in plug it into a usb port and boom its right there and just download it.

Your pc and ive made it one of those top videos of my channels on where i showed the mavic 2. You know getting the files off the mavic 2, the same way just plug it into the computer, and it disappears the external hard drive and you just drop the stuff over you almost as easy as doing the memory card thing, except that you have to boot. The drone up uh uh during the process. Another unusual thing you showed in one of no there was a hobson training video where they did the update on the uh, the xeno xenopro you uh. Unlike a dji drone, you take your you, get the app open. The phone and you plug the phone directly into the drone into the update. The the controller, is not in the equation of updating the drone and you would update the controller separately. But you know how it worries the dji world, where the controller is kind of a component over here. Its just a phone into the drill which kind of reminds me of the sky to except the sky, is the same way when you update scutter, you just plug the phone directly into the drug into the drone thats interesting thats. An interesting update – and i say plug with this gutter – you dont plug it. It just does it wirelessly, but with the hubsan, you know you you plug it in and i think it would bear it. It would do people well to watch a lot of these videos that hubsan has put out already, so you can be prepared when yeah theres, all good english theyre, all two or three minutes so theyre easy to watch easy to understand and and they you know they Give quite a bit of information the one one recently you know how they kind of come up with funny terms.

Remember i think it was hobson that was the for precision lane. They were calling it landing on the apron and the apron meant the landing pad. Well, guess what you you saw if you ordered extra. I dont, i think if you ordered the extra batter kit, you get the multi charger included. Uh sean showed in his unboxing. They call the multi charging unit, the butler, the bottler butler whatever, and the charging butler will charge up the four batteries itll charge the controller and itll even charge like a cell phone or whatever, but they refer to it as the charging butler. The charging butler question of the day.