com. They provided me with a drone. So thank you so much so this set. I have includes two batteries and also 64 gigabytes, which is included inside the drone. So you dont need extra, sd micro card. So then youre not going to forget about sd card and you cant fly. You cant store the memory. You can do everything inside the drone. It is convenient, but that also means that youve got to connect the entire drone to the computer or to the mobile phone to actually transfer the data so thats. Something to keep in mind. So im just going to quickly get ready and take you guys through the entire flying process, with hobsonzino pro mini. So one thing to note: you can see that there is a heat shield, so if you actually turn on the drone, it does get really hot. On the ground once its flying, then the whole ventilation keeps the drone rather cool, so i didnt see you know the heating issue as yet. So if you are using the drone like on the ground, then you definitely want to make sure to take it off im going to take it off, but im not going gon na turn on the drone until im really ready to fly so inside the bag. I do have another spare battery and with battery you know, you just need to make sure that it is fully charged. So if you just press the button once then it indicates and right now it is fully charged four blue dots and then in the second compartment.

There is a drone. If you press this button once then, it shows the battery here just put the joystick here and the cable, which is actually very nicely placed within the rc. I quite like the design of it, just like dji rc this rc, which does have 4400 mah. It does end up charging my mobile phone, so ive just started recording the mobile phone display, so you guys can see whats going on in the mobile phone and in the device status list. They say timeless photography. It will be launched on 20th of september and 48 megapixel shooting will get launched on 20th of october, so they are asking you to be patient. So not every feature is rolled out as yet, so my rc is ready, which means im now only going to turn on the drone, because otherwise it gets a little hard to touch at the bottom Music. So the drone is underground and it was pretty instant how the rc and the drone gets connected, and am i in the frame and the thing that i have to say about this. You know the whole mobile phone display when its on the ground it doesnt show because they want to conserve the energy fpv has been turned off. It will turn on automatically after the aircraft takes off and im ready to fly as soon as it gets flying. Then the camera display will turn on no obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution, so the sound you know is not like loud or anything because it is a small drone, so yeah lets get it flying.

One interesting thing i noticed is that it actually follows my rc see first thing that i do want to just quickly show you that, yes, this hobson xeno mini pro. It does have obstacle avoidance system. Apparently i need to calibrate, but i still turned it on and it should work, hopefully, okay, thats, not good, so it seemed like i had to recalibrate the aircrafts vision assistance system, so i went on to hobson support website and then downloaded the collaboration tool. However, once having the drone connected to my laptop and running the software, it didnt really do anything so im not entirely sure what to do. Hopefully, hobson can get back to us with easier explanation, pops and zinni mini pro with one over 1.3 inch cmos sensor. It seemed to perform very well under the cloudy day, just before the sunset with camera, i did notice during the bright daylight, the greens of the trees. The color can be quite different depending on the angle and when i was recording the video the start button did not really function. However, when i wanted to stop the video, it worked totally fine, but the photo button worked totally fine and in the upper left menu. You can see that we have a lot of different menus, such as waypoint orbit following creative and line fly mode here, im going to try the creative mode, which is the same thing as quick shots in dji and lets try rocket do Music other than fly to Sky, you can try 360 degree shooting comet dronie in an open space, and there are two follow me modes.

One is tracking the gps coordinates of your mobile device and the other is actually active, tracking a person or an object. Music, active track worked really well even under the shades. However, if a tree blocks the object completely, then it will lose track. Another feature of hobsons inner mini pro is that it can zoom up to six times so here, im trying to take a photo of a tower far away, and the result is that i just got a zoomed out shot Music. The quality was great. However, i think the six time shot either in the photo or video they are working in progress. Finally, i like to test out the automatic return or return to home function return to home and it worked perfectly Music. It almost landed at the bush, but thats, not bad, because it was only about two meters away from where i started so basically, once the battery is low, you can hear that, yes, it is noisy its keep beeping right now, its landed, but still because the battery Is just one percent drone is still on um, so its keep beeping but yeah once youre flying and then the battery is low. Then it will give you plenty of warning so thats very safe to fly so once the drone is switched off, then it will start beeping. The battery level for the rc is about a quarter gone okay, so i yeah its actually not too crazy hot.

So once its been flying, then the ventilation seemed to work, though all these ventilation holes and so on, um its warm but its not untouchable, so ive, actually flown hopsin and xeno mini pro a couple of times already. This is my first time to actually fully use two batteries so right now, after two full flights, i can see im not sure what you can see. Half of it is already used up and also in terms of actually the second flight, because you know uh once it reaches like 20, then it start beeping and then it will start beeping a lot more and more as the battery gets a lot lower. So in the second case i had about 10 battery left at the end of the flight, so that means i got a very good 29 minutes of flight time, um the first time you know i use it up to like two percent. Then i got like 30 to 33 minutes of flight time, so i think a drone with you know good 30 minutes flight time, thats definitely good, although its a little less than what they say on the paper. Just saying, however, on the footage side, because you know i have to they said online preview of the video and photos possible – im, not sure what that means, but but i couldnt check on my mobile phone while its connected via rc and so on, which means i Have to get the cable and get connected so im, just gon na wait until i get back home and then check it on my laptop.

So all in all it functions. Well, the joystick! The movement actually feels very nice um. However, some of the features that they advertise its still working in progress, so we probably need to wait another you know a month or two to really see whether all these features work very fine, because you are at the end of day paying extra bucks to get All those features working so yeah probably ill, come back to this after some more major updates and ill come back to you with more review and also perhaps some comparison of different drones that i have by now.