What showed up on my doorstep today, but the hubsan xeno mini pro, so uh yeah, i just thought id show you guys how this thing looks when it shows up the box is pretty beat up and its got a big wad of uh a packing slip here, Like youve never seen uh and you can see, this box has been opened and resealed a few times uh, but i im not big on unboxings, but because this thing is so anticipated. I thought i would take the opportunity – and you know kind of the way it showed up and just show you guys how to how its going to look and and well take a look at this together. So uh give me a second here and well get this thing opened up. Okay, lets uh lets go ahead and slice this baby, open man. There are so many layers of tape. On the top of this box, its unbeliev theres got to be man, im going to say five or six, if not more layers of tape on the top of this box, and i was so excited there uh. What i did was exactly what you dont. Do you? Never want to pull a blade towards you, you want to push it away and i broke that rule. Just then. Okay, here it is, it looks like its got plenty of cushion on the inside Applause, wow, im, gon na, say uh. They did a pretty good job of packing it uh yeah.

This is uh. This is great, as you can see, uh the box inside the box is in perfect condition, so uh good for for hubsan, i mean they used a lot of uh dunnage here to uh to get the thing packed correctly: okay, so heres the box, its pretty simple Uh, you can see there just basically says its the xeno mini pro. If i flip to the other side here, its got this indicator here. It says special giveaway and i believe it looks to me like thats, a code to get your uh hubsan care. You know whatever that is im, not even exactly sure the parameters of uh hubsan care and exactly what that means, but uh in any case does mention, of course, 249 grams uh usual warnings on this side. I noticed on this side that it does on this label. It is saying that what i ordered is the two battery version 120 gigabytes of internal memory. So you know pretty conventional looking box here, nothing particularly uh that stands out there. Oh, it does mention that this uh, i got the one with the travel bag at the top, so lets get the cellophane off and get this open. Okay lets uh lets open it up here and uh, pretty simple: theres theres, no seal on the top of the box, pops right, open and usual plastic bag. So im going to have to say uh. This looks good youve got the hubsan logo on the bag.

Here looks like you have a front pouch here lets see if theres anything in there in that front pouch, and there is nothing there so uh, but i mean that those front pouches thats, where you would keep documentation, uh spray propellers that sort of thing uh. You got the little uh the little xeno mini tag here, but uh you know this bag is, is small and pretty lightweight. So obviously its a lightweight drone uh lets uh lets open it up here. So there you are at the very top uh the little uh xeno mini pro itself uh, so lets just pull things out one at a time here, theres the little drone uh. You know you cant uh, make a lot of judgments right off the bat but uh. You know it feels like a pretty high quality piece. I see its got the cage on there, whatever you want to call it its kind of a a cage that you put on there when youre doing updates, etc. So it can still get airflow to the bottom and they even said you could fly with that. For long flights – and i think thats, so you dont burn yourself – they were, i think i suspect they were afraid. People touching those heat sinks would would burn themselves and ive had drones. They get awful hot on the bottom and uh and then of course, theres. The the gimbal cover and the uh and the arms it does have one battery installed.

Uh. You know attractive little attractive, little drone and im, assuming that was probably on the props. You know your usual little uh foam pieces uh. I dont pull that out, but its a charge block here is uh. My second battery right there underneath uh this. This is what hubsan calls the uh charge, manager and uh. The batteries are gon na fit on uh like like so so. Ive only got two batteries so only charge two at a time, but it looks like you can charge uh four at a time on this guy and i will say micro, usb port, there usb a there and then a regular charge port here, im, not exactly sure What thats for well have to follow up on that in the in the front pocket here, uh youve got uh documentation, uh the usual uh. This is uh usb8, a micro usb on a 90 degree, a couple of uh thumb: gimbals gimbal sticks yeah. You know all the usual cables im not going to bore you with that stuff and a screwdriver kind of interesting how they did this, so i dont know. Hopefully you can. You can see this to get to the controller yeah theres just no easy way. So you have to pull out all those other dividers to get to the controller. So let me do that real quick yeah, so i got the controller out of there uh – and this is you know this – is anybody thats flown hubs and drones before is very familiar with this controller and ive always liked it? I know some people dont like the the mobile device down below, but in this case the way this works is it really does leave everything open for you to touch the touch screen, etc.

So i like that one uh yeah there is there – is some uh. I dont know if you can see them under there. Some gimbal sticks, so you have, you do have an extra set of gimbal sticks, but what i wanted to show you is this is not a very elegant solution. You know youre gon na have to get the controller in there first and and then put all those dividers together, thats a little bit clumsy, hey, okay, one of the things uh that what we ought to do is to weigh this guy, so heres, the drone and And you can see ive taken the gimbal cover off, but ive left the cage, the the heatsink cage. I guess youd call it whatever they want to call that on the bottom and lets set it on here, and it comes in precisely at 250 grams and obviously that is with battery. Let me let me pull the little cage off. Okay now lets weigh it with the cage off and it comes in at 245 grams, so it looks like youre legal with this guy on or off and uh. You know by my powers of deduction. We can say this guy weighs 5 grams. So anyway, there it is, it is definitely a sub 250 gram. Drone, hey, okay, lets, take a quick look at the at the drone itself, uh and, and what were seeing on the bottom of the drone here is: there is the led light.

Uh, here is the optical flow sensor, and these two here are the infrared uh time of flight sensors uh to tell a distance from the ground. This optical flow tells the drone, if its moving etc in the light is to assist the drone in low light situations to be able to see the ground. Then the the oa sensors that that this drone is famous for you. This is the back and you can see those two obstacle avoidance sensors on the back then, on the front here. Obviously, the three axis gimbal there and the two obstacle forward: looking obstacle: avoidance, sensors, uh and then, with regard to the props uh typical props, like we would see on these mini drones. They they kind of have that uh that zeno shape to them and uh theyre. They use a separate bladed uh screw in props and im sure thats for lightweight, so also, i just noticed the sticker on the side of the drone here. What that is warning you of is that this is not an sd card slot, so dont try and stick an sd card in there youre going to lose it uh that little hole right. There is the pairing button. So if your controller is not paired to the drone uh thats, what you use to to get it paired up? Okay, so here it is the uh, the xenomini pro uh yeah, so looking forward to uh, getting it out for its first flight and im gon na try and do that today.

If i can, but i better get going and get the uh the controller and the batteries charged up uh, but yeah im, hoping uh im going to do my my usual and try and get this guy out to the snake river canyon for his first flight. Well, just take it up and well send it out over the canyon and and well just see how it does so yeah all right. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel.