Are we not entertained? Is that not why you were here? Famous movie quote: yes, you saw some video clips there. Every new drone on the market. Video drone, has some issues with their cameras. This is no exception. Its got jitter problems, its got over sharpening problems, its got tilt horizon problems its what i call water coloring, its got a skeleton yeah, okay, im sure in a few updates, thatll be made better okay. This is going to be my first impressions of opening the box of the hubsan xeno mini pro and comparing it to all the other sub 250 drones currently on the market. Okay, now this is purportedly the very first to have obstacle avoidance under 250 grams. Well, didnt, your mother ever tell you watch where youre going so another famous movie quote comes to mind. Is it going to be? Are you kidding me wow or is it going to be? Are you effing kidding me lets get into the details, start to finish and explore the hubsan xeno mini pro lets go Music, okay, so lets get into it. The hubsan xeno mini pro yep youve. Seen all the videos you know pretty well what its about. From one point of view, maybe two points of view, and i have to give a special thanks: a special shout out to juan dan from drone worship, motor life, moto life for promoting me or giving me shout outs about uh different reviews. Ive had etcetera, etcetera and has uh been waiting for me to step up and speak my piece about this product uh.

So here we are second, is to in memory of i guess chris from qc guy hes always been a supporter of mine. Ive always been a supporter of his and those two guys i wouldnt say get along that great, but uh of late, maybe respect each other a little bit, but their opinions are north and south poles about a lot of stuff and uh im as opinionated as they Are as dan and chris and then you get into people like uh, marcus and bill and all this kind of stuff, everybody has a different opinion everybodys here to entertain everybodys here, to give you what they think is accurate information. Okay. But what is accurate information? Everything ive seen about the hubs and zeno mini pro so far is oh look at that. Look at that video! Oh, my goodness. Look at that! Oh its its easy, its simple! You do this that and the other day, okay, heres plain honest, truthful facts: dont buy it. You are a test crash, dummy youve, just forked over 499 of your hard earned money. Now you have one of the steepest learning curves youve ever imagined. Unless you are a nerd or a geek, and you love to delve into the guts of a computer to find out how it works so lets get into this im. Not here to pick this thing apart, but by bit, how its put together, how its built, how the cables that get you micro, usb connectors in this day and age, seriously theyre so tightly fit, i couldnt even fit them into these things.

Theres. I use my own cables. Dont use them the cables they provide you for these, give you constant disconnects its just sitting there disconnect usb disconnect. Oh connect disconnect connect im not into that im, not even gon na mention the fact that when you open this controller like this, you can actually see the wire of the antenna. Okay, every time you move it that wires going somewhere. I im not gon na mention that im not gon na mention the fact that under here you can see the exposed wire of the antenna, its just a piece of paper foam im, not here to say that this is not a heat shield. This is a part of me. It is a heat shield. This is not a heat sink its a heat shield. This thing, if its sitting doing an update, gets blisteringly hot. I dont care, if you say its, not overheating its blisteringly hot dont touch it. Okay, im not here to say that this gimbal cover sucks im. It took me a minute once to get it on. Okay, its got a hinge on it, even now its not on straight. If you can see that its, not i dont know. Sometimes this fits better than others 500 for this okay, i love the controller. Once you get everything working, it flies great. It flies a lot better than the femi. The range is exceptional. Its beautiful the camera is horrible, the obstacle avoidance. Oh, you have to do a vision calibration, my god.

Youve got to jump through hoops to get that thing to work. You dont even have this. You have to go download specific tool, software to get even to get it to work, and it depends on how you plug it. In what sequence you do do i turn this on. First, do i run the app first? Do i do this and i tried every which way but loose, and i finally got it to work, but not the way the tutorial tells you okay, so youve got everything you charge everything up, oh, not even to mention the fact that this is such a cheap Piece of crap dont put it on the battery wrong or you bend all these things. Okay and the controller has that antiquated five pin slot here. That was on the original xeno. What are we expecting? A hardware update or a reconfiguration of the complete system, mind blowing, but anyway i digress so lets get through all this and one shot get it out in the open. As i said, youve seen all the other things, but theyve missed out on all this stuff. As a consumer, as i said, you are the alpha tester, there was no testing done on this thing. Okay id say: maybe a couple of people that didnt communicate somebody else who didnt communicate. Somebody else and the marketing team had no idea what they were talking about. Okay, so you get all this its all powered up.

You finally figure out how to charge the batteries you and you plug it in the sequence, you have to be the right sequence, put it together and you get the screen that says you have an update. Okay, you have an update, you update the transmitter and you play the jeopardy song for 15 minutes or 20 minutes and then it finally updates. Then you connect to the drone and it says you have an update. Well, you it doesnt update. You have to unplug this plug it into that that doesnt work. You have to do the right sequence and again you have to have this shield on it gets blisteringly hot. If its not touched and its on for 10 minutes, it beeps, you got to shut it off. If this is on for 10 minutes, you dont touch it. It beeps. You move it it resets again, but 10 minutes of immobility. On this. You cant touch that bottom. Its so hot, when its flying, not so bad, okay, youre doing a vision calibration once you figure out what you have to download and what you have to do and how you get it to work. You better be quick and you better have a steady hand and you go around twice because this thing will get so hot, even if youre holding it here, its almost impossible to hold okay ive done it. Okay, just saying ive done it: okay, but thats, not the end of it.

It only takes video in h.265, which means predominantly you have to have windows. 10.. Okay, if you dont have windows 10, you got windows 7 or whatever your sol, okay, even with windows. 10. You should be doing their whole protocol about this rndis or rsdn, whatever it is protocol blah blah blah adapter, and then you have to get into the guts of the computer and do your device manager and all this stuff about ip addresses and get it all to Work, and so you can see the files, what jump through a million hoops whatever its archaic, okay, archaic. Once you do all that, then you can see the files you plug it in you turn it on youre all connected. You see the files you download the files they wont play because theyre h.265 in a protocol, codec thats not recognized on windows 7.. So you have to download a whole codec kit. I recommend k, light codec kit standard anyway, so you get it and it works its in windows. 7. It doesnt work that good windows 10. It works. Okay, okay, so you download your videos so so far, youve had to pretty well know the ins and outs of your operating system windows operating system to get anything out of this thats just wrong thats just dead wrong, and nobody mentions that on any of the reviews. The hoops you have to go through to get this thing to work. Okay, now, if you have youve, bought a computer in the last year and everythings up to date, youve got a 4k monitor and youre doing this.

That and the other hey great, no problem. All okay, youre, probably good to go plug it in youll, see the files you download them. You can do all that kind of stuff majority of us majority of us arent, so lucky. The hoops you have to jump through is ridiculous again having to unplug one thing plug in another micro, usb doing this that the other the plugs dont even fit into a phone with a case. Okay, you have to cut them down again, like i have in many many others. You have to cut the edges off so itll fit in okay, frustrated, headaches, headaches, headaches. Okay, then, on top of that youre paying 400 500 u.s for this, because its got obstacle avoidance. As i said earlier, didnt your mother ever tell you watch where youre going if youre flying visual line of sight, what use is obstacle avoidance? I think its – and i believe this – the hubsan xeno mini pro – is a test subject its a test project for something further down the road theres. So much old tech in this theyre trying out a few things to see if it flies and then theyre going to come up with a new product. Okay, the way this is, it cannot be in this day and age. A modern video drone, just cant, be youve, got to jump through too many hoops too many hoops. So what do i think well im going to do a quick pause here and im going to come back with the final thoughts Music.

So if you havent guessed it already final thoughts stay away from it: okay, its just not worth the headaches. If people have problems getting the femi x8 mini up in the air from the box, what do you think theyre going to have with this thing? Okay, its meant for testing. We are the alpha testers. We are adventure capitalists. If you will, we are the fundraisers for hubsan. Okay, nobody mentions any of this in any of the reviews. Okay, they gloss over it. They say: oh its, not a problem, not a problem. It took me almost a day to figure out sequencing cables. What worked, what didnt, what order to put them in and then having to download extra software extra programs to get calibrations to work, to get this to work? Half the stuff in the app for the camera and the video arent implemented, which goes to prove nothings, been tested, it should never have been released. We are the alpha testers. Okay, so again shout out to dan from drone worship. Moto life shout out to qc guy. Chris, they have different opinions. I respect for what they are. I listen to them. I dont agree with them all the time i dont get into the drama, but you have to look at all sides of the fence on this one. You cant just go by someone that reviews a product and says, look at me fly and i can alter and edit this movie to make it look really good whats.

The point in that okay, in some of the reviews of this ive, seen absolutely perfect. Video edited perfectly its impossible impossible. The files have been sent back to femi theres, nothing wrong with this drone, its the way, the factorys supposed to be okay, the video i get from it, as you saw in the beginning, jitter over sharpen what i call watercoloring. Okay, jello tilted horizon. I didnt see any of that on any of the review videos ive seen okay, but its there. I cant be the only one. Okay, so save your money, dont buy it and dont fall into the trap of watching and absolutely believing everything you see from other reviewers that are obviously getting paid to say what they say. Heres a note if you give a good review on a hubsan theyll, give you 50 bucks and ive got the email to prove that give me a good review on the hubsan xenomini pro and ill give you 50. What does that say? Okay, ill leave. You with that thought.