Music build a drone reviewer here. If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin, the other night i hosted rotor talk, live and for part of the show i was joined by mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun during part of the show we discussed marcuss first hand experience with the humson xeno mini pro, so without any Further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. Well, you came at the right time because we were going. This is what this segment could not not have been any more appropriate, because now you know what i wanted to name this segment, rainbow lollipops and sunshine ron brown for our friend ron brown. Okay, because you know this is what you know – hubsan put out another video today and and its and it is rain rainbow lollipops sunshine, clear, blue skies, not a cloud in the sky. Everything is fine with hubsan and but marcus knows the real story: yeah yeah uh. You know they did make some a lot of improvements with this recent firmware update uh, sadly its the video that is still lacking, and you know, whats the purpose of a gps camera drone is that camera, so so thats a problem. I can say this bill. The issues that i had early on with disconnections uh and with features not available on the drone uh, while not everything, is there yet uh.

Its uh theyve turned a lot of stuff on and i tested a bunch of it out today and its working great. The drone flies great, it just needs a camera and a gimbal yeah. Well, you know i went out to the the group today and i took a look at somebody and hes talking about theres, this blue bluish, cast on on his video that that i dont know if youve seen that or not yeah thats been an issue for a While uh with and and they did actually now, you can manually adjust the white balance, so i suspect you could probably adjust that out of there. You know: bluish tint means its a little bit cold, so you could probably adjust that out. Although i want to tell you today, i just flew everything in full, auto right, just to see uh how it would go, but the the main issue is: there are still uh jello in the video build it micro shakes in that gimbal. Well, sometimes, not even so. Micro, sometimes fairly big, and it causes that jello effect, uh and uh boy. Just the focus is not quite right. Uh, the colors are not quite right, its just its just, not there bill, and i and i i hope they get it in in one sense, its kind of fun because im watching them improve the drone. Just like we did with the original xeno. You know every time theres an update its something gets better right, uh, but you know i dont know this camera its its going to be a tough deal.

Well have to see yeah, you know i i watched. I watched your latest video, which was, which was great, and i knew you were going to do that. Okay, i i knew that i mean it was. I was kind of waiting on on your being able to to do that comparison, okay, um, which, which was inevitable. You know, but for me, okay right now, all right its a no brainer between choosing those two. You know theres, no theres, no theres, no choice. You know what well bill. So you remember the original. Well, in fact, you had a xeno 2 and you and you uh sold it, but but the the original xeno 2 it had its own set of problems. Well, the xeno 2 plus is a pretty darn good drone uh its its got a little bit of lens flare uh. But beyond that, damn i think the camera is pretty good. I you know it flies great it. You know its not as stable as this little mini uh but uh, but you know they refined it with that xeno2 plus – and so i guess, were kind of in that same mode with this xenomini pro yeah its you know its, like you said, i think, in A note to me wip work in progress. I mean this is what the it now see. You know for people like you, you know, and a lot of us out there um for me im putting my eggs in the dji basket and i know thats thats thats coming up, but you know it its.

It takes people like you that have the patience of a saint to be able to run through this okay, because im telling you – and i think you know ron – would agree with me 100. You know you have the patience of a saint with drones like this, because you know youre trying some of these 200. What you know you know what brian singleton calls them: okay, yeah, yeah, okay and, and you have the patience to try these drones out and and youre having the patience with this one and and and thats. You know and thats true that that really says a lot. Okay – and i think thank you, know that okay, and we really appreciate your doing that, and i mean hey when, when rick smith is asking you questions, okay boom all right boom, he wanted to know what my experiences were and – and i wrote him a pretty long Letter just kind of outlining it outlying at all, but i just want to touch on one thing that you said a minute ago. You know that you kind of stick with djr. Well it just so happened or dji. I meant to say i just so happened today that i was doing some video with the air 2s right after i flew the xeno mini pro and wow you just what a difference i mean you know that dji drone is just so smooth and accurate and flys. So awesome and – and i was doing some testing with the uh with the uh freewell uh variable uh, neutral density x, mist filters, and so i was in doing some precision flying under some trees and so forth and uh uh.

It just was so easy with that air 2s. They just they just really make it easy anyway yeah it was just. It was just amazing the contrast between the two thats. What im trying to tell you? Oh absolutely! Well, you know its like you know its like. Okay, its like going from driving – and let me put it to in these kind of terms its like from driving a chevy vega to driving a chevy corvette. Okay, i mean you know and im sure you remember the vega okay, i know um, i drove one myself. I didnt own one, but i drove one and you know ive driven a corvette before too and its just like you know its like, come on seriously and thats what thats what this seems to be like um, an honest question for you: okay, do you think, okay, That this was something that was avoidable, had hubsan taken their time and waited to come out with this drone. Absolutely i think they really made some missteps with the way they released. This thing this thing should have been way more refined before they had it out into the public. Theres no question about it and its caused them. A lot of problems with ive heard rumors that paypal shut them down, because so many people were asking for refunds. A lot of issues that im sure if they could backtrack theyd, probably do differently, but but im glad you brought that up bill because one of the things that im committed to right now listen.

I am as angry as anybody else that this drone was not ready for prime time i paid a lot of money for it and i shouldnt be going through all this, but that said, what does it do just to complain about it right? I was going to use another word but complain about it, but so what ive been doing is ive been uploading, my flight logs to hubsan and and working with them on issues as they arise and lets see if we can improve the product. I want to answer one question: real quick, uh uh accuracy is asking me about the zoom on the xeno mini and yeah, its still its still messed up. I tried it again today and its funny, the zoom when youre looking at fpv yeah it crops right in at whatever youre zooming at. But when you look at the video off of the memory on the drone, it just doesnt do anything so theres no field in there at all. So i i dont know whats going on there. Oh wow, okay, yeah thats, just you know well and thank you for your observation and and see, and i think thats why people like you marcus? Okay, because youre not you know, were youre youre youre, a multi drone fan boy: okay, multi drone company fanboy. Okay, like i am and like ron is okay, and so we hold no allegiance to these guys, okay, which i think you know, makes our reviews thats.

Why? I think you know people will will look at your reviews at rons at mines. You know and and some other channels, uh, that we have because theyre, honest, theyre, straightforward and you dont. You know you just, and i think you said it you know. I just present things to people and let them make their own judgments. Okay, i just show my experience bill. I show uh, you know that that bugs 19 drone was a prime example. You know it took me. Four tries to get a compass calibration and get it in the air. Well, i show that on the video, because i figure, if it happens to me – probably the average joe that buys that drone is going to have a similar experience, and so i just want to show the real deal instead of editing it out. You know and and thats a good thing, and you know and its like you said: okay, this is going to be a work in progress and you know my advice for people that you know i would steer clear of the xeno mini pro and also, and and You know what and it kind of goes without saying, because xenos getting ready to unveil that se and you know i would steer clear of both of those drones for a while. Can i throw something out there on that one go for it. I im not so sure bill im, not sure sure. I 100 agree with that.

I suspect that that se, because they havent set the bar so high its got a smaller sensor, its its doesnt have obstacle avoidance and a lot of those things that are using a lot of processing power on that drone. It may very well be the sweet spot. Uh and in fact, youre probably going to call me an idiot but – and i may be – i probably am but uh, but i i i tried to order one last night on uh hubsans website. You cant do it, because my understanding is that paypal has cut them off. So when you go on hubsan worldwides website, they take uh payment via paypal, so i dont know if theyre gon na do something different or what. However, i guess my thought is that drone, because its not reaching out there so far, it might be pretty good, and i also want to add bill when i tested all of the intelligent flight modes that they turned on today. They worked awesome. They all worked flawlessly perfect, the the tracking on that drone. It has both uh gps, tracking and optical tracking. The optical tracking is perfect. It holds you right in center of frame. Uh works works perfectly. So you know there are things that they do right. Yeah. You know and and its to be commended and – and you raise some valid points with with the miniature from fr from hobson, so you know because its not is you know you, you made a good point about.

You know the bar is not being set here its its down here and i think its and your point is very well taken, and i have i really agree with it. You know its much easier to hit that bar here than hit that bar up here kind of and of course we wont know until we see it. So i dont want to mislead people and think that i know something because i sure dont thats, just me speculating yeah its youre youre, making it a good, a a good educated guess, based on your previous experience, okay, which which, which makes it you know, you know It it it makes a lot of sense. It really does to me okay um, so you know stay tuned. You know im sure you know well find out whats going on. You know – and i did hear that i did hear a little bit about that paypal thing, which you know im kind of im kind of you know. I got my money back asap when i asked for from hubs in the u.s it was in. My paypal account like within five hours.