Now there is a back story about this drone now ive been waiting for this drone for the longest since june, because it wasnt out yet it was on a pre order and i finally received it a couple days ago, um were in um uh september now and Im just receiving it now. This drone is a highly anticipated drone to the compete with dgi Music. If you saw my other drone review about the dji, you can check that out on my channel, but um yeah. This drone ive been waiting for for a long time. There was delays after delays, there was ship shortage and ive been back and forth with um the company trying to find out when – and you know it was just like a headache, but today i finally got it in, and i am gon na open this box and Show you what kind of content is in the box and what do you get im also to do test flights um now this drone is has the same features as the dji plus more it has the um waypoint. It has um point um point two. You know point of interest it also have orbit in, and you also have obstacle avoidance which were gon na test in our next video. This is just an open box video to show you what kind of content you get all right, so lets uh open up this box without further ado and see what we have inside again, my trusty knife kind of a little dull.

Now, since ive been using it for like everything, but i finally finally got my drone in its well packaged, which is perfect, well insulated, which i love that i love that they package it real good, so protect it from damages all right, okay, so here we have The drone um just a little further just cut off these plastic Music. This is the box outline of the drone itself. Music lets open this up, Music, so, okay, this is the case that it comes in, which is a nice little carrying case. You know you got the shoulder, strap, you have the tag which im going to take off. I dont need that um. So lets open it up. Oh sorry, okay, okay, first thing you see, you have. The drone right here were going to take a look at it. In a minute, we have the battery the battery charger, the adapter, what else the cables screwdriver another cable, Music, another cable, some extra, joysticks and use the manual see whats down here: Music Applause and the remote and up top you get some extra blades with um screws. Okay, see what else is there and thats it? So these are all the stuff that you get with the drone when you purchase it like. I said this option that i have is the um the double battery option? Okay, so lets take a look at the controller, so this is the controller that you get with the hubsan mini drone.

Okay, this is the antenna here all right. You have the gimbal button here and you have to uh another button here which takes pictures. Then you have the other button to the right side, which is a recording button, and then you have the fn button, okay and then underneath this is where you put your phone. It also comes with the joystick on the bottom, where it holds your joystick. You just pop them out like this and attach them to the controller like so just take, both of them out, connect them up right and this uh extends to different size phone. Okay, as you can see right there, then you have the power button, the fns button and the return home button. So this is what you also have the connector from the drone to your phone. So this is what the controller looked like. Its not big, like very big, big, big bulky. You know it has a nice feel to it. You know its its its. You know its its got a nice feel to it all right. So this is the controller thats. The back. This is the sides. Okay, bottom top. Okay, and this is a charging block. Now the charging block is very standard, its nothing special. You have the power adapter here you have four, you could cut four batteries to this charging block. Okay and the way this charge you just um, have your battery here. This is the the battery, so this is supposed to be a smart battery, meaning it might have some kind of circuitry inside of the um, the the head itself.

You know to make it smart so the way that it charges up. Is you just slip it on there like so, and you know you sit it on the table somewhere and you connect it. You can either connect the the power power cord. Well, it doesnt come with the um, the adapter, for this option. It only comes with the adapters to plug in here, but if you do have some kind of adapter that you can fit there, you can use that to charge it from here too, but its. It comes with this cable and the charging block to uh charge up the the battery okay, and then we have the drone itself. Okay, so let me open up the wings uh. This is the top sides. Okay, you see that it shows that its uh 249 grams im going to open up the wing, so you can see it better. This is the front. This is the front obstacle avoidance um. This is the back obstacle avoidance camera, and this is the bottom obstacle avoidance camera. This is the altitude uh sensors all right, and this is the flood light thats on the bottom. Okay, um lets open it up. Okay, open up the second ring another wing, and this is the size of the drone itself. Okay again, this is the front now let me take off the gimbal, so the way you take off the gimbal is very delicate okay, so there is a clip thats down here, which you squeeze and lift off and thats how you take off the gimbal okay.

This is the the 1.3 uh and one one and a third inch um lens and its 48 megapixel um camera. Let me see if you could uh see that, okay, as you can see its 48 megapixel, okay and again um. So this is the cover that covers the um, the lens on the bottom. When youre flying the drone, you have to take this off. Okay, i i dont know if you can fly with it um. You can ask them a comment later when i do test it out, but its recommend that you take this off when youre flying the drone. Okay, so lets take a look at the um. The back of the drone all right, so you have the cable where you connect um, you know if you want to connect it to the computer or to the phone to update it or whatever. So this is the back of the drone. This is the bottom of the drone. Okay, this is the sides again. This is where you have the 249 grams weight, and this is the front of the drone with the gimbal. This is the other side of the drone and thats the top okay. So let me see if i can weigh this drone again take out the battery thats, the inside of the drone, if i didnt show it to you guys, take the battery off put the drone down and its 146. grams okay, now im gon na take it put The battery in wait again and we get 250 grams right on the head.

Okay, so yeah they did advertise this drone to be um under 250 grams, even though it says 249, but it could be because the battery is charged, and you know some time when you charge a battery you, the the battery, weighs a little bit more. So, yes, it is a 250 grand drone, so you basically dont have the same restriction as a drone that weighs more than 250 grams, all right and um. If you guys have any questions. Im gon na do another video showing um the up the weight. The the flight of the drone im gon na try to also test the obstacle avoidance. I know a lot of people is whats waiting for that im gon na also test. You know the other features that they advertise and again. This drone is like on the same um level as the um, the dji mini um, but were gon na, do our own performance test and see how it lives up to the hype all right.