The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk live and i was joined by mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing the hubsan xeno mini pro and marcuss first hand. Experience with it so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. This is what everybodys been waiting for. Okay, marcus is our is our now our zeno mini pro resident expert here, okay uh. He has it in hand, hes flown it and you know lets just you know, lets get into it. You know what you know. First of all, i know: youve had and everybodys probably seen the video your cable issue, marcus, im, serious yeah, so i was clear out there at the snake, river, canyon and uh. You know ive had cable issues with hubs and drones before so i probably you know, should have been prepared and had an aftermarket cable with me. I didnt, but anyway i got out there. I i got the drone off the ground, for just a few minutes got a disconnection it auto landed in the dirt, which was, you know, really fun uh, but uh. It was just a struggle. Getting the darn thing into the air.

Just had one problem after another. So i got i was pretty discouraged. I got home and uh and i got one of my aftermarket cables that i think i used on the on the xeno2 one of those anyway uh uh hooked it up and nana popped it up and it worked fine. I had a decent connection. I just went to the school yard next door, but that wasnt the end of the issues with the drone uh it uh. I guess you know i i thought it really. Actually i thought it flew pretty good uh. I have some quibbles with the with the controller controller feel, but but but really probably the most stable hubsan drone that ive ever flown. I mean it hovered really well and and uh had no complaints with it moving around or anything like that, uh, the the i the one for one of the first things i tested was the obstacle avoidance, uh, obstacle avoidance uh, it just didnt work. Well, for me, i messed around with it a little bit and honestly just didnt trust it. While i was uh while i was doing that – and it was bill, it was about 82 degrees that day it wasnt terribly hot uh, but the the darn thing overheated it shut down obstacle avoidance. It shut down, video recording. So i shot it straight up and flew it a little bit and and to cool it off, and so i could start recording again uh tested out the zoom on it.

They had just done the firmware update to make the digital zoom work its got six times. Digital zoom, the problem with the zoom, was what you see on your fpv screen and what you get off of the internal memory or two different things. It it kind of moved. I guess i think was to the left, as you zoomed in so its not like you can zoom in on a point of interest, uh uh, so ali shan mao noticed that too – and i know hes got an end with some of the hubsan engineers and so Hes talking to him about that uh then i guess i also am im, really im very disappointed in the video. If you, if you look at the video quality as soon as i take off there, the sky is all blown out the and i was flying it in automatic thats. All they had available at that time. Uh there is, if you, if you look, i i look at ive – got a 32 inch curved monitor. I could see a lot of shaking in the video micro shakes. I call them a little bit of jello uh, just a just a disappointment. I landed the drone. Then, on low battery brought it in and of course, its got this cover on the bottom, and they make no bones about that. That is for uh for heat. They dont want you to burn yourself with the drone and uh boy theyre not kidding.

I mean i picked it up and you could not touch the bottom of this drone. It was blistering, hot and im sure. If id have kept my finger on it, i would have got some burns. I mean it was. It was that hot so and, like i said it overheated on me just while i was hovering and flying it around close to the ground, so wow, you know well welcome ron, hello, uh, gentlemen, um and everybody in the chats tonight. Uh thanks for having me on here uh, i hear you got a good discussion going on in the on the hubs and zeo mini pro there um. I i just wanted to ask marcus a question: what heats up faster, the xeno mini pro or your iphone dimming. What what happens first, yeah, let me finish what i was talking about first round and then ill answer yeah. This is a joke! Sorry, just throw the show yeah yeah yeah, no, no thats, okay uh! So so it was uh with with regard to uh kind of two different issues there, but ill take the dimming of the phone any day, because at least you have control of your drone at that point uh, but uh, but uh. Where was i at? I guess you were talking about the you know it being so hot. You couldnt touch with the bomb after a a flight, yeah yeah, yeah uh. So a drone guy is saying, first or second a week of november to fix it then youll have something better to fly well lets hope i dont know what theyre gon na do, but they better do they better do something uh.

The other point that i wanted to make was the fact that i paid for this drone on may 7th three and a half months later i get the drone. What were they doing for three and a half months? I you know: listen, i paid uh 589 bucks for this drone and of course i got two batteries and and uh uh a case and 128 gigabyte, internals right and so forth. Well, that is significantly more than i paid for my mavic 2 fly more combo, so i paid more for this than the equivalent dji drone uh and they had my money for three and a half months. My expectation when i got this thing was to have a drone like we get from uh from dji, a drone that that actually works. That does what it says its going to do. That flies and gets good video. We didnt get that from hubsan and uh and its its just no good its, not good its its, not how you treat your consumers. You know we were talking through about that marcus um. You know i i i know you were in on discussion and ron, and i had this too, that you know we we wanted. You know, for we wanted this to be out of the box with maybe a firmware update, because you know with dji. You know theres almost always a firmware, it could be little things little things yeah, but to do what its said, what they, what what hubsan has been touting, that this drone is going to do and to do it without any having to go through any connections or Any any kind of voodoo or anything like that out of the box, you know you know yeah and it sounds to me.

You know what like one of the only things it was stable: okay, um, you know now thats something for a hubsan drone out of the box, because i know i know you had especially with xeno too marcus. You had your you know, going up and down and marcus had one like dance a whole lot. Yeah it was, it was dance on and this seems stable, but everything else. Okay, the obstacle avoidance, the heating issue on it, the camera on it. You know its its like, okay are, we are we femi mini 2.0? Here you know kind of kind of a thing, because you know you know my theming mini is long gone and i uh. I wish whoever bought it all the best of the luck in the world with it, because you know that that was thats just a problematic drone. Oh, you saw your family mini bill. Yes, i did yeah, i i i had i and i and i had no regrets zero regrets bill. Youre the smart youre, the smartest man on this show. Can i give you some news. Can i give you some news on this guy as well whats that its all its all fixed now, its all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, now thats its brilliant? I hope thats, the news marcus is going to deliver. Yeah yeah, yeah, ronnie boy. Keep dreaming brother, uh femi got a hold of me and they said hey, they sent me some firmware for it and they said try this.

We think that might help your problem. I did i had this guy out at the canyon again yesterday and if anything, the gimbal was worse than ever, just all over the place uh. So i reported back to femi and they said you know what they said just send it back to us and well. Well, send you another one, so you know that theyll at least get im gon na, send it back to them and and uh theyll, look at it uh. You know what we can say is. We know theres some people that have got some good ones. I think johnny drone fire. He says his works. Okay, uh ive, seen al duran ive, seen video off of his that looks pretty decent from what we can see uh. However, i know more people that have had bad ones. You ron our friend, john coope ive had three of them that so its this there again at least this at least this one was priced reasonably and i ordered it and had it within. You know a couple of weeks after i ordered it, but yeah anyway, but im gon na im. It was priced at 319 for his people beginning, but id rather paid a hundred dollars more and got a drone that worked so its totally like that. That prezi meant nothing to me uh because i got a drone is essentially you talking about the hubs and not throwing what i supposed to do, the phoebe dont even get off the ground decently or whatever for me anyways.

My thing hey, i dont know if you guys addressed this yet, but you know a bigger issue to marcuss. You know semi review here of the uh hubsan xeo mini pro um, when we were watching the videos – and i wont even name any names when we were watching the first couple of videos coming out of asia with people who got the drone and were doing videos. Theyre both two guys i dont – want to throw anybodys names under the bus. These two guys report a lot less issues than marcus was. Did we think that they were kind of you know not telling the whole tale bill? Do you think yeah? I think they were holding back out. I mean uh uh, i dont know maybe im over overstepping no youre, not no youre, not because you know, if anything, i okay, im gon na, say this. Okay, the three of us we dont have any. You know what i will call allegiance to hubsan. Okay, we like their semi, you know ill use. The word quotes like their products, okay and and we we, you know, we enjoy testing them and everything. But you know its all. You know – and i know you and i know marcus okay and you know what marcus is not gon na sugarcoat anything okay, hes gon na say it like. It is all right bill. Can i amend that for a second heres? What i try and do is i just try and just show what my actual experience is right, just just what it is thats it.

No, no, no, no agenda, it speaks for itself; in other words, it speaks for itself. You know and heres. My 60 000 question to you, marcus and i id like to get your thoughts on this as well too ron is, or the issues that you experienced with the xenomini pro will a firmware update, take care of him. Listen, not just one firmware up where yeah seriously. I mean no im, not joking. I mean this is going to take like the 001, its going to take a series of firmware updates coming out over over a month, because you know i mean anybody. Theyre gon na theyre gon na fix things break other things. So its gon na take several rounds ron ron. It doesnt even have all the features activated yet so they need firmware updates just to make it all those features that they advertised be live on the drone right. I know a lot of people are excited about the features and thats why they got the drone, but they need to just they need to before. They worry about any more features. They just need to have everything as operational now be a hundred percent, then it flies and the camera works. So to your to to answer your question bill and ron – and i both went through this with the original hubsan xeno when you first saw the camera on that drone, you would have said ah theres nothing they can do about this, but you know what they gradually Refined it and im not saying that the camera was anywhere near dji quality, but it was pretty good and and can they improve this thing i dont know what i worry about.

The most is uh. What youll see in the video that i that ill, that uh working on the edit right now i had it out over the canyon. It was fairly windy and youll see a lot of shakes in that video and youll see a lot of jello. So is that something that can be fixed with firmware or is it something thats endemic to the hardware on the gimbal? I i cant tell you, i dont know wow. What are your thoughts ron? Yeah? I mean i, oh my thoughts are only you know, watching marcuss videos and the you know the guys that have it in asia and uh yeah its definitely possible that the gimbal issues can be fixed. Uh uh, you know through through firmware, i mean uh. You know, i mean we cant, you know glenn marston, we cant say whether its mechanical or software but uh, you know theres 50, 50 chance. It could be fixed through a software. I mean the uh xeno1 gimbal got better as we moved along through the firmware updates. When marcus was referring to the xeno1. He had a focus issue like it focused on what was up close to it and blur was in the background kind of the opposite of what you would want to do or whatever and, and they easily fix that and from watching marxs video and watching the guys From asia this doesnt seem like it has the crazy lens flare issue that the z02 had, which was uncorrectable so im going to say a lot of something camera you know uh could be corrected, also uh uh.

I think i sure hope so ron. I i think the big i think the biggest concern that marcus, which marcus wisely points to is the overheating issue thats the yeah. That is the hardest thing to uh, to correct somebody in the chat mentioned well turn the bit rate down to um. You decrease the heat on it and yeah that that may be a good hack work around for sure, but i mean you bought a drone because they had 200 bills. Now you have to set it down like 60 bit, you know uh. Did you get a refund for uh flying at a lower bit rate? Hey bill steven ewings got a great comment up there: uh hes, saying okay, but its pretty good good enough for the cost and ill answer that stephen, i i dont think so, because you know a lot of people purchased this drone. Well, you saw the hullable you dont, get the attention of people like like rick smith and young 360, and and sean over at air photography. Theyre all audrey aldrin aldrin estacio is interested in it as well theyre interested in it, because the promises that hubsan made of the quality of that big sensor in the camera, and all that, let me tell you this little mini se. Right here has got twice the camera as that, as that hub syndrome, im just telling you yeah and we keep comparing this drone to the uh, the the you know the dji mini 2, whatever, but really now this isnt in reality, but in the spec sheet youre.

Looking especially, it compares more fable to the air, the air 2 series than the mini. It should because you just if you just go in that spec sheet, you know youre absolutely right ron. In fact, i really think the camera just the pure camera quality as it sits, and we all know that this femi camera has its problems with vignetting, etc. But im saying the quality of the camera that i saw on this is better than what ive seen on that uh xeno mini now. Ive got a question for you, marcus and its about the obstacle avoidance. Okay – and this is just a and – and i and i know theyve kind of touted it, and they said you know, this is the first drone, 249 grams, with obstacle avoidance, okay and all this okay. You know – and i know – and i saw your video okay and my question – is this and i dont know the answer. I couldnt find anything on this, but the obstacle voice is it? Is it just to warn you or should it stop the drone? Oh, it breaks in fact theres a slider in there that you that that you turn on and it will actually break and and what hubsan has promised is that eventually itll have what dji calls a pass. Itll actually move around. Okay in his videos, yeah, okay yeah! I should say that yeah we heard that from ali shaun mao, so okay uh, but the reality was it was just – was not reliable and my ive got a theory that i think that that that obstacle avoidance was using so much processing power that thats.

What overheated the drone and and caused some of those issues? Okay, just a theory – youre, probably right – i mean you know they probably have stuffed a lot inside such a little little frame there. Okay, thats, probably one of the issues, the other one is you know and ron – and i had talked about this – i know it was last week or the week before about you know having enough ports to cool that drone off. Okay um. You know you know, and i know weve talked about this and we broached that subject before you know you, you got ta, be forward. Thinking with something like this, you got ta know in terms of from an engineering standpoint, you know and thats why im trying to get rick smith on and im trying to get hopefully get them on next week, but from an engineering point they put, i think they Put they tried, they wanted the kitchen sink. Okay, they got the kitchen sink, but you know what they they for. They forgot the faucet okay, they for they forgot a way of being able to cool things off with this yeah. It makes me wonder because im looking at the drone now bill uh, you know if, if you look, if you compare with uh, either ill and ill pick up the fema here in a second, they all have vent this. This has a those two vents in the front. I dont see any vents on the front of of the hub syndrome and if you look on top of this guy look, you got that big vent on top so that its getting flow through airflow well marcus.

A lot of our armchair engineers turn the drone around backwards and show the large openings in the arms the front arms see the the large the other way. Oh yeah see those large theres lot yeah. Now you can see marcus theres large openings at the back of the arms theyre, much larger than on dgi drones, and they were thinking thats a possible release. Point for heat, the large oh youre, talking about this okay yeah, but the front arms look at look at! Look where the front arm connects to the body the other way around toward you and towards you see its a big hole there, much bigger than the dji drones. Yeah youre right, hes, not being built yeah youre right about that. But the thing is its not really a hole. I mean theres thats, not here get through there. I dont think so. I dont know then theyre wrong that that yeah so orange speculation that that was a heat release. Point yeah yeah, i mean you can put that full screen for a second. If the audience wants to see it, but is that is that black we see there is that rubber, no thats the wire going into the car? Okay yeah? I think bills gon na um, yeah im sorry bill. I didnt put the three dots on marcuss uh uh window: hey that didnt work youre looking good, though yeah thats, better yeah, thats good enough. They can see it there uh, but yeah yeah.

So anyway. I i dont see where air is gon na get out of there anyway, okay. Well, it could be. Maybe you could poke some holes in there marcus and uh and get some air flow going yeah. Now one of the things i wanted to, let you guys know about you know: ive been communicating with uh my contract at hubsan us and i havent heard back from him in over a week. So i emailed him again today and its been crickets. Okay and its been crickets ever said now, heres something else, and i dont know if you guys can answer this question or on. I posted it in the group today im just curious as to how many people in the uh i know theres plenty of people up in canada that have it, but in terms of you know, besides marcus, i really dont know anybody in the world greg pittman, yeah. Okay, because theres been the hubs in the us has been silent. I mean its been its been silent for over a week, but one of the interesting things that i looked at on hubsan uss site is: they have accessories to be able to purchase. Of course, its all grayed out, but they have extra batteries, they have that battery butler as they call it. They have a case, they have props, i mean they have every kind of accessory you want, but its all grayed out, you know in you know its just its just kind of funny how all of a sudden that communication flow has just stopped its just ceased.

Now. Last he told me: okay, he said the drone would become would be shipped sometime this week, thats the last thing that he said well, the other thing thats worth mentioning with regard to hubsan 2 is their customer service, and i intend to look into that now. I will say: uh ali shanmao got a hold of me and asked me to send him the uh, the flight logs uh from the drone and that he was gon na then uh send them to the engine the hubsan engineers. So i did that so im anxious to see if they you know if they come up with anything. But if not im going to give it a few updates and if its still as problematic as its been uh im going to see im going to test out the the hubsan customer service and their support and well just see how it is right. I mean with that yeah when i first got my mini too. I had an issue and dji. I said they sent me a prepaid label. I sent it back to him. I had it back to me in about a week and a half right, uh thats, the same experience youd expect to see from hubsan uh well for the price i paid. Why shouldnt? I expect that exactly. I agree. I agree, and you know marcus brought up a real good point. You know he got his on may 8th um. I bought mine on may 18th ron.

When did you get yours? Well, i ordered if the seventh was a day marcus order. I ordered that same day, but they didnt take the money from paypal until the 10th – okay, okay, but but i i dont know why? Because i you know marcus ordered in the for me, would be the am hours of the of the seventh and i ordered in my a.m. Hours i got up that morning in order like at 7 00 a.m. You know my time whatever so i ordered hours behind marcus, but i dont know why those couple hours made my paypal thing made that again i dont know i cant explain the process, but i know that my paypal now says the money was taken on the 10th Yeah mine shut mine real quickly here bill at this point. If it takes a longer, i just want to write him saying just uh roll me over for the hopsonzito mini 2. yeah, which will be which will be out in about six months. Yeah yeah. You know ron, i you could be touching on something. You know the first generation of this product im going to tell you this when i checked the that first battery that i used, you know how you can look in the in the battery section on the in the app it already had three cycles on it and It was a brand new drone right or supposedly a brand new drone. Could this have been a one that they used for testing? I mean how did that battery get three cycles on it right? I dont know so.

Unless they, you know they, they test lives in the factory. They just turned home for a second, i wonder if greg pittmans arrived in the same condition, you are because, if greg, if greg wouldnt have got it, i would have said. Well they yours, you know you, you know you. They just sent you one because of your channel whatever you didnt get a regular consumer copy, but says great pitman got the same kind of throw the monkey wrench in my fear. I can. I can answer a little bit of that question and – and there was another channel that showed the same thing, gregs is having a problem with his hes got a blue tint in his video, and he was asking me about it and i said man greg. I got no clue and i saw that one of the other uh reviewers i dont know where indonesia or someone im not sure where he was at. He had the same issue so yeah i dont know well yeah. I i do. I do like the color blue stuff, its going to be a tip miles will be 10 to a color that i, like you know. You know we were all you know and and ron, and i kind of talked about this a little bit last week, marcus its like you know, w we were brushing some things aside: okay, the the disastrous live show that hubsan had. It was just a total disaster.

Okay, its like okay, you know what thats fine, they probably you know they probably dont, have the have the staff and the pr people and all that and thats. Okay, all right and we kind of pushed that aside and said you know what lets kind of give them the benefit of the doubt. Uh. You know the xena is improved, so you know maybe they did hit something here. Okay, now you know i did watch that video from you know a couple of a couple of friends over in in in you know, and you know, uh, ali shah and um, the other gentleman you know i did watch some of that world explorer and l3 toys Has one flight video out right? You know, and you know it seemed like it seemed like it was hopeful. You know from from from some of these videos that i watched but hearing what you know watching marcuss, video and hearing him and hearing about what happened with greg pittman here you know its kind of like um, you know here we are again kind of a thing And and marcus is right, the other thing was, you know for what we paid for this drone. Okay and im gon na say – and i know we had already talked about this – you know out of the box with maybe a firmware update. It should be good to go. There shouldnt be any questions. I should i get one more thing that that i should add here, so i get an email uh this morning from banggood.

Now i didnt buy this from banggood. I bought it directly from hubsan, but i got an email from the people at banggood asking me if i would take my video down and they would put me directly in touch with hubsan. So of course i said no, no im not going to do that. Im. Not going to take my video down, but i just thought that was a little bit of an interesting development. Was that just bang good, you know wanting to make sure they could still sell hubs and minis or what was it hubsan speaking through banggood? I i have no idea the plot, the plot thickens here or whatever and again i politely declined. Yeah good. Thank you marcus and you know yeah back to you know marcuss. You know well say you know honest review to compare it to and i i dont know i dont throw any channels under the bus, but royal explorer did a video where he did a rage test with the xenomini pro and, and he said it, it got further Out and had better signal connection than the mini two did ron. He did a night flight and he probably flew to a thousand feet in the air, but uh ron. Let me let me let me tell you this without spoiling my next video. I think my original hubsan xeno will fly far farther than my mini. My hubsan mini thatll help you annie yeah yeah, so i said, were you know all the stuff? We got encouraged about out of asia.

You know now i ive kind of got a backtrack off for all that or whatever and and and uh you know, take it all with a great assault. Now now, heres and im gon na throw this out there, and this is just im. Just you know, just the wheels are turning a little bit here. Do you think that they could have gotten a updated version of the xenomini pro yeah? Could i just have a bad one? I yeah yeah, i mean the all these toy companies marx could have got the friday drone uh ali shawn could have got the one they made on tuesday or whatever um again. The only way you can really tell is the way marcus knew that that the phoebe minnies no good. He has three of them, so you know he he struck out. You know you started working on number four ron, yeah yeah so, and he and you know he uh, you get the four of us. He probably wont get a walk with that hell get a four strikeout, so you know the only way you could real if they. If he had three hubs of zeto mini pros and they all stuck in about the same way that its a strike out there too, whatever i mean hopefully doesnt get to that point. Hopefully the next firmware update. You know, cures a couple problems and oh no, no! I mean im not telling anybody out there that totally give up on on the mini pro yet or whatever.

No, no, no, you know you know, but i mean we we could tell. This is no secret. Hell say it tomorrow night, on his show john joe flyer, we both were in contact with johnny, jo flyer after marcuss initial flight mark is tall. Im about to play. He could solve me. John has already canceled his order and he got his money that he paying paypal. So paypals already put the money back in his account, and i i ill you know ill go out there. Im real close to doing the same thing i mean im, like you know, you know, marcus always has that the hitting the buy button or whatever im im real close to hitting the unbuy button. I mean im real close bill im on the razors edge on this. Well, you know and marcus – and i were kind of talking about this a little bit for before we started here. You know im im on you know i i felt a little bit on the bubble as well too, but i think im going to go im going to go through with this, because i want to kind of i want to carry this through and i i dont Want to see – and i kind of want to see this here – um, you know and give it a fair shake and give it a shot, because you know weve talked about it quite a bit on the show, and you know i know the mini three is going To be coming up in november, and and all that and you know, thatll definitely be on the radar, but you know for this for now i want to give this a shot and i want to see if hubsan can follow through here.

You know. I appreciate that bill because you know what i would love to see hey. Could it just be my drone right? Maybe youll get one that everything will work beautifully and thatll be great and then ill just bug, hubsan for an exchange or something right, yeah or or bill big, as dji main three before he ever receives his hubs and seen a minute thats entirely possible as well. I mean its entirely possible, maybe the mini four, even yeah or or you know what or this or hubsan will have the mini their mini se out before the pro the pro ships, okay, yeah, we have have. We got any updates on on the on the hubsan, zero mini se. I havent seen it i looked at their website. Can you actually buy it yet on their website? Is it viable so ron? I can tell you for a while. They had it as a pre order, so now on both the uh, the the mini pro and the mini sc on hubsans website theyre, both grayed out you cant, buy either one that kind of tells me that they know theres something wrong with. It could not mean not shipping orders down because they want to like fix them before they ship them out. I mean its commendable if they do that, but its not its commendable, but its not commendable, they dont tell us yeah, you know ray kelly brought up what was the price of the mini 3b.

You know thats just that pure speculation at this point ray we dont know whats going to be on there. We can kind of guess what whats going to be on there. You know you kind of know that frank wang is going to say. You know what the spreadsheet for the xenomini pro and told the engineers boys boys. I want to see you guys heres your blueprint lets get back. You know lets set the bar a little higher here. Okay, you know to have you know, heres the thing all right again and i think we kind of talked about it with the femi mini okay, how femi rushed this and had they waited and done it right? You know it could have been a completely different drone. Completely different drone and, i think, were looking at the kind i hope im wrong, but i think were kind of looking at the same thing here with hubsan. I think they probably you know they. They want to jump on the mini bandwagon, get it out there. Djis done so well were going to put were going to do something thats going to be different than everybody but oops. You know hopefully im wrong whats. The answer rays question even though, were totally guessing on the specs give ray a ballpark uh bill on um. You see heres what im going to say. You know and people arent people are going to kind of like go im going to say maybe 5.

99 okay, because youre going to have youre going to have obstacle avoidance on that um. You know you might broach that subject of a different kind of camera on there. You might get zoom capability on that camera, you know, frank will be known, hell therell, be some curveballs in there like, as marcus is fond of saying you know, dji will will give us something. We didnt think we needed, but we will need it once we see it kind of we dont need sticker shock that bill yeah. Well, yeah. We dont need sticker shock, but but see but see for 5.99. All right they can probably they can probably get something like they can probably get that kind of a price for that for the feature set that theyll offer on that right and still keep the uh se around for people who really want to fly a bargain drone. Absolutely and the mini 2 will still be available. You know you know youll be able to buy that somewhere and you know thats an that thats a thats, an incredible drone in and of its own self, so im going to get break im going to give ray. Bear news ray im: looking more 4.99, okay, marcus you have a uh, yeah im, going to guess and uh, and – and i i do uh i i just have a little premonition that i might have seen in the chat – might have uh 549 for the base unit.

All right, i you know i got. I got no problems with that. So um marcus any closing thoughts for tonight, yeah, listen, uh, heres. What im gon na say? Uh, you know. Theres ive had some struggles with this guy, but you know i guess its. What im gon na say is its one thing for me, because i have a channel that i review drones and and thats kind of what i do so so thats okay, who i really feel bad for, is the average consumer that buys this and thinks that theyre Going to get all those features that work great and theyre not theyre, just not, and they theyd be way better off spending a lot less money and buying a drone like this mini sc that everything actually works on it will it have tracking and 4k and – and You know waypoints and all that no, but you know what itll work and youll get great video and why buy a camera drone i mean thats. What youre looking for right! That makes a whole lot of sense. Lets give the straight scoop mark, because if they want all the bells and whistles that the uh huffs and zeon mini promises, whatever just pony up an extra, what uh uh a 400 to get yourself an a a dji air – 2 s, series 2 apps to worry About any of those youll have every bell whistle set waypoints and you wont need another drone question of the day.