This is one of the best rune uh for the budget, its definitely the best drone you can get in the market still like. I know its old. It is still best in the market for that price. For 300 us dollars, you wont, be able to find a good camera drone like xeno, so lets open this box and see what we get inside. You can compare the camera quality with dji mini 2 and dji mavic air. I see some of the youtubers, they do theres, not much difference to be honest and they look almost identical because the camera quality in this is 4k and thats a true 4k. I checked on my computer, so its a real 4k, not like the other drones you get in the market nowadays that they they call it 4k, but the camera quality is not, but in this one you get the real 4k experience of recording so inside the box. Theres, a drone you can see, i got ta tell you. This drone got some weight on it, so its very heavy um im not sure its around 700 grams, but im gon na wait that later and see how much it weighs. So this is the drone guys lets open it, its a foldable drone, the hubsan zeno. When i purchase a drone, i always make sure that the drone camera quality is good because thats the priority for me. So recording is number one option, so i always make sure to have a good quality camera with gimbal at least two or three axis gimbal and 4k, or at least true hd um, where i can get good results from the drone.

So let me know in the comments what feature in a drone you guys look first, so we have the battery over here. The battery is 11.4 volt, 3200 milliamp lipo battery. You can fly for about 30 minutes on this battery. Also theres no optical flow on this drone thats all the battery. You can see here, theres no sensor for optical flow. So if you fly without gps, the drone is going all over here and there so its not going to be stable, its not going to hover in the air so make sure you always calibrate it properly or else your drone is not going to be stable in The air on the side of the drone you can see that there is a slot for microsd card and also a mini usb port, i believe to charge your battery. However, they give you an extra charger for the battery lets. Remove this now, you can see that theres a camera here the camera is with three axis gimbal, so its gon na be very, very stable. This is what i prefer on the drone three axis gimbal, because electronic image stabilization compromise, the quality of the video, so always gimbal is a plus point on a drone, so heres the button to turn this drone on so heres. The drone guys now lets see what else we got in the box below so heres. The remote control for this drone lets take a look on this remote control.

The antennas are larger than usual and also i can see some wiring inside, so its active heres, the spot for your cell phone. You can insert your cell phone. You can connect your cell phone with the wire provided by hubsan. You can control the speed with this button, so there are two speeds available, one is normal and the second one is sport mode. This is return to home button and this one is power button. Also, this one is one key take off and landing. They did not painted the buttons so its hard to see. I dont know if you guys can see it on camera, because its too bright Music also, there are two buttons on the corner of your remote control. So one is for video recording and this one is for photos, and this little wheel is for tilting camera downwards and upwards. You need to keep pressing this button for a couple seconds to turn it on and also the led lights over. There shows the power on the remote control, so you can charge the remote control and see the battery percentage on the remote control itself. So you can charge it from here. Theres a slot given – and there is also a charger provided by hubsan in the box for the remote control and also you can connect your cell phone at the same spot by giving the data cable inside this box Music foreign. Like any other drone, you get some extra propellers and screwdriver and some screws, so whatever you need to replace the propellers, they provide you with that and also some additional data cables.

So you get data cable for android, type, c and iphone. This is the charger for the remote control. Like i said before, so you can charge it and then theres another charger for the battery. You can charge the battery individually with this charger, so heres the everything you get with this drone. You get one iphone data, cable, one type c, and one android and heres the charger for the drone battery. You can connect this charger with other parts here. Let me show you guys. Music here is the part where battery goes Music, Laughter, Music, so Music, wow, Music, Laughter, Music, so Music foreign, so the gimbal on this camera was not calibrated properly. I tried a lot, but i got the same error so i decided to fly without the gimbal, but the image i got on fpv was very shaky and was not acceptable. So i land the drone and tried couple more times.