We just don’t know but let’s discuss hi folks welcome to droning on live. I was about to go to bed, but then i spotted a youtube video that just appeared in my news feed, and i thought this looks too interesting not to talk about and when we think of the word drone. Now we naturally associate that with dji don’t, we and that’s not really healthy, it’s, not healthy for the market, because it means that effectively they have a monopoly on price and range and functionality, and it also means that they can set the price. You know when we want to buy a drone, we look at a dji drone and that kind of is the benchmark now for entry level, mid range and prosumer and for our interests it has to stop, because we do need somebody else in the market that can Bring something interesting now they’ve been a lot of competitors recently such as skydio and um. I mean to be honest, that’s about it at the moment. The only only competitors for dji right now are skydio and even then they’re not really full on competitors, but they are producing some clever, innovative stuff. There was a time when companies such as unique looked like they would have something for the consumer market. That might be interesting, but yeah um, thanks to everybody in the chat, that’s joined so far, we’re going to talk about this hubsan launch event that they’ve just announced dan in the chat, lin matt drone viral um, who else have we got um, feel good danny thanks.

Everybody for joining ortel says drone viral yeah autel indeed, but the problem is this is serving the american market and if you’re outside america it’s very hard to get yourself an all tail drone or a skydio drone and if you’re in asia, then i i really don’t, Know how hard it is to get either of those over there anyway. So i was about to go to bed this video popped up into my video feed, and i thought this looks quite interesting. Let’S, just have a quick look at this, so if we switch over to our web browser pub sand for those of you who don’t know, hubsan is like the bread and butter of drones. In fact, my very first drone was a hubsan x4 and if any of you are into your drones, you will all know what that is. It was a tiny, tiny, little micro drone, no gps, no optical positioning, no obstacle avoidance. Well, i mean the walls. Were your obstacle avoidance because they stopped you from hitting something else, but um the hubsan brand was really what i used to associate with drones: hey henry robotic: hey recovery, drone, hey mike thanks for joining so robotic uh, robotic hubsan, really really established themselves in the market. As a as a real good player in drones, but then came along dji now, hubsan really were experts in the budget range. You know you could buy a drone from hubsan. It was about.

I don’t know between 50 and 100 and it was great for getting into drones. It was my first drone and for many people out there right now of my kind of age, the hubsan drone hubsan x4 was one of the very very first and yet, despite this head start that they had against every other drone manufacturer let’s, look at their youtube Channel they have just 16 and a half thousand subscribers. Now i say just it’s a lot of subscribers, for you know a lot of people watching out there, but still for a big manufacturer that’s been around, for you know over 10 years 16 and a half thousand subscribers is really not a lot, but they’ve just released A video and this video shows a new product that’s coming soon, so let’s just very quickly. Watch that and then we’ll come right, Music back, and that is it now. It is quite a frustrating trailer. I don’t know if any of you have seen this watching. If you have comment right now, um this is brand new out from hubsan just released. So what we’re going to do is just quickly walk through this and try and work out what it shows us. If anything. Now it opens with a an outline of a drone. You notice very very briefly: we see that outline there i mean that could be anything, it could be a car, it could be a sandwich, it could be an odd shaped potato.

We just don’t know it really gives nothing away, and i i just don’t think they quite have the edge that dji have when it comes to teaser, because the idea of a teaser trailer is to tease us and show us something. But this shows us not a lot um it’s, interesting, uh let’s have a look at the rest of it. So the next thing we then see are some led lights and we also get a startup tone, which sounds obviously very dji. If we just listen to that Music, so we get this startup tone and we get four leds now. It must be a battery. You know um that’s, quite a standard one. I expect we then get a bit more of this outline again. Somebody in the chat is saying lighten it, uh brightening it up yeah. I have done that before. The problem here is that this does not look photographic and therefore brightening it up. Probably won’t actually reveal anything in fact, for a lot of manufacturers like hubsan. They haven’t even manufactured the product. At this point, so i think you’ll find that you know this literally is a teaser in the respect that what we’re seeing probably doesn’t actually exist yet um. So i don’t think brightening it up will reveal anything because it’s most likely just a 3d rendering um or 2d in this case, so let’s have a step through. Then we get this really really corny animated lens flare.

I’M. Sorry help son. I’M! Sorry! I love you really hubsan and then this bright led light in the middle illuminating. The outline of something here, the drone. Now i wondered, is this light. Is this an indicator? Is the fact that this trailer is all very dark. Some kind of reveal it’s an interesting one, and now you know flying at night is quite controversial, but there’s a lot of bright leds in this um that’s about the brightest that we get here and you can just see the outline of the drone now. I suspect that this is the rear of the drone. I think they’re, the tips of the props that you can see here. These are the arms of the drone, so based on this it’s, a very, very low profile. You know if you look at the battery lights down here, assuming they are the battery lights, it’s a very wide, very low profile, drone quite interesting. Mads tech, hey buddy, thanks for joining um as matt ian correctly says. The problem is that the mavic air 2s will drop and overshadow this completely yeah, most likely now. The air 2s will release next week. This hubsan drone releases the week after, but i mean they’re, going to be a very different class of drone. Hubsan are not dji and if we just think about the the other hubsan drones in the range, they started with very very budget drones in the old days. They progressed with slightly better drones, but still particularly, you know, focused on the budget market, but then they stepped it up and they released the xeno.

Now the xeno was met by a real mixed bag of reviews. People loved it, but the people that loved it tended to be the people who weren’t really flying drones, particularly often um. I don’t mean to offend any zeno owners out there, but it wasn’t really a pro sumo drone. It wasn’t even really a a premium drone. It was still a very, very budget drone and they were unreliable, unstable and tended to fly off. Hey brad, hey allen, hey lone star cheers for joining guys, hey ivan. So then they released the uh xeno2, which again was met with very mixed reviews, it’s quite expensive. I mean it’s 519 for what is still ultimately a budget drone, the camera on it isn’t, so bad, but again, it’s still hubsan, and it still lacks that finesse that you tend to find with dji software and dji firmware and it’s, certainly not a drone. None of the hubsan drones are drones that i would feel comfortable flying near people anywhere near the vicinity of a road or a built up area because they do tend to fly away as well. So what this new drone might be, who knows let’s just take another? Look at that trailer again with audio and whilst we’re watching it. I want your comments in the chat here. We go so, as we just said, we don’t really get to see a lot, but the most telling part of that trailer is definitely that shot where the led illuminates to the brightest.

We get. The four led lights across the bottom. We’Ve got the props in shots and we’ve got a very, very wide low profile. Looking so it’s going to be very very interesting this now there is a suspicion that this could be a xeno mini and it would be a natural obvious step. You know: hobson have released the xeno and the xeno2 to release a drone that is portable and can compete with the kind of market and budget that z that hubsan have traditionally targeted. It makes sense for them to release a drone that’s going to compete with the mavic mini 2.. Now for it to do that, it’s going to have to have exceptional battery life 30 minutes it’s going to have exceptional range with ocusync too it’s going to be it’s. Going to have to be light, if not lighter than 250 grams it’s, also going to have to be potentially the same size or smaller it’s going to have to also have good tolerance to wind and that’s. A fact that i don’t think hubsan will pay much attention to. It also has to be reliable. Another big selling point. I think that people miss from the mini 2 is active track. It has to have some sort of active track. I feel good danny says it looks like a flying turtle – very, very, a very good assessment. I would say actually, but the big thing i think as well is obstacle avoidance.

People do want obstacle avoidance, they want active track on the mini 2, but i just don’t think hobson are going to be capable of bringing all of that into a package the size and the price of a mini two type drone. What do people think in the chat? Let’S have a quick look down there, so mad ian from mad tech just said the biggest problem. Spending 500 on anything but dji is a risk. I completely agree with you: there um it’s a little bit like going out there and buying a um i’m, sorry to say it, but a hyundai i’m, not a massive fan of hyundai they’re, pretty unreliable cars in my experience, but the new hyundais are quite expensive, regardless Of how good people might say they are, i would still hesitate to spend any kind of decent money on a hyundai. The same applies here really hubsan could really turn their game around. This drone might be exceptional, but to get people to spend money on it more than 400 dollars is going to be quite complex. I think ivan says: hubsan are going to compete with the mavic mini, probably but not the mini 2. No way. I would agree with that as well. Allen. Hobbs says nothing to see here sounds familiar. It could very well be now. Hubsan have tried before to release other gps related drones, i’ve actually reviewed them. I reviewed the x4 star that you see here. I’Ve also reviewed the x4 air pro.

What else have i reviewed from this list here? To be honest, after that, i was offered the pro the professional one here, the big one that looks like a phantom, and i said no after that, because i just found that they were nice. They were budget, they were around um. You know a hundred dollars these ones here, but they were only hundred dollar drones. They weren’t exceptional. You were always constantly worried that they were gon na fly off and in fact, if i remember rightly, i think the x4 star actually fell out of the sky and almost hit me on the head. Maybe i’ll have to dig up that review. Um, hey mike drone ranger thanks for joining buddy, so yeah henry robotics says i honestly don’t think anyone will touch the mini or the mini 2 anytime soon. I agree i still to this day, don’t think um that any other manufacturer has touched. The mavic pro the original mavic pro back in 2016 2017, look how long it took the other manufacturers to catch up with dji and release, something that was even half as capable, as that, and i do mean even ortel and skydio, etc. They didn’t appear on the scene until much much later the mavic pro came out in. I think it was 2016. what an exceptional drone it was back then, and dji just maintained this because their drones, you know people do have their problems with them, but people have problems with everything out there.

Some of the problems they have are operator error, but the reality is that you can to a point now trust a dji drone. You know to fly it virtually anywhere that you’re legally allowed to fly so yeah. These other drones that hubsan tried to to push out onto market with gps, and you know position hold weren’t bad, but the cameras were terrible as well. I mean the cameras were really really terrible, so whatever they’re going to be releasing on the 23rd of april has to be exceptional if hubsan are really really to be taken seriously. A quick rundown in the chat now we’ve got 33 people watching. If this drone is cheaper than the mavic mini and as capable as the mavic mini, maybe the original mavic mini, would you even consider buying it just write yes or no in the chat now and let’s get a quick summary of whether this is a drone that’s Going to be of interest to anybody, because i i just think that this is hubsan’s real opportunity to set their place on the market, to try and position themselves and to to really redeem themselves from the drones that they’ve released in the past. They’Ve only really got one opportunity now if they blow this, then i think hubsan will have to stick to budget drones, because the zeno just hasn’t, really taken off someone else in the chat said that fimi have just released the fimmy mini, fit mini, have to confess I’Ve not really even looked at vimy drones um, i probably should, but i i think i put them again in the kind of class as with hobsam, that they really are budget drones and they’re, not really for anything other than a bit of fun anyway.

So, just a bit of a recap: hubsan are releasing whoa metro drones, happy friday, droners with a 10 super chat. Thank you very much buddy. I i can’t explain to you guys as a youtuber, no matter how big or small your channel, my channel is small compared to most how good it makes you feel when you get a super chat, that’s. The first super chat i’ve had in a long long time on a live stream and i’ve. Just literally i had a bath tonight. I was gon na go to bed and i saw this video and i’ve come out to the man’s shed and set up everything to film this, for you guys, so that that really is massively appreciated. Thank you very much metro jones, um anyway, i’ve lost my track with my recap. Where was i i got all excited, so hubsan have released uh an event. Teaser it’s an odd rather odd, teaser it’s, not very teasing it’s a bit cryptic to be honest for an event, that’s going to be on the 23rd of april. So, a week after the launch of dji’s air 2 s, we don’t know what it is yet, but from this shot here we see props a very wide low profile flat. Looking drone, we see a very bright led light there, but that’s, probably just tacky uh adobe. After effects, who knows let’s watch this space and see in the meantime, thank you very much everybody for watching.

Thank you for tuning in share this video to any hubsan groups that you’re a member of and let’s get the discussion going. Maybe we’ll do a live in preparation for this event.