There lets see if it actually holds put in terms of no rain overall anyways and what id read today, because its kind of interesting reading hubsan released a new drone. I guess it kind of got buried with all the announcements of like the mavic 3 and all that this one here is the hubsan ace pro plus, so they have a new drone huh. What is it like? According to their marketing materials, it says ace pro plus uses a one inch cmos image sensor to get a panoramic view of the world thats a lot of emphasis for a lot of companies, the one inch sensor and they say the maximum flight time – is 37 minutes. Thats, quite a long time and in terms of the wind, it says: powerful maximum level 8 wind resistance, the fastest flight speed of ace pro plus can reach 16, ms profiting from the third generation self developed flight control, algorithm and excellent electromechanical power efficiency. So it sounds like interesting specs overall, and it says for the weight itself, its 560 grams. That would lead me to believe this is meant more to target things like the mavic airs, for example. Now funny enough, i was trying to find video samples of this, but it seems like the only thing they have on their site and stuff like that. Are pictures stills. I guess now. Itll come down to cost as well with a lot of the new drones coming out.

It seems like theyre so expensive. So what is the price of this one? It says the hubsan ace pro plus standard version is 879 dollars u.s in comparison, since it would be going against drones like the air. I would imagine the air 2s is about 999 us, so would that be an option for you the more options the better, though – and i was reading this today, which is kind of interesting – i guess its kind of big too apparently for the service godaddy. They do domain registrations and hosting they had a compromise that basically affects millions of customers. So what was going on here? It says here: godaddy announced the security incident affecting managed wordpress service. On november 17 2021. We discovered unauthorized third party access to our managed wordpress hosting environment heres the background on what happened in the steps we took and are taking in response. We identified suspicious activity in our managed, wordpress hosting environment and immediately began an investigation with the help of an i.t forensics firm and contacted law enforcement using a compromised password, an unauthorized third party access to provisioning system in our legacy called base for managed wordpress and afterwards They say here up to 1.2 million active and inactive managed. WordPress customers had their email address and customer number exposed. The exposure of the email addresses presents a risk of phishing attacks. They even have everything from things like what the ftp databases username passwords, thats.