Interestingly, what caught my attention the most about this Drone is because it has GPS. It shoots in 4K at 60 frames per second, it has special functions like Follow me headless mode and waypoint right. That is, they are also interesting functions To be applied in drones like this one, and the most interesting thing is that it makes images very smoothly ie. It doesnt give those strides like a very basic beginner drone, like sg907 sg906 in others, plus. Another interesting thing here that you cannotice is that it doesnt have Gimbal. Ah, but then how does he do the image stabilizations thats, where the game comes in and the secret comes in the image? Stabilization of this Drone is done electronically, ie. The same is done today on GoPro cameras, you dont need Gimbal, but it stabilizes a lot. The image doesnt stay with that the images are shaky and talking about a little bit about this camera here. As I already said, it shoots in 4K at 60 frames per second, it also does in Full HD images at 30 frames per second, and its sensor is a Sony sensor. quality in image capture, both photos and video. This Drone has a system called EIS, ie Electronic image stabilization a very interesting feature that makes the images not get that blur when you dont have a proper stabilization, so thats why it is a very interesting drone because, in addition to not needing Gimbal, it does all Its electronic stabilization – and it looks interesting according to the manufacturer.

Its flight time is a approximately 23 minutes this because it is equipped with a 2s 7.4 volt battery at 2800 milliamps. So this will help it have this flight minute and will give you plenty of time for you to operate your logic drone, taking into account that you are using this Drone in a normal environment, condition without a lot of wind and those things that we are already Tired of talking about here on the channel., This Drone comes equipped with a memory card slot of up to 128 GB. That will allow it, because your photo images and of video are stored in a very large and logical space. In the case of 4K photo and video images, it will require you to have a considerable space to store this information and personnel. What caught my attention the most about this Drone here is also the construction issue of this Drone. If you observe and get it – and you have the opportunity to get this Drone Lets see that its construction is very good. It has a rigid Shell, its there and its very finished., and it has a good finish.. Besides, it is equipped with optical flow sensors. That is, it will allow you to have greater horizontal stabilization or in places where there is not so much GPS incidence as Indoor environments, that is, there is a lot of quality here in this Drone. on this bottom part. I dont know if you can see it here now, but it has two LEDs here very similar to a DJI MAVIC 2 PRO that will help you, when you have dark environments, to give even better lighting in the part.

down. That is going to provide you a better visibility wherever you are resting your Drone, and also assists greatly in function by the time he has doing landing with its very cool aircraft. So here is and inexpensive it costs about 280 US dollars right to the version I bought comes with two batteries right, but I think you also have the option of buying one battery good guys about the box part of this Drone. I want you to pay for now pay attention to the details that comes with a fully rubberized case with a lot of quality. In fact, this is a briefcase see you can carry your Drone with great convenience and portability. Ok, it first comes here with a very detailed instruction manual. Look at size of the book that came. You can see an instruction manual with a lot of important information here for you to make your Drone safely. You can see the manual in English, its German and Chinese Im, not mistaken Theres three languages here: ok, Besides its also inside this one box, more information here about care how you should have with your Drone batteries, plus a warning card here, its good. Besides The logical Drone itself right Drone Zinho, as I showed you here at the beginning, look a lot of ball. Show Drone Zinho collapsible is not portable. Can you see it will make it much easier for you to transport, it see its MAVIC style. You see the Mavic line, style, foldable right, Drone, good clearance, m, better saying right.

Besides the people who came here, the most came this box. Ok and inside this box we have a second battery, which is a battery. I was right for you to fly more with your Drone wouldnt. It be the Fly more kit of this Drone, In my case here with two batteries. Note that it comes with a rubber protection here. This protection has to be removed during your flight. Ok, its still inside this box, we can find the battery charger also a very interesting charger because because it charges the two batteries that came, ok, you put the two batteries here in these connectors. Ok, the other end. You plug a USB cable here in this position. Its USB type c, Let me see if I can show it better here – look its a USB type, cable c that works with 5 volts Okay, so you can charge either with your cell phone charger or even on your computer. Okay And besides that guys came a radio, you can see that the radio has the same format as the Dro ne from medical diary and Ready right This antennas here. Actually the antenna that works is this one on the left side? Ok, the other antenna has no functionality Its here more as an ornament. So in fact, the antenna that works is this one here, ok with functions to take a picture to increase the speed of the Drone turn on the LED of the Drone.

Have the wheels here so you can control the position of the Drone right increase. The speed of the Drone better saying right And here is also a support for you to put your smartphone – see in fact this support here. You put it like this, make it tilt here Im seeing a slight tilt, lift this little part here and fit your smartphone in this horizontal position, see Where is my hand, and you can also open these hard stabs here, to give a better grip on the Drone Radio, ok, the Stics are seeing function here for the button to turn on the Drone button to turn the GPS on and off in, Be very careful with this here. Ok, because you have m to use the Drone with GPS turned on. If you turn off the GPS, You keep using the Drone without GPS button to have automatic slope return button remaining man later we will see more details here about the radio and it uses batteries. Do you see two batteries aaa? Alright, he still talks about the Drone box. It also comes with a pair of spare propellers or better leg than it comes with two pairs of spare. Propellers. Ok, and let me see what else is here in the loading cabin of the battery. Ok, ah, just remembering that here there is also a Zinha Philips key for maintenance. Ok, guys whats up guys another great option to buy Drone for those who dont want to spend so much and who want very good quality.

Very impressive guys in the next video were going to do the test in practice with this, Drone were going to do the distance height test, camera test, flight performance test, or so much more about this Drone coming around so guys again me, and because, if you liked This video – and this news please help me guys – leave your like here in this video Leave your comments that your participation here in the channel is very important and Activate the Bell.