Its got like a camera that you can move up and down. 1080P comes with a micro sd card included with the drone and um its pretty light yeah. So its pretty windy right now so well see how it flies in this wind, but its a gps. Drone thats, like i think its around, like its really light. So, in other words, if youre in a country where you cant fly drones because of the weight, this thing here is like under 250 grams, so i think thats the claim to fame. With this thing, so anyways im going to take it out im going to fly it right here around the school. Its got follow me and all those other good things active track, and you know whatever that comes in drones, nowadays, its very popular and since its from holy stone. You know its got a great warranty and support so lets check it out. Here we have the little holy stone drone right here and yeah its not bad. Looking the camera actually moves up and down and over here this here controller is rechargeable, so thats decent and, like i say they give you a little micro sd card in the back ill show you an unboxing later in the video and uh youll, see everything that Comes with this, but for the price uh and the fact that its a holy stone drone its, not bad, but now were gon na check it out and see how it flies.

Now the drone actually has a little on off button right here, which is pretty good, because then you never have to remove the battery there. We go theres the app theres, the hs120 controls and theres my video signal. Well, i have to get the compass calibration done. So lets push these in, tells me what to do on the screen so ill, just spin this, like that until everythings, solid blue now it says, turn it with the nose down spin it and uh set drone back on level surface there we go now were gon Na do the gyro calibration pull these out and it should return everything to uh there. We go to uh proper calibration, so its all set to go. You have a choice with this button. Here you can fly in gps mode or without gps mode. So if you want to fly indoors, push the button until you hear a beep and theres no gps, and if you want to fly outdoors with gps. Well, then just start it up and it will be in gps automatically. Now, if i pull these in and the motors start theres gps lets see well must be gps, so lets uh fly it up and see what happens. Applause! What a tiny drone look at that pick! It up its a very small drone, so youre, seeing a screenshot of my phone display and on the left. You have a little walkie man, so im gon na hit that and its got a man with little lines behind him and then a man with a square around them.

The man with the square would be a fixed, active track, blah blah blah so slide to track and uh. Oh it doesnt draw. Do i draw a square there? We go. I draw a square around me. So what should happen in this mode? This is the same on all drones, as the drone should stay right there and, as i move, lets see if it works, the drone should turn, and this drone works perfectly yep. This drone is actually probably one of the best drones for doing this. A lot of drones crap out, but this one works alright, so it followed me all the way around nice and lets look at the walkie man again ill turn it off that wacky man. Next wacky man has. The drone turns around hey im over here. Okay, so the next wacky van is the one with the little lines behind him. Now, if i hit that one thats the follow me and hang on a sec, do i have to draw something around me, no, its just following my phone, so lets see. If i walk this way, come on here comes come on boy, come on, come on, come on boy come on, want to go, for a walk, want to go for a run, come on boy yeah, so there you go thats it! Your typical follow me and im back this way so come on back this way, lets take it off that guy and well put it back into the normal mode, and i have full control over it.

Let me see what its got in the settings here. So in the settings you have beginner mode flight distance, uh well, ive got it set to 302 meters thats weird uh return altitude, all that other good stuff. So let me just try its already on save 30 meters. Let me try a return to home, see how that works. I know theres theres the button right here, return to home, so i took off from over there lets, go see what it does ill hit. The button its going up its gon na go land on the school going back to china. Oh i see i must have had the height pretty high. I think i thought at 30 meters. How high is this thing? What did i have this set to look at? How high up it is look at how high up i am that is insane so were coming down. This might take an hour. Go get some popcorn, oh its doing quite well. I did take off from right here, so its quite accurate thats for sure ill. Give it that thats a pretty accurate drone, because i took off exactly from that spot, thats, pretty good lands and shuts itself off that is pretty decent and it says: ive got like 80 battery power left. After all this flying my flight record. Oh there we go. My greatest altitude was 61.8 meters. That was the return to home, get rid of that theres a picture of a map that looks like it would be a waypoint mode, but ah it does work.

I see it there now its got it. Okay, so lets try that here let me just take off and see how that works. Okay, let me try that little map thing now its over on the third icon from the left at the top theres a map. I do not see the map of where i am so uh. It must be a gps map. Let me see if i make it bigger, i cannot zoom in or zoom out. I dont see anything on my phone im using an android phone and the map. I just get that blank. You can see my screen its its a blank of nothingness. I can tap all i want on it and im not getting anything so the maps do not work on my android phone. For some reason, maybe it doesnt like my phone. This is a samsung galaxy, note 8.. Maybe if you have an android phone or an ios phone youll have better luck than me all right, im, still on the same battery its 60 minutes of flight time, so im going to send it all the way down over by these dumpsters here, Music, if you Needed something light that wouldnt get you into trouble with faa regulations or regulations in your country. Then this would probably be the drone for you. You saw what the video sample looks like its not a sunny day, its very cloudy and overcast, as you can see, as i move around here flies really well, it is pretty windy out right now, and this did a great job so uh, i highly recommend it And i will give it a thumb up, even myself, because i think this is a pretty good drone.

Remember it is a beginner drone and it does have brushed motors so its designed for beginners to just go out and have some fun all right. So im gon na say bye now and thanks for watching this video, but im gon na put the unboxing right after i finish here, because when you check out the unboxing check out the charger for this, its pretty cool its like a really nice charger, they give You so anyways thanks for watching this video hope you enjoyed it thumbs up if you did and ill catch you in the next one take care and now quick unboxing of the hs series holy stone hs120d inside the box. Im surprised now theyre starting to include this holy stone, uh little bible, as i call it in this packaging. Have you ever seen one of these? Let me open up and show you its pretty cool its something kind of exceptional you dont have to really provide this. Look at this its inside. You have all these sticky notes. You have a nice little notepad here and on this side yeah you can take notes and they include a pen, its use it, as you wish pretty cool, though next thing in the box, we have the cautions of battery thats, just telling you all about lipo batteries And you have the instruction manuals right here, its behind it. Look at the size of this thing i thought from the box. I thought there was this huge thing: its well heres the size of my hand, so its about the size, its about the size of a hand.

There, i put my hand on it its not as big as it looks im so used to seeing these phantom shapes that are quite large, although it it feels very solid, like it feels like its quality made. Its got some good weight to it. So lets check it out. We can see right here if we look at it really close. First off, they include a micro sd card, its stuck right in the camera. This is supposed to be one of those cameras. You might have already seen it already. That is pretty smart. Its supposed to when you go an active track, the camera will actually move to follow you around you dont have to move it up and down. According to what i read, i could be totally wrong and there you can see the little motor system that moves the whole camera down and up and right there. You can see this little silver thing, thats your little on off button. The battery is already in so theres, probably some power. Let me just push it and see what happens should come to life hello. Oh there we are, we have some lights back. There got some lights in the front and theyre looking for the controller now and a gps signal so ill just turn that off the motors are brush motors. They are not brushless. I guess that keeps the costs down but, like i said it feels really solid like they did not make this cheap.

There are no sensors on the bottom. Are no sensors anywhere that i can see on the drone, so it has no optical flow or any other collision sensors or anything like that. Obviously, it doesnt need it because it does have gps and it will stay still in the air as long as youre outdoors pull out the battery its very much designed like a very small mini phantom, you know what dji could come out with a phantom this size And everybody would buy it because its very portable, so you take this out theres your battery. It looks like its a 2 cell battery its a 7. I can barely read it on. There looks like its a 7.4 volt 25 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp battery ive used these controllers before other drones like the f11 and the z5 and theyre pretty good, because when you open them up, they have all sorts of led lights here and led lights here. To tell you all the status theyre very easy to use these controllers and the little arms pop out its really decent, so yeah good controller, and it is rechargeable, look at that. No batteries now lets go through all the goodies in the box. You get four prop guards an extra pair of landing legs usb cable, so you can charge up your controller, so i have the charging unit here. I have the battery. You can see how it connects that goes like that and there we go.

We charge it up. It all fits in nicely. You also get four spare props notice, theyre nicely marked b prop a prop, and it shows you which way they spin very good for beginners. You also get what appears to be the smallest usb micro card reader, ive ever seen in my life, so you would take the card that comes with the drone after you film. You stick it in here. I believe im doing this from guessing and put that in your computer. Also included is a phillips screwdriver, so you can open things up next, you get a landing gear, removal tool. This little thing goes on the bottom. You see where the landing gear is say you want to remove this landing gear, you stick it in and just bend and the landing gear will pop out. Finally get the coolest thing. Ive ever seen with a drone right over here are screws and little caps. Those are gears – and these are actually washers that are already greased up, say your gears get messed up or something like that. You take your little screwdriver that was included. This comes off, you change the gearing unit and you have the little screws for the caps and the props, and over here you have some washers and all the other good stuff and youre all set to go now, as i mentioned, this drone does not weigh very Much and if i put the battery in the battery doesnt even weigh very much, i think these guys might have a hit on their hands because im guessing it doesnt even weigh 250 grams lets, see just a guess.

Look at that 218 grams. So this drone with a 1080p camera and all the features can fly below the regulations of 250 grams. That is two thumbs up spot on all right guys, thanks for watching the unboxing. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in the future, with more videos of drones, ive got a ton of drones to review so youre, going to see a lot of reviews on this channel throughout the summer. All right guys, thanks for watching, take care catch you in the next video Music Applause, Music.