This is uh. This is where i do all my activities, my fun stuff, grilling out listening to some music drinking some beer just hanging out on my back, my back uh entertainment porch – is what they call it. Its got a its got a hook up for a tv, but i dont want to put a tv out here yet, but what i am going to do right now is im going to do some unboxing. I got a gift in the mail check this out. So just arrived, and i have no idea what this is about so im going to do a full review on this im going to get it out of the box check it out, plug it up, im sure its got a charge, but uh lets. Do this all right? Well, it comes with a nifty little case here. Sweet lets check this thing out: oh wow, sweet. Ah there she is okay. Well lets see what we got in here got this thing. Quick start: schnells guide, okay, instructions for use all right, wow thats, a book – oh goodness, okay, im going to start with the quick start guide caution: precautions of battery okay ill have to check that out. Um okay, do not charge in case. Do not charge battery near fire or heat sources or flammable materials all right. What is this this holy stone? So this is the hs720 4k. This must be uh. Doesnt say what it is something here: okay um looks like these are extra little propeller things yeah and heres a heres a little tiny screwdriver, oh boy.

This is be. This is going to be interesting, okay, so what is this? This must be the battery, maybe, okay. So yeah this this must be the battery im. Guessing it looks like its already got a battery on it. I got an extra battery sweet. I got two batteries: oh yeah, okay, well, um, okay, before i tear anything up or before i destroy this thing, im going to read some instructions and oh heres, the remote thingy huh check that out. Okay well uh yeah before i before i tear into this and destroy this thing im going to read this read the direction, so i can do this right. I want this thing to last a long time. Wow thats got some weight to it. Oh, this is so freaking cool, okay, let me uh. Let me do some research and im going to put this thing together correctly, so stick around. So this is the holy stone. 7 hs. 720. 4K drone um. This is a really really cool. Little drone um. We had some trouble at first getting it connected, but im going to have a full review at the end of this video, so dont go anywhere im going to tell you all about it and what we had to do to get it set up, but thats the Camera quality view right there and the remote. This is battery and, of course, the drone so were going to take it outside and we are going to fly this thing and were going to get it up in the air and and see what its all about and, like i said, a full review.

At the end of this video, so stick around lets go well got this thing all set up. Finally and uh it took us a while to figure out how to connect everything together, but weve got the uh remote connected to the drone and the wi fi connected to the drone with my cell phone and so were gon na fly all right. So now turn the motors on one button will make it fly five feet in the air and hover Music: oh Music, wow, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music; do Music; Music, do Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, okay! So, as promised, this is the full review of the holy stone hs. 720 4k. My overall thoughts of this drone, pretty amazing the handling, is great. There was a slight wind outside, especially when i took it out front and uh. It did affect it a little bit, but the handling was still spot on um, all the the keys and the buttons they work perfectly. The the land key will bring it straight down and itll find a spot on the ground thats level enough. For this thing to actually land and as it hovers over the ground, it just finds the right spot and sets it down real nice and easy um. The only thing i was not able to get working was the uh. Follow me button um. The only reason that didnt work is because i had already been practicing and flying it around so much that the battery had gotten too weak to actually uh to actually do it.

So, but overall it this thing is fast, its very quick. You got to really be on your on your game, flying this thing, because itll itll get away from you. I did run it into the trees a few times and i did run it into my house a couple of times, but luckily i was able to escape from hitting the neighbors house. So we did fly it in through the front yard. A little bit and im gon na im, gon na put all that in this video as well, but the batteries last about 30 minutes. 26. 28 30 minutes um. They they do take four and a half hours to charge um. This is the charging setup right here. Um the lights blinking. That means, if you have, if you have two batteries connected, it does its a connector for two batteries. If you have two batteries connected, one will blink kind of slow and then youll have a green light over here, saying that that battery is waiting to be charged, so it doesnt charge two batteries at the same time, but it does have the holder for both batteries. So if you set it up and then go to bed, then itll charge both batteries um. I left it on the charger for a long time yesterday, as we were doing different things around the house, but both batteries did charge now. The drone itself is pretty light, and then you put the battery in it and its a little bit heavier, but that didnt seem to affect the motors at all, because theyre so strong that itll lift it up and spin it around itll do whatever you want it To do pretty much and i got it pretty high up there um, but then i got scared and hit the home key, and it came right back to me, so the home button is really uh really effective, especially when its its kind of getting away from you.

I mean with me im learning im learning how to do this, so the only other drone that ive had was the one i did a previous video on and i did a review on that drone as well um, but it wasnt quite as technologically advanced as this One is, and this one will get away from you if youre, not if you dont, have your hands on these buttons. So it really helps that you connect your phone to the wi fi of the drone and thatll activate the camera, and you can watch it on your phone now i cant sit and look at my phone and fly this drone. I have to look at the drone and fly the drone um. I know that ive seen on youtube, where a lot of people will just fly these things and look directly at their their cell phone. I cant do that um, yet its its a work in progress and im gon na have to keep keep on learning it, but for right now. My overall review of this thing is its pretty awesome and its extremely worth the money um. I think this is going to bring a lot a lot more opportunities to this youtube channel and so im really excited to keep learning about this thing and im really excited to show you some more uh awesome videos. Once i once i do get the hang of this thing and its gon na take some time for me to get really good at it, but im gon na get you some good shots eventually.

So overall i love this thing. I think its a very worthwhile investment and im going to put it to a lot of use, youre going to see a lot of different things coming from this youtube channel. So if you havent already subscribe to the channel, so you can stay up to date with all all of my things, ive got going on, which is you know the the name of the channel is camping forever but, like i said before, im branching out into all Different types of different things: um, my beer, video, will be coming up uh, probably either tonight or tomorrow. Im throwing two videos at you this weekend, guys two videos, so i might even throw a little snip in there about some fireworks. We went to see, but anyway really like the drone, got your quick start manuals, so it is tough to connect. Okay, let me touch on that for just a minute. I had some trouble figuring out how to get everything connected because youre not only connecting the drone to the remote but youre, connecting the cell phone to the drones, wi fi. So, in order to get it started, you have to calibrate it and the calibration process was a little bit confusing, but once once i finally figured it out, you have to rotate the drone three times horizontally and then flip it up and rotate it again. Three times uh vertically so with that being said, that was a little confusing, but i was able to get it uh.

With the help of my lovely wife, we were able to get this thing up and up in the air so anyway, i hope you enjoy this video. I put quite a bit of footage and i know this is probably going to be a long video, but i put quite a bit of drone footage in here and it does have a spot for an sd card, but i recorded it for my phone. So now im just going to upload it on this video for you and you can see exactly what i see when im looking at the screen. But anyway, if you havent already subscribe to the channel.