YUNEEC MANTIS Q – Novi turistički trut – Bolje nego DJI iskra?

Yuneec tiho pokrenula MANTIS Q koji je velik poboljšanje na Yuneec povjetarac. U izravne konkurente s DJI iskra. NAPOMENA: MANTIS Q nema IZBJEGAVANJA prepreka. DJI iskra ne. Osim toga, na $499 Vrijednost u eurima sadrži PDV-a koji ne postoje u Sjevernoj Americi. MANTIS Q će promovirati za $499 Nama starijima od poreza.

Dodatne informacije potražite na web-YUNEEC:

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KAMERA: Panasonic 4K kamkorder:
RASVJETA: Studio Softbox:

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  1. Zanimljivo. Ali osim baterija život, I don't see how this mantis is going to compete with the old spark when both prices are so similar. Volim kad je ponudio alternativu dji, Ali iskreno se nadam da ovaj bogomoljke će ne biti ubijen nedugo nakon rođenja.

  2. Radio recenziju nešto nema. Hmmm!

  3. Kupio sam povjetarac prošlog mjeseca na Walmart za $149. I'm really enjoying it as my first drone. When I'm ready to move up, I'll probably give it to my stepson. Ali, I'm not sure this is much of an upgrade. Još uvijek nema stabilizacije u 4K i još uvijek ne 3 osi kardana. ok, To se preklapa i ima bolji baterija život. I'd still rather have the Mavic Air on the Parrot Anafi for a couple hundred dollars more.

  4. HMM Yuneec je napravio prilično nisko kraj radilica usporediti sa DJI iskra. Tko bi želio kupiti iskra! Bio bih još više impresioniran da Yuneec dodana mogućnost praćenja za Typhoon H. Sada ja bih platila za to!

  5. Ottimo video ! Upišite se al nostro canale se ti piaciono sam nostri video-

  6. Sjajna osoba! ❤️ Veliki Vlog!

  7. Yuneec čini lijepo radilice ali propast su one usrano dupe OMFG usrani RC kontroleri su graditi. Ozbiljno wtf Yuneec moj tajfuna H imao slična moj Mavic pro platine da će mi cijela letjelica eksponencijalno iznenađujuće daljinski upravljač. Nažalost moram koristiti ovaj daljinski upravljač veličine mušičav televizija. Ipak ovo je vrlo cool robot i ja sam sretan da vidi Yuneec stavljanje novih proizvoda vani. Netko treba staviti topline na DJI natjecanje pokaže invazija i jasno su je dozvoljeno da Interbay jako puno jer je jednostavno rečeno nitko ni blizu u ovom awesomeness leti machinesThis svijetu postaje

  8. I used to have the breeze and it also had "digital image stabalization" u 1080p ali to je bio ljepušan beskoristan. Još uvijek vidite svaki potez robot pogotovo ide naprijed od miruj ili zaustavljanje (provjeriti moj ranije video na moj kanal). If Yuneec hasn't improved on that a LOT it won't be any competion for the spark….. Also weired that Yuneec is selling in Europe with a 800m distance restriction and say it's the regulations while the dji mavic air is selling with a 2000m range here in Europe.

  9. Ne neradnik ručno fokusirati? I'm a photographer so shooting raw and adjusting focus is a big deal for me! = D

  10. Kardan / stabilizirani treba izgledati shakey kao govno… nije cool!

  11. Ok hvala to biti dobar skup me

  12. Lijep pregled kapetan… Izvršite vrijedne usluge za one od nas koji nisu na krvarenje rub od tehnologija; i radije čekati i da ostali potrošiti svoje vrijeme i novac izrađivanje bugova. Volim moja iskra, even though it may show it's technical age. mislim $570 će biti visoka za sadašnje tržište, posebno za letjelice s nema izbjegavanja prepreka (Moja pretpostavka je $499ish za podlogu). Volim ideja 30+ vrijeme minuta leta; but I'll be interested to see what the real world experience is (Voljan sam se kladiti da nešto bliže 24-26 minuta; Što bi još super u ovom trenutku cijena). Nakon što korisnik zajednica počinje udarati na to, we'll begin to see the good, loš i ružan. Bez sumnje će biti nekih raste bol i firmware prilagodbe na putu; Ali iskreno se nadam da Mantis donosi vrijednost trut zajednici. Izbor koristi svima, i pomaže da se poveća vrijednost i umanjili troškove. Klicati

  13. Izgleda puno bolje od spark. Ja je dobio osloboditi od moja iskra Mavic na zrak. The spark is small and light but as the arms don't fold its actually really awkward to take places.

  14. Na kraju dana nitko koristiti gestute u svakom slučaju....

  15. Glonas sustav? To je russisn tehnologija, je je je, dobar i jeftinije nego gps....

  16. Lijepo putovati trut. Pravedan pokušao vanjska strana moj novi Yuneec Typhoon H Plus proteklog vikenda. It's a great drone, but not that good for travelling although I assume it is better than the Mantis.

  17. Kapetan trut … do you own any selfie drones suchas maybe the Yuneec Breeze? Would you consider doing an episode on the future or death of the "selfie drone"? The Yuneec Breeze price jumped back up to about $400 and it's video stabilization is crappyThe Mantis seems to be it's replacement and also possibly it's executionerI'd love to hear what you think of this notion as wellDrone On!

  18. explains why the yuneec breeze package is now being sold cheaply

  19. Jeez the stock footage from the drone in their commercials look horrible! It's so shakey and looks like it's off a toy. And the design of the drone looks like a rough draft of the mavic air. It's boxy, clunky, and doesn't look complete and streamlined. I'm definitely leaning towards the parrot anafi instead of yuneec. I'll be looking for review videos later on. This is just my first impression

  20. Does spark have obstacle avoidance

  21. Za 700 I can get a refurbed Mavic.

  22. I have a standard 3 should I trade up for this?

  23. Warten wir mal eine Veröffentlichung ab. Bisher ist der Image Clip von Yuneec vollgepflastert mit Bildern anderer Kameras. Und die wenigen Original CLips sehen nicht sehr scharf aus und sind eventuell in der Postprod. noch mal stabilisiert worden. 😉

  24. Hvala za ocjenu. Can anyone tell me where this village is? U 7:38.

  25. I've been scanning the sites but no Mantis Q here in France as yet & high on my list following your review, one question not mantis related.
    Yuneec steady grip for cgo3+. seems a useful accessory for the H especially to get same quality shots when cutting away from drone scenes. I would like to see your appraisal. There is not much else worth looking at. Držite se dobro djelo & Hvala.

  26. Stumbled on this while browsing. Was not disappointed.

  27. The current model breeze is the best camera drone model on the market if you care about saving (at LEAST) ~200 usd vs Spark and much more if any other model. Outside of obstacle avoidance, it does everything the spark does (including 4k stabilized video) and to be honest I would never count on the limited functionality the spark has for it. The other thing is that I find since I paid only $150 for my breeze that I actually use it a lot more; e.g. take it hiking in sketchy areas, near water, anything that would freak you with a mavic or even spark . Come to thinkI may just buy another one b4 they they are gone!

  28. Kapetan – when do you anticipate getting a Mantis to test in house?

  29. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  30. I prefer fpv drones you can build yourself.

  31. You might have noticed +CAPTAIN DRONE but I've just published an analysis video for the Mantis, I feel that Yuneec have dropped the ball here by not giving it a mechanical gimbal, for that reason they've sacrificed video resolution and that's a real shame, as it does have potential!

  32. I just wish it had a rotating gimbal. I love my Typhoon but if this has a rotating gimbal, I would not even have to think about getting a Mavic for travel.

  33. Yuneec always seems to be in the "also ran" business. They always seem to shoot themselves in the foot with each model they release, this one is the camera and lack of 3 osi kardana.

    I wonder what their marketing people are doing, don't they know what the purchasing public wants?

  34. Like my mavic air just wish they make a higher capacity battery

  35. Kapetan: How about a comparison of a soldier's experience with the US made M-16 and the Soviet made AK-47 during the Vietnam War?
    DJI may sell a lot of consumer and commercial drones in the World; but it has quality issues with its hardware and software. To date I had to send my Phantom 2, my Phantom 3 Napredno, and my Phantom 4 back for expensive repair. DJI sophisticated toys are too susceptible to malfunction and breakdown. I don't have this kind of problems with Yuneec, Papiga, or Walkera. Their drones may not have all the fancy features of DJI drones, but they work and keep on working long after many crashes. Now that is robustness and reliability which DJI totally lacks.
    My final analysis is this. Look at the automobile industry back half a century ago. The American auto industry used to be King in the World. Međutim, kvaliteta, poor management, poor product development, poor customer service, and a myriad of incompetence issues have turned a once American Industry giant into what it is Today!

  36. I'd like to see a comparison of the breeze and mantis q. Što je bolje?!

  37. The whole stabilization and wiggle even in the product video makes everything bad.

  38. Interesting Thanks for giving me a few new possiblys the one in vid and reading couple comment..Did I find my AIRSPACE

  39. No stabilization on 4k mode. And probably no built-in GPS.

  40. I am new to flying drones, can I assume that this drone has Headless Mode?

  41. Ask older phantom owners or naza users if fail safe means you can’t lose it. 😆

  42. Veliki video kapetan ! Držite se dobro djelo!

  43. Hi captain drone can you tell me how to calibrate the mantis q?

  44. So basically it's an upgraded Breeze. 30min flight time is awesome, and having a SD card vs. internally would be better. And the "go fast" mode would be cool. If it is an upgraded Breeze I will definitely be getting one. Love my yuneec breeze

  45. I see everyone talking about the gimbal, you can rotate the drone, so what's the big deal about a gimbal? (Relatively new to drones) so looking for knowledge not being a smart alek.

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