Look at it isn't it cute. They come in like five different colors. Let me show you the canopies red, clear smoke and green. You also get a strap, some zip ties and a screwdriver in the box. You also get some one point: six inch props in the box, those are gap, RC branded. They are push alone, rekvizite, quad props, and they also have two options for bolts. They'Re two bolts can go through the very top, što je lijepo. You get stickers and a support card, gab, RC, comm downloads. You have a seventy nine millimeter wheelbase on this bad boy and I added a strap on mine because I can't stand those little plastic cages. Qc sticker always nice to see you on the gap. Rc quad. Ima. 1102 10000 kv motors on this one, pretty durable, prop guardsand I stuck to my receiver in underneath this battery cage and there is a receiver tray on the back as well. I just have my one single antenna coming out: the back cat X baby turtles on here 800 TV, l, 1080p at 60 sličica u sekundi, which is nice one point: eight millimeter turbo I lens on here as well, plenty of tilt and a camera protection looks good. Lijepo, durable top plate and canopy. We also have a 5.8 200 millimeter x1. Here it is nice at 412 amp yesyes in this stack and at the very top of that stack on the third layer up is to cat X turtle.

Otraga. Here we have the DVR startstop button and up front, you have an SD card slot. No app is needed for the baby turtle, which is super sweet, and we also have a dipole antenna in the back, which seems to be pretty durable. It did hold up during the flight test, which is good news and there's that battery tray back there. I just have my antenna running out the back right. Tamo, Maytag F 411 firmware on the beta flight board, što je lijepo, nice and smooth plug and play motors. As well, no solder design, if you blow out a motor, you can just plug a new one in which is sweet, let's go ahead and get a dry weight on it. That means without the battery just gon na set the quad on the scale, see if we get 54 grama, not bad that's with the props and the strap. Now let's go ahead and put the three s: 450 million under 100 grama 90. Five grams, not bad let's. Do some flying alright let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test, the gap RC Sena, I HD it's. Konačno, here I saw it come out a few weeks ago and I was super excited to see gap RC put it on their Facebook page, because I knew that this one was going to be fun indoors or outdoors, and the power system on here was looking big Enough to be able to handle some mild freestyle and with the the right tune on the flight controller that's pretty much.

What we have here is something that can handle a little bit of freestyle. It has very minimal washout, što je sjajno. It has a good punch out and boost, and it has enough power to be able to handle itself coming back down and doesn't bottom out. A lot which I like a lot of the tiny whoops kind of bottomed out like that they'll hit the ground. Don'T have enough motor power or strengthen the the motors to bring the quad back up before you bounce and crash, and sometimes the accelerometers will get thrown off and they'll automatically go into a death roll. But this one's really neat because you can bump off things. It didn't freak out. I was able to put it in accra mode and even do some tree canopy exploring in accra mode and here I'm getting super tight. Looking for a way out, just my gosh just barely not quite almost made it. That would have been awesome. Video it's pretty good up until then, but if you want to do that and there I just hit the ground we're gon na go ahead and reset and let's get back up in the air let's. Try that in stability mode this time, let's go ahead and whoops. I flip the wrong switch. I flipped the disarm switch. You ever done that that's pretty awesome, but the prop guards protect the props pretty well so, most times you crash into grass, you can just take back off, što je stvarno lijepo.

So now, I'm in stability mode let's see how well I can do some tree exploring in stability mode and it's a little darker there on the cat X, 1080p at 60 sličica u sekundi, then the fpv view, so that branch stuck stuck me right in the face, But I can really see where I was going with that cat X camera. It looks a little darker on the DVR footage, but in stability it is super fun because all you're doing is pretty much controlling your throttle and steering, and you don't have to worry about your axis balance like you do in acro mode, just made it out the Top there so I'm gon na do a little victory lap around the top of the tree. Ovdje, maybe I'll climb a little higher. Ove 80 foot evergreens are super fun, and since this has a full range receiver on it, I can go all the way to the top check out the skyline a little bit it's about 3 o'clock. Now so it seems like the Sun starts to set about this time of year around 3 da 4. It starts getting dark, Već: it's crazy, but back down low to the ground. Just a little bit of light adjustment on the cat X, camera again testing out the prop guards. I did get one crack in the prop guards, just one little beef that I had with this particular frame, but all of the frames that I've had all of the deducted frames that I've had with prop guards from gap RC have not ever broke on me.

The cinestyle, the sin of clean man look at that power loop around the branch; that's some fun little proximity freestyle and you notice it didn't wash out when I did that power loop, that's, pretty good for a whoop for this particular tune. I couldn't freak the flight controller out and I just barely did have a little bit of wash out with this quad a few times. Some really high throttle maneuvers. So now, I've got it on the lighter battery, which is my 3s for 50 milliamps gon na get. You about three at three minutes flight time. If you want to do freestyle, that's gon na be your freestyle battery for cruise and battery I'm gon na recommend, you guys get the 3s 650 million battery that's gon na, be the one that's gon na really give you a nice long, probably about four and a Half minute flight time, if you're just cruising around the park, doing exploratory fpv so here back around these branches, super fun now for another power loop, getting quite time that one right I'm gon na have to go back and try that again now for another, try see If we can get a power loop around the branch nice, this is a really fun little quad to fly plenty of power, so it has really. It has two things going for it so far. It has a nice fun like stress, besplatno, mild, freestyle and then the other side of it is slowing it down in stability mode and doing some tree exploration, some canopy flying, which is always fun there's.

Some ghost branches right there and turtle mode also works. I did test turtle mode, so good news is turtle. Mode works great, even in grass. The prop guards are awesome. So now I've got my three s6 50 Explorer battery on here and we're. Just gon na go cruising and exploring. I love flying along this fence right here. They have some kind of a garden over here I'm. Just gon na fly down a little further here until my btx starts to get a little bit choppy right there and I'm turning around now I'm deciding which way I want to go through here, it looks like the Ewok village should be somewhere around here. Did you guys see the Star Wars movie over Christmas? jesam. It was pretty good a lot of plot twists in that Star Wars, but low to the ground way up high mile freestyle, definitely a fun quad and the quality. Is there too? So if you're looking for a whoop that's, not a cheap piece of crap, this is probably gon na, be that whoop for whoop season, a decent indoor or outdoor quad, and still looking for those gaps that I can find along the way just gon na cruise down. Here along the sidewalk and I'm gon na cut back in to my right over here, go back in to the park down the path and it feels like you're going really fast, but this little guy does less than like ten miles an hour on just a slow Cruise and you can't, you can't, make it go faster if you want to tilt the camera up.

It'Ll it'll do probably 35 miles an hour. Pretty easy I'd like to pull a big power lip around that whole basketball court for the whoop one of these days. Maybe I will they ever release an angry enough power system on a whoop I'd, be incredible, I'd like to be able to try that on a five inch and a watch out for the dogs here, so it's a pretty smooth tune on here. I think that they've done a good job as far as the overall packageand this is this is what I was expecting guys from from get barsy on this one they've been releasing all these larger 3 palac, cinah whoops and the bumble bees coming out that the Take hand from diatone i've got got the fly: woo crasher coming so we're gon na we're gon na review, all of the largest style whoops as well with 4k video on them, and you can put a GoPro on those or you can to fly the DJI version. Some of the companies have analog and DJI versions, but this one you don't, have to worry about having DJI goggles it's, still an analog system fly with your fat sharks or whatever I'm gon na try to scoot through here, that's awesome that's. What I love about this quadand here are some ghost branches, but still made it through it's amazing, what you can get away with, with these little smaller size frames, that's.

What I like about that smaller quad is that you can slow it way down on the less windy days and do some exploring like this. This is amazing that is super cool it's, getting a little dark over there. So I'm gon na turn around and come back. This time I'm, not flying back through the canopy, because I don't want to I'm just on my last battery here and I don't really want to get it stuck in a tree. I'Ve had these treat about 70 feet up and it's, not fun, because you can't see these little guys, but they don't get stuck too often most of the time they fall all the way down. So I'm gon na come back in for a landing and see. If I can make it on my pad my landing pad, I did that was crazy, so that was awesome. So let's go ahead back into the studio now guys, u redu, so we're back from the flight test, and I have to say that I actually had a lot of fun with this quad and when they first came out. I got really excited because I was like wow. They look like lifesavers and they're all different colors and there's small format and they're recording 1080p. They have a nice power system on here, it's bringing me back to a couple winters ago, we're running 11 o2s with these smaller sized props and gap. Rc is one of those companies that it's not shifty on the quality control, which is great so when you're buying a movie, you want to make sure that you're getting something that's not going to fry when you plug in a battery the props work out of the Box, which is also kind of nice, the dipole survived didn't pop off the UFL connector, never came off, I didn't have to hot glue it down.

I like that they also do pretty strong QC on their stuff. Their frames are probably some of the more durable frames in there. The strap is probably the one thing that I would change. If I was gap are see, I'd, add a strap on there instead of the battery cage, because it constricts you to one type of battery around the the three s 450 will fit that if you try to put the 650 on there, it would be too small Of a cage so really that's the only thing that I can think of that I'd change. It'S, durable, the QC is high. It flies fun. You get a variety of canopies with it. I think everything that comes in the box for the value is pretty decent and I never have to worry about it. Flying good that's, the biggest thing the tune on it's nice. It flies good, it's, versatile, so I think it's a pretty high score in Quad.