Sada, if you guys know or watch my channel much, you know that i love sema quadcopters. They make some of the best toy grade quadcopters out there they're definitely toys they're not built for fpv or really for serious photography, but they are tons of fun to fly. So i figured a boat might be the same way. U redu, so like i said it comes in this fairly small box right here and in it is two batteries which is nice, a usb charger, which is also nice uh. There is the remote control right here: it's one of these trigger style, remote controls, Mislim, pull to go forward, push to go backwards and then steering is this right here and then there is the boat itself right in here and it's, prilično cool. Looking little uh. I guess maybe they call this a twin bow boat. I mean it's, definitely a speed boat it's, a sprint on it and in uh fairness i've actually already opened it and played with it a bit. So this is my unboxing for the video, so the batteries have already been charged and the remote already has a battery in it. The remote is not a trigger with a you know where you can slide it and pull it. It'S like a on off kind of switch forward and backwards and then same thing with the turning it's kind of like either on or off in each direction. It'S, not a really a variable dial, so something to get used to you switch it on right here and then again, one nice thing comes with two batteries, both of which i have fully charged already through this little usb port, and i like that, because you don't Have to worry about different international standards.

The hatch opens up right here. I think you twist this thing to the left and then you can pull it off and pull it out and there is the connector. So we'll connect up this battery right here and then another nice thing is there's a really uh obvious spot where the battery clicks in you heard it, click in which is gon na hold it really solid. And then you put the lid back on and you got to kind of push on it a little bit and then really kind of crank on this, but that's. What creates that tight water seal now? The first time i did this, i i had it on. Bio sam poput: is there an on off switch? I don't see one. I pulled the trigger nothing happened, but i realized that um. There are two contacts down here on the bottom right there and right there, two little electrical contacts and it the blades of the propeller. The propeller blades, which are what make you go forward and make it turn. I think when you push it one direction, it turns you know, one blade comes on and the other blade goes on. If you go straight, both go on so unless those contacts are in the water which completes a circuit, it doesn't come on at all. So if you get it to this point, you're like how come the blades won't come in, i think that's a safety feature, but once you drop it in the water which i just did right there and you pull now it comes on.

You can see when you, when you spin it one direction, see that's holding it left. Only one motor is turning that's holding it right. Only one motor is turning and then when you go forward both motors turn now it does have a little rudder here in the back. So if you notice it's pulling one direction or the other, you can actually adjust this little rudder. I think it was pulling left a little bit so i'm going to turn this rudder just slightly right and see if that helps it go straighter. So let's drop it in yeah, now it's going straighter still playing to the right a little bit and then, when you reverse it, it doesn't really go backwards that well it just. You can see it's just kind of like popping along now. One thing you have to watch out for i just noticed uh these things came off, but it can get grass in the blades, and so you want to be careful that's. Probably what the reverse is for is so that in case you start to get grass in it, so it seemed to be pulling right so i'm going to adjust the adjust the rudder, maybe just a little bit left and see if that makes it not pull to The right and go straighter and now it's pulling left let's bring it back, try one more adjustment Music, but you can see it's pretty easy to control i'm doing that all with one hand, because i'm holding the other switch with my other hand, u redu, so i'm gon Na try and kind of straighten it out a little bit just ever so slightly left now, let's see if that what that does yeah it's, better it's going left a little bit.

So maybe it just needs to be straight now: it's going over some rollers out there there's a wake from a boat or something Music. You see those uh waves coming in so again, pretty small, very simple, uh nice that it has this safety feature. You know that it won't start without being in the water that's. A nice feature, let's see how waterproof it is. We'Ll open up the hatch here and see if the inside is still pretty dry. Yep inside is totally dry. You can see in there battery's dry. The surface is dry. Everything is very dry, so so that's good um a little bit of water up here in this seal area, but it didn't get in through the seal. The seal goes right along this edge right here, so so that's good and seems to have a decent battery life um. I should just run it continuously on the you know what let's put a fresh battery in it run it continuously and see how long it goes until the battery dies. This is a brand new battery fresh battery gon na put it in there put the cord in there pop it. In put this in reseal it, u redu, it's, all sealed fresh battery, we're gon na see how long it can go continuously um on one battery on full charge, so i'll drop it in i'll start the stopwatch and i'll go whoa yeah, Glazba, Hmm, Glazbeni pljesak, Glazba, u redu, So i started getting this beeping noise out of the remote control just a minute ago, it's at 22 minuta i 24 seconds it's still going, but the remote started beeping so i'm.

Assuming that means the battery's low i'm gon na. Let it just keep going until it stops Music, almost 23 minuta: u redu, 20, almost 26 minutes just conked out um the thing started: beeping and uh got slower and slower and then eventually stopped. So if you're looking for a little uh boat for your kid or a youngster, i would definitely recommend this. I wouldn't give this to a teenager or a grown up. It'S, pretty slow and pretty docile, but it's got the safety feature of the propellers not coming on. Unless it's in the water, što je stvarno lijepo – but it says right there, 14 i gore, i don't, really think that's accurate.