You guys saw the rocket light now it's time for the rocket plus review, and this might just be the one I've been waiting for it has the full blown air module in there with 1080p DVR. I can run it 3 to 4s or at around 4 minutes flight time up to an 850 baterija, and I have a wheelbase of 112 millimeters on here. 2 inch props doesn't, the Avon props by the way aircraft aluminum camera mount again on this model as well and in the back. We also have the air module underneath with the micro SD smart card port right there, and we have the USB C port on this side. As for firmware, updates, occasionally introduced from DJI, and we have the gap bar CF for 11 AO with 20 amp es es on the bottom for up to 4 s battery plenty of dampening on the bottom as well running out to the motors there. And we also have 700 milliwatts power with those two engine is off the back: your ex 230 and capacitor. Tamo 3.5 millimeter unibody carbon frame and super durable 1204 5000 kV motors a little bit bigger than what I've seen on 2 inch quads in the past, but that really lets the 4 s battery. Give you a lot of punch out and we have a full sized beeper back here with the TPU print, which looks really really good nice and solid back there. Also in the Box, you get extra straps, you get some extra Vaughn props, some antenna posts, some foam for the bottom, and you also get two packs of gab RC stickers in the support card.

There let's go ahead and turn on the scale and see what the quad weight is without the battery and it looks like we're at 150 grams it's, nije loše. Sada, with the 4s 650 million battery that's, my battery of choice, 226 grama, total takeoff weight let's go ahead and get the rocket plus up in the air. Not many people have this quad right now so you're, seeing some footage that is fairly new to the Hobby, because there's not a lot of reviews of this one out there and I'm lucky enough to have it so we're gon na start out with this first battery And the first thing I got a comment on is like the color that DJI is able to give us in that 1080p DVR. This is what you're looking at recorded onboard, and this is the big difference between the CAD X Vista version and this one this one. I prefer because the video looks great and you don't have to carry an action cam, you can take the weight of a gopro off there and just go with this video. I think this video is where it looks really good and the cool thing about this quad is that, with the 2 inch prop in one hundred and twelve millimeter body frame, Veličina, it's, really small, and it feels like i'm kind of flying like almost like a tiny Whoop in ways but it's it has a nice dual purpose feel because it also flies great in stability mode, which i'm doing here for you back into acro mode there you can freestyle it or you can cinema style so either way you want to go with this Quad, this quad has duality and it will be a 5 star quad on my channel today before we even get to the in there.

Look at that nice smooth, Lijepa, crisp, video man looking really really nice and it was blowing today, probably around 12, da 15 milja. An hour so anytime you're flying something this small. You do get a little bit of extra push on the flag controller and you might have more jitter in the video. But the video looks fantastic, so we're not seeing a lot of offset from the wind that I'm flying in today, which is great and I'm not being pushed around too much because I'm rocking those a little bit larger motors on here and the coolest thing man. You can find the smallest gaps with these quads, so it's kind of also good for exploration. I'Ve talked about sort of FTB exploration on my channel before, like canopy tree canopy exploration down low to the ground, you get unique shots like this. This is a little hard to do with something like a 5 inčni quad, but you can slow way down and get some really neat close in shots, and this is what I love about this. There goes a bird some type of bird. Maybe it was a pheasant, Vjerojatno ne, but holding the nice line down this fence post and look at this is that beautiful that lens flare on the camera is looking really really neat right: 80 foot tall evergreens, just exploring the top and the nicest thing about DJI Goggles, if you don't, have them yet in a way don't buy them, because you might not never go back to analog, because the video is not much different than what you see right here and since I'm pumping 700 milivati.

I can go in between these trees without having a lot of breakup or problems. You'Re, just gon na go to the right here a little bit and then back up to the top of these trees, and also the best thing is that it is it's under 250 grama, so there's no flight restrictions on this baby now we're gon na do a Dive down and see if it can handle that steep dive right back down to the pavement with all the control I need tons of power on the bottom and on the top in these are really really really nice motors worth every penny. Do sada, this has been my number one quad in the beginning of the year. The the light version impressed me with the CAD X fist, I loved it. I liked it because I could fly with my DJI goggles. The only thing that I don't, like about the light version, is that you don't have the on board DVR and honestly let's talk about the difference between the two well, should you get the Vista version, or should you get the Plus version? I honestly don't feel a lot of weight difference there it's not a whole lot heavier. It does look sort of you know preggos with the larger air module in there, but you can still power loop, this baby, Nema frke, so you know that's that's, gon na be totally up to you. If you're really concerned with adding that extra weight of the DJI air module go for the Vista version or if you're concerned with priceand you don't worry about the onboard DVR 1080p at 60 frames per second just gets the lite version.

But for me this is the one I choose. I choose this one, because it does everything I want it to do. I'Ve liked the full blown air module since it came out and when the Vista came out, I was impressed because we could put it on much smaller quads, but I feel like the Vista, belongs on smaller quads than even one hundred and twelve millimeters that's. What we really want, and for this quad, the full blown module version, is my choice, especially with video like this. This is this is where it's at and it still flies good, što je fenomenalno, so you're definitely going to see two thumbs up at the end of this review. One more loop around the bottom of this tree back down and over again came up a little bit short, but and look at that video it's. Just I cannot complain at all. The colors are great. It flies great, just a beautiful fun and actually a lot quieter than the big 3 inch Center whoops. So if you know noise is your concern, this one can just about fly anywhere, so I got ta say it impressed me on all levels. The prop guards are awesome. The frame is awesome. The air module is outstanding on a smaller quad like this or a 5 inčni quad, and these have to be some of the most durable prop guards out there on any microt right now they are making really nice ones and the 16 od strane 16 option down below.

If you decide to move that later on and put something smaller in there super solid TPU and aircraft aluminum in the front back plenty of bomber tuff protection for the camera and again its strong, its durable it flies cinema. It flies freestyle, you've got the onboard DVR right there I mean the video looks great, no jello, so I think all the way around I'm pretty happy with this, and also everything is accessible as well. Usb C port on that sideand you can get your micro SD card in and out on that side, no problem and you can also access the flight controller with no problems so two thumbs up absolutely awesome or every single painting.