It is a scale heli and we're. Gon na have some fun with this one. Danas, we're gon na put some fpv on there. We'Re also gon na fly at line of sight, but what a cool looking scale heli. It has lots of really nice detail on here. It looks like a giant heli, just shrunk down to a micro size, and you can even see the rivets on the side of this heli, really really nice, three rotor design with a flat bar let's, set up on the head and 238 millimeter flexible plastic blades. You also get some extras in the box which is kind of nice for our fpv. We have the cat X kangaroo and the akk Nano VTX, or our video set up 6d for the beginners and 3G for advanced heli 3d, and we have 1106 11000 kv motor and a 1s 500 milliamp battery running the power system. 85. Oh to Corliss motor. For the tail and it's under 250 grama, guys it's, 77 grams by itself and with the battery it is gon na get it up to a total takeoff weight of 88 grams with the fpv setup that's, nije loše. That is really really nice. So let's go ahead outside now and look at how beautiful this little heli looks outside I love the way it looks. It looks so real and it's just it has a great scale. Look to this little heli. It is just so cool. Looking so let's go ahead and do some line of sight flying with it and after that I'll show you guys some fpv now my first impression this is my first flight with it I'm in stability mode right here.

So no matter which way I pushed the right. Stick it's not gon na roll over and crash into the ground. When I was originally trying to learn how to hover a heli, it was really difficult because, 10 years ago we had no stabilised flight controllers and we had no bail switch. This one does not have a bail switch on here, but in stabilized mode it was really really stable and it will not roll over and flip headfirst into the ground in this mode. If you go into the 3d mode, then you can flip it upside down and do very mild tick tock. But again this is not really a 3d heli. Po mom mišljenju, the tail blew out a couple times when I went upside down. If you try that with this heli make sure you have plenty of height, so that's gon na be my recommendation for guys that buy this one, mostly it's, really for just flying around and like a real helicopter, would and that's mainly how scale Halley's fly. So this is this one's, really not a 3d machine in my opinion, but it looks really awesome in the air and look at that I'm proud of myself. I was able to land on the Box. Is my little landing pad there? My helo pad pretty cool, so let's go ahead and do some fpv now now this is where you can really have some fun. I love to put cameras on pretty much anything a heli, a little car anything that moves I like to be able to fpv, and this this we can be critical.

It has. It does have some pretty hardcore vibrations there, but what's neat about this little heli FP. Being it's a lot of fun because it's ultra small and years ago we used to build six and seven hundred millimeter sized setups and they were quite large and a lot of times when we were doing fpv with those we used a monitor. So we could see outside of our image and this one's small enoughthat you can strap up the goggles and not really have to worry about killing yourself, because it is a really tiny, heli and it's likely not to hurt or harm anyone else out there. Persons or animals and we had an animal chasing after it pretty much my entire flight demo. This guy came walking up with a pit bull and the pit bull chased my heli around for the remainder of my battery, but I wanted to show you guys that proximity wise this is a lot of fun because it's such a small scale. It fits in the palm of your hand, it's really lightweight. To. Has the plastic blades on there it's, not carbon fibre, so it's, not gon na. znaš, hurt the dog or cut the dog's mouth if he does decide to destroy my heli but I'm gon na keep it away from him. I'M gon na keep it out in the field quite a bit. I couldn't go too far out because I was running 25 milliwatts, but I wanted you guys to see that it is so small and you can really get in there in between things and what's.

Neat about this little heli is that it will slow down a lot and hover just like a quadcopter will, and I can go close to the ground in between the trees there and really just do some exploration with this and what's great about this is that I Can'T believe the fact that this thing is so small and number two, it runs close to eight minutes on one s5. In a million battery, you can run a larger battery like a 600 ili 700 milijuna. If you decide to run it without the canopy on and right now, I'm running a larger a little bit larger battery I'm running a 600 milli amp battery, and I was able to do some hovering, also staying away from the dog, and this guy decided. He was just gon na hang out my entire flight. He really liked the little heli and he was mentioning that he'd like to to get back into it as he's been flying years before he's retired now, and looking to get back into doing something. So this is, you know this is accessible for a lot of people, because you could take this literally out just about any park and really not bother anybody, except for the pit bulls that pitbull is not giving up because he's just he's he's dedicated to grab him Snatch my heli and break it, but if you know anything about pit bulls man, they have some strong Joel's and this thing is really really lightweight plastic.

It'S not gon na hurt the dog, but managed would really destroy this little heli because at the micro scale it does have a pretty high head speed, but it's really fragile, but as far as 3d goes, I did a little bit of mild 3d with it. You guys and it it the tail, blew out on me a few times and I crashed trying to do a tick, tock and that's, not my flying skills, it's, Zapravo, the tail. So if they had chosen a brushless tail motor, it probably would have held for some 3d, even though it has the 3d option on here again, it's not really like not really set up for hardcore 3d we're like mild 3d, you can do momentary, inverted flight with It but mainly it's it's, a scale heli and most of the scale guys are flying them back and forth. In the field like a real heli would fly. I love the shadow on the ground when I'm flying and I see the heli shadow that's really neat I'm gon na try to go over here and go make this gap underneath this goalpost it's a little bit of break up further away because I'm only running 25 Milliwatt, which you can crank this VTX subtly goes up to like 400 milliwatts and you get way less break up or static on the screen, but I think the kangaroo camera has nice vivid and bright. Colors here looks really good it's, one of those perfect days to fly a little heli too.

If you had a really big space indoors, instability mode, you could fly this one indoors in like a gymnasium. If you have an AMA meet, or you have a local club that rents out a place once a week like ours, Portland sky nights, rinse out a local church and a lot of the guys bring their micros to the church. This is one of those ones where you can fly at a meet indoors, which is really cool very similar to a lot of the horizon hobby micro, Veličina, Halley's. Some of the micro size Haley's can get really aggressive on the 3d side of things, but they're particularly made for 3d, and this one's most mostly made for just cruising. But I really wanted to get a hold of this heli and show you guys this heli, because I loved the way it looked with the three rotors and I've never actually owned. A three rotor heli I've always had the buy blade, helis two blade traditional style helis, but really a lot of fun to fpv and look at this now I'm, getting more comfortable with us, so I'm making little passes in between the trees just enjoying flying it, and I love the fact that it's amazing that you can get like almost almost seven and a half minutes with one as 500 milliamp battery and guys. If you're looking to extend your flight time to around ten minutes, you could put a little bit larger battery on there.

But you know, like I mentioned you're gon nahave to take the canopy off to do that, because the battery will start to hit the motor. If you put anything bigger than a 500 miliamp baterija – and you don't want this battery touching the motor while spinning and there's a dog knock, the heli over dog is completely fine. No dogs were harmed in making in my video, but now some final thoughts and opinions on this little scale heli. It is definitely a scale heli guys, it's, not a 3d machine. The tail did blow out a few times on some mild 3d. It just kind of wobbles to the side or spins around, but the fpv experience was spot on and I love the tri blades on top. It does look really cool with the camera on the bottom. It looks like a little police helicopter or something so I definitely suggest trying to do some fpv on this one, because it's not super dangerous to fpv, like the bigger ones are and honestly. This is a great heli for the beginner guys, if you're trying to learn how to hover and just sort of baby steps walk into non stabilized flying this one is good for that, because it's quite durable in the crashes mine slam dunked into the grass and none Of the links popped off the head, which was kind of amazing, they also give you extra links inside the box and an extra flywheel, što je lijepo, so a little bit extra parts and you can buy extra parts for this one as well.

It'S not like a one off Walmart type of toy, so this is more like hobby grade and actually a really good scoring five star heli.