Sorry buddy, not lovely in here me, but we got a business connection and the pistol came back. Očito, the 4G signal is really trial. U redu, u redu, flew that's too bad. So it keeps dropping connection so that ain't too good that's. I guess this really isn't the great spot to do this live broadcast. I'M gon na have to find another area. I know I'm breaking up so apparently the 4G signal is not good where I'm standing here at this park or sitting here at this park and it's also not good on the disco, not very good, so the disco is just kind of in a loiter right now. Maybe we'll try to go a little bit further. This way there we go what's up Hannah, so we're doing a live broadcast if you guys haven't found that out yet. But I we had a problem with the first attempt I got kind of far out and we kind of lost signal and the disco came back, but this is the disco: hey Robert thanks for tuning in buddy, so we're just gon na see like what happens. This is the first test. This just might be a just a really bad area to do this live streaming at the park here. So I can see you guys yeah, I can see you're I mean you should be seeing my screen, so I can see your messages but I'm also trying to fly what's up TCM thanks for tuning in so I'm hoping you guys can kind of see the screen Of the disco it's not gon na, be very clear: I'm gon na try to keep it lower I'm gon na fly.

You know kind of low like I'm up on the side of a mountain, so the mountains sloping up there to the left. You can see that the Ireland what's up and I don't know how live this is gon na, be I mean I tested in my house. It was like up to a 30 second delay, so what's up Henry, ali u svakom slučaju, this is as live as I can make it on my connection, so I'm gon na just try to fly. You see how I'm just kind of hugging the side of the mountain here. Just so I can kind of stay the same height it seems like it might be doing better than last time, but here's the map there's the disco now it's, going over these golf courses. Once we reach about a mile and a half, then we're kind of out of normal control range and then the 4G. We can really see it's, it's working good, but again so Floyd thanks for tuning in here again, this is my first live fly, recording the screen. So I don't know how this is gon na work, Rolex what's up I'm gon na go ahead and change, so you guys are seeing my screen again. So I got to remember that solar rechargeable batteries Todd yes, da. I did order a whole kit for solar and I'm just waiting on some pre cut solar panels, kind of smaller cuts, Allen, Haberfield welcome so I'm gon na.

Do the solar mod on this right now this is just a lithium ion and the 4G mod reaching one mile guys. I really hope it doesn't drop out again. It would be so cool if we can make it possibly down to or hitting some wind. You see that this goes kind of all over the place. Pa, I'm, trying to pitch down a little bit: oh it's it's. Turning is it turning on its own, or am i doing that that was weird now, if you guys could see that a little bit funky in the controller for a second, so I'm trained, I need to go down a little bit lower because I don't want to Get out of this 4G array that you know cell phones are using on the cell towers. This is basically like a cell phone is inside of the disco right now. Disco is fantastic: Rolex it's, pretty awesome, plane and it's open source. You guys can, znaš, really do a lot of mods to it. It'S pretty amazing, hey John from England what's up, but thanks for tuning in it is right about noon here in Hawaii, da, a couple minutes till noon and so we're getting some gosh this time. We'Re doing good look at this okay we're at a mile and a half, so this is really the disco and it's normal. If I miss your comment, Žao mi je, maybe common again and I'lltry to answer it but I'm.

Looking at the telemetry right now Greg lost you a wild. What does that mean Greg? I don't know. Maybe you lost my connection again. This connection isn't that great at the park I'm flying at Hawaii is not that great at 4G signal in the first place. So I'm trying the best I can. We can see the map there's, the disco there's, where I am on the top right and the disco is just on its way. We got 83 percent power and we're flying into the wind, so it's, probably hitting some wind. I want to bring it down a little bit. I'M gon na have to keep kind of going down because the mountains sloping down right guys. So I don't want to get too high for C reasons and also for the 4G signal imma zoom out and show where I'm headed you guys, I'm gon na head down here, see what the Wailea Golf Club I'm gon na head down. Tamo. So I want to turn a little bit to the left, so I'm gon na turn. Actually let me go back into the map. Robert, da, it's, jeftinije. Sada, the disco they dropped it by a lot it's only around 400. Now so my headand I want to make sure I'm heading in the right direction, a little bit too far to the right. I turned to turned back a little bit and the wind, naravno, is gon na influence.

All this we're just gon na do the best we can we might drop out again. You can see that the wind is blowing it a little bit sideways, but still phenomenal. I can do this live stream with you guys and just have you here in Hawaii with me check out the scenery we're looking at the ocean moves, hey Ted Aloha, if you guys can hear me my voice, can somebody please say like yes, we can hear you. Can you text you norman ish? This should be recording the ipad screen and the microphone here's. Somebody just okay bill, what's up how's the weather over there at lake erie was that it? Da, možeš me čuti.. I must have been it. Da, he can hear me ted yep, u redu, good sounds like you guys can hear me, so it looks like we're going over the desert. This is the dry side of Maui. Look at this. This is the right above Kihei area. I want to make sure I'm pointed in the right direction: what's up carpenter, Rick, a carpenter Rick one, my last giveaway, congratulations, buddy and hopefully that things working for you and you didn't crash it too much. I know you crashed it, the gosh. What was it? It was the race wing, that's, Anaya, and I gave away so anyway. Čestitke, carpenter, Rick, I'm, going to be doing another giveaway guys up here either this week or next weekend, I've just kids started school.

All that jazz had to get a new car cuz. My daughter's gon na get her license soon and so just been super busy with all kinds of stuff. We hear you left clean and clear thanks carpenter Rick for letting me know that again guys you're seeing my screen. So whatever I do on my iPad, there we go there's. The live stream, it's, probably not gon nabe that clear to you, thanks for the thumbs up thumbs up good boy appreciate it. So this is the live stream of the disco and if you guys want me to like make any actions, I mean I'm going in a certain direction. So I'm not gon na, be able to really steer from my route much because I want to get to Wailea. If I can, but I will like, if you say, go right or left or something like that, I'll CH I'll, do it just to let you know you know we are in good control, but you can see where I'm headed I'm over there in Pukalani kind of, Like lower Kula, now passing below Kula three miles away, we're just cruising at the normal disco thanks drone video footage appreciate your comment, so you guys can see when I do have this gosh. I should probably look at my video once in a while huh, so don't crash into the side of the mountain you you guys can see on the left. When I do put the map up like this, you can see the video down there see it on the left, so we can make sure we know where we're going while we're looking at the map.

It does look like the wind kind of came up a bit. So you know want to be kind of careful, really monitoring the battery power, but look at the battery it's just a couple percent in the last 10 minuta, because these lithium ions are so amazing. Thanks Nicholas appreciate the kind words if my voice sounds kind of weird, because I have this sunshade over my iPad. You know I should be doing. I got ta, get this umbrella, so I'm, getting fried so I'm gon na get this umbrella over me. Here there we go wow that's way, better I'm, just like cooking in the Hawaiian Sun here at the park, and I just finally got an umbrella. So you see how we're getting a little bit close. I want to go up a little bit so I'm going up climbing you can see. My footage is. My altitude is per my launch point so that's. Why it's in the negative, because I've gone down down the side of the mountain that looks like somebody's, triggering my security cameras at my house? Probably the family, hopefully anyway, I'm trying to get this umbrella situated good good boy. You can hear me. Thank you very much for chiming in looks like the second time around is working really good. I don't know what happened the first time there we go I'm, just gosh this umbrella. U redu, there we go. I need to get one of those chairs that has an umbrella hooked into it.

So I'm, I have a hand free. I just kind of have the umbrella like held in my legs, because it was getting really hot. ne, this is not a CX 20. This is the parrot disco and I'm hoping the live stream it's. The same live stream because I'm, using the dew recorder. Oh thank you looks like Korean is commenting. Is that Korean? Da, it flies. Pa, I can't read Korean, but welcome and let's go ahead and look at our map again make sure we're going in the right direction. Da, we are we're going right towards Wailea I'm gon na leave it in this route. Strašan. Tako, just to let you guys know you may be over the wind's coming up taking my umbrella way just to let you guys know you may be like a few seconds lag on. This live stream, so I'm, not sure how this is gon na turn out anyway. Here we go we're just trying to make it. Can the 4G setup be hooked up to my phantom 3? Not that I know of blind this mod is specifically for the disco 4G. I mean the disco para disco and the parrot bebop 2 da. This is this. Is the dry area of Maui we're going through right now, it's super dry, so very similar to maybe some somewhere like Australia, where sections are just super dry, I'll pull up the map and you can kind of see where we're at you see how there's green and Then right here this is like the most dry area and then over here in Lahaina.

This is the other really dry area on the way to line. I not you see the brown there, so we're really cruising over the really dry area. I am hoping that the wind is going to be that way back, so I'll probably go to about 60 to be safe and then come back, but we're gon na try to make it down till Wailea. If we can and we're just cruising over the mountain. Hey Leif Magnus from Norway welcome on your guys end. If you can tell me how the exposure is like if it's too bright too dark I'll try to lighten up the exposure on the disco, you can see how dark it is. Let me point the camera down again: we're flying a plane, disco playing. Maybe we could spot some deer check this out, so there's wild access deer here in these areas. So if you guys see any deer, let me know and we'll just we'll try to. Let me chase some or something I I won't crash I'll try not to crash, so if the 4g does disconnect guys. At least this thing will pick up a couple hundred feet and I'll come home. Thanks Floyd, you saying it looks great good, so we're flying over the desert of Maui right now, but hopefully in about. I don'tknow 15 20 minuta. U redu. This is how long we're, halfway there just about so that's how long it took us to get that half way since the stream started the second stream.

So I guess that was only about 10 minutes wasn't, To 1015 Dean find white balance. ne, the exposure like it will brighten or darken the picture. Yeah white balance and the exposure are different. What I have I have in my first disco review. I did call the exposure white balance so sorry about that, but still learning everybody's still learning having a great time. You can see that we've gained some altitude, so I might drop it down. It looks like we we're kind of going down now. We'Ve come across the slope of the mountain, the peak of the mountain in this area so now it's all downhill from here 17 thanks Jill Jill max, he said 17 minutes so far, so it took us 17 minutes to get that far winds coming up gosh. I hope it doesn't ruin our day with the wind. The wind starts to usually really come up around us, not thanks, carpenter Rick. It does look like a pretty beautiful picture from my side, so hopefully you guys are seeing that we're headed exactly in the direction. I want to be heading, it should get really calm once we you know, get you see where you see where, while al McKenna is right, there at winked, it's gon na get really really calm there, so I'm hoping we can make it that far. Maybe I want to go down a little bit because we're still fighting some wind we're going down so from my launch position up here in Pukalani, you can see that we're negative, almost 200 noge.

Whoa look at the wind blowing it kind of sideways! Sada, Hmm! So there is some wind out there guys, so you see how we're negative 200 feet that's just from my launch position up here. So if you're wondering why it says negative there and we're checking out our speed too so 30 feet per second. Zapravo, maybe there's not too bad a wind because it cruises at around 25 miles per hour. I forget the conversion and it looks like we're cruising, pretty good let's pitch the camera. All the way up, the disco is pretty cool check that out. It can go up. This is the disco, so the on the bebop 2 and the disco you can pitch the camera up like this and it's not actual moving gimble, not actually a mechanical gimbal it's. Zapravo, what it's doing is it's taking like a fork, a fisheye video lens shot and then it's digitally stabilizing it and cropping in, and so you can move kind of, like the digital camera around inside of that huge fear, that's. What the disco and the bebop to do, naravno, the the new and Navi does have a mechanical gimbal that goes up and down and stabilizes its role, but the yaw is still digitally stabilized yeah. The bebop 2 is a great film. So so here we are. Da, we're coming in, we are six point, five miles away and just staying low out of any danger and I can't believe we still have nobody's breaking into my house, J, it's it's, probably just my family.

We have relatives over right now and happy everybody's there. Da, I have the Arlo it's, Prilično dobro. The Arlo I've got like five cameras and you can set them up to be Wireless all around your house, that's good security system, and then it notifies you every time and records every time. There'S some some movement. How much data will we use well, this thing uses about for each hour of flight it's using right around a gigabyte per sim, and I have two Sims there's, one sim in the disco and, of course there's, one sim in my phone and I'm, hoping that my Phone has got enough tethering because right now, it's using the tethering, and I think I have six gigs of tethering. So it should be okay, but we'll notice, real quick if they start throttling my connection, because it'll go from really smooth to just horrible, so that's either a coverage issue or rotting. It I think we'll be okay, so still cruising towards key. Hey looks like we're doing very well: I'm gon na turn a little bit to the left. This is using 4G, so we're using cell towers to fly for those of you that don't know. Da, it works on the disco and the bebop and big props to soft dice. If you're out there mark Bueller go ahead and visit you a V Powell, calm guys thanks bill about 24 miles per hour, yeah that's, what this thing cruises at.

So there must not be much wind at all visit. You AV pal calm guys, because this guy mark caliber in the community there were the ones yes that's, the Pacific, Ocean, there's, Molokini and then there's call a lobby over there. You can see in the distance anyway mark Hal, mark Bueller and over a UAV pal comm, enable this modification and did the coding and the community there made this possible down in the description. Guys will have the link to it. So it's it's, not that easy. If you have some computer experience, then you should be able to do it. You know if you use a laptop and you can type its if, as long as you just pin up what he says is turn your brain off and just follow the directions line by line going down a little bit there we go, you should be able to Do this mod, you just have to buy the equipment and I will have all the equipment in the links in the description as well. If you guys did want it with the parrot isn't, this is a plane guys. This is not a multi rotor drone. This is a foam plane using four 4G connection. There is a set of videosEXO 360, for a few guys in the UAV pal Music Gus made some instruction videos good thanks, I'm glad the pictures looking good Rolex. So there are some instructional videos on how to set this up.

I haven't made one yet I've just kind of done. The flying. I haven't really made how to mod video yet I'm, not sure if I'm gon na do one. You have three disco Zach, so nice. Pa, they're worth it I'm, pretty amazing. I have actually two and I lost one, so I would have had three also I bought two after I lost my first one when the prices dropped drastically yeah that's a crater. Did you guys see that let's go back in the map, yeah that's a little little tiny crater? They call that a cinder cone to the right yeah actually to the left of the disco. Let'S turn left for a second and see if we can look at that. Crater so I'm turning left whoops. We want to pick it up so that crater is somewhere over there. I'M, not gon na go too far off course, turning right again anyway, it's somewhere over there. I can't really see it right now. I just don't want to get too far off my course and burn up battery power. Let'S look down some of these little valleys look there's a road out in the middle of nowhere cool, so we're getting kind of low to the ground. I want to be careful here cool, so let me know if you guys see any deer running around. This is prime deer territory again guys. This is a live stream from Maui Hawaii. Look at this. This is a watering hole, maybe there's some deer around.

Here you see any deer, no that's lava rock, I don't think that's water. U redu, I don't want to get too low let's check where we're going yeah we're headed in the exactly the right direction. No so we're good park, it kind of does pitching the camera up and down a bit so I'm ecstatic that we still have seemingly knock on wood, pretty good can't zoom in on this one I can zoom in on the map, but not on the screen of The disco, so I can zoom in on the mapis that what you mean zoomy, where we headed paid Great White Way 69 percent power. We may be a ok to get this to get to key a that'll, be pretty awesome for 9.2 miles from my location, which is pretty amazing Wow. Is that a water line? What is that thing? Oh that looks like an old ancient Hawaiian wall. You guys see that there's a lot of these kind of ancient Hawaiian rock walls around at the ancient hawaiians used to put up as like boundary points or secret areas that looked like a big long wall. There didn't it yep nine point three miles blackops. You can see called lobby and there's Molokini that little small island out there to the right and then you can see the mckenna cinder cone there also cool all right. So you may. You might have seen that little see that thing flashing on the left of the screen that's, just because it's, seeing which way my controllers pointed.

If I turn to the left, you see the map on the bottom. My array turn to blue. If I turn back to the right with my controller it's red, so it's just telling you which way the disco is facing, if you have direct Wi Fi connection well, we don't have direct Wi Fi connection because we're using the 4G. This is the disco plane, parrot disco plane with 4G modification gosh guys check it out, we're, almost in Wailea, pretty much there I'm gon na go down a bit it's a little bit more. There we go fantastic. You can't do this with a DJI phantom Pro this mod. Da, you know we still have a 67 percent battery power. This is using those two Titan 3500. You don't think it's gon na make it back. We still have 67 percent power dude. I think it is as long as the wind isn't gon na blast against it on the way back yeah. Looking at my battery power, I might turn around right around 60 posto, Ako ne – Možda 65. O, that was interesting. Some for some reason. I just tried to go up so I'm trying to go down, maybe hit some win there, so this is Maui meadows we're just about to start flying over over in Wailea Kia Whaley, oh yeah just went down a bit there we go, bringing the camera down. Look at these houses beautiful huh anyway, Dečki, if you're just tuning in um, skim the ground, Philly drone life, you crazy man, ten miles out ten and a half miles I'm, not gon na scheme on the ground.

That would just be crazy. So if you guys are just tuning in we're doing a four Pearl Harbor that's on the wall, I don't think I'm gon na get that far guys are just tuning in we're doing a 4G modded flight. Također, lithium ion flight, hey Trevor from Australia and let's, show you the map, where the Disco is check. This house out, where you see the home right there. Look where I am. I blame like halfway across Maui, so check it out so getting close to where I comfortably want to turn around. Oh with the battery power, just a little further again disclose just cruising how about we let's go down a bit more, not too low, because we're over these houses and what we'll do is we'll just try to get over to the shoreline. O, is that the old Makena Beach you will cruise over the Makena Beach down a bit more get out of the wind if there's any wind out there, da, 11 milja, hmm and I'm still in manual control, you can see I'm pressing forward to pitch down losing Some altitude Wow look at this we're 570 feet below my launch altitude that's, because the mountain slopes down the cell phone network is taking the video, its routing out of disco, video, my live stream and everything, the control and everything and the video through the 4G network And it's, basically relaying it over the 4G network. Through your phone, you have to have a hotspot on your phone and your phone is not connected to the network as well.

The 4G network and I'm not gon na, do a power climb to 500 noge. That'S gon na burn too much battery and that's gon na be windy up there. U redu, so drop in some more altitude here Framus. Your comment guys just comment again. Sometimes I'm. Looking at the screenand I didn't see your comment right, carpenter, Rick 4G is sending and receiving data on both ends. 4G of disco end, and my controller and phone end here, where I am just about to hit 12 milja, looks like we're gon na make it to the ocean. We'Ll go to the ocean. We'Ll go left because I know it's calm down there to the left. Let'S pitch the camera down, maybe so just ball fee on Sunday, Lijepa, both horses of Maui guys, this is live. You'Re you're flying here live with me on Maui Hawaii. So if you're not around the beach I'm sure you'll enjoy Pele finally taken her leave yeah, I guess um, the Big Island may be slowed down a heavily following the volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii, but apparently it's kind of slowing down. Last time I checked so we're gon na go down and see some of these golf courses I'm gon na go. I want to keep it kind of lower so I'm within the best 4G signal, because it sells out all towers are kind of pointing down. U redu, we're. Just about ready to turn around let's go check it out: u redu, there's, our home plate and there's your craft, u redu.

So going good still going any much the same speed, so I know there's not really a wind down there there's a little bit of wind coming up where I'm sitting up here on the mountain, so yep we are we now the red distance is actually the distance For me, so we're twelve point, seven miles away from my position check out this hotel. This hotel is amazing. I think this is the kailani check this thing out all over their roof. Whoo, you lost your Navi, oh that's, somebody commenting on my youtube channel. Look at those solar panels on that hotel, pretty cool guys we're almost to the ocean hands are shaking. This is so epic. U redu, I'm gon na come down a little closer. Just a little bit stay over the tops of these trees and we're gon na pitch this camera down. So we can see Oh getting a little bit. Garbled Oh, was elsewhere our I mean bring it back down. Yeah yeah, look at that drop in there pal! So Harry just ran back it's just right up. There should be a yes okay boy, you're going way too fast, we're going back or Alec investors should just make it was all you honey. I love love realize. Are you guys, but just use a way this? It is working connection I don't know I'm thinking it'll be okay, though baby I didn't get you like a longer road, there's, really little, it could be another little later is so anyway, yeah just joining we're.

Doing 148 lot of modification lithium ion a lot of cash light light very, very disco, playing bass. I need okay guys. I was always weird: oh it's, easy how much already used while I mean I've got there's a disconnection don't down by the ocean do anyway ever gotten back home the all you are going pretty pretty fast, I'm home. I was really hoping yeah yeah, so I got you know sound mirror like audio over a little while another, probably gon na come back in in that connection, gets better okay. So a little bit of an editor for a second in the relational matter got an hour. I know the reporters and how long they stayed there, because those not use anybody know how our knowledge is just using that crap too hard when it wasn't. Like I mean in that return home just a little bit, they think see where we're at. I think I didn't we're gon na make it because we got ta live in down back and then looking at in every forty two percent for a while on our you get a shirt sterling. I don't know. I know it. Wasn'T me it's a lie. I just want to see how my Emanuelgirls, roll the Indian so anyway I'm, not tired, there's, nothing like slowing limes. You know I mean just a tiny bit little close to the ground, so in the d1 for interconnection that back into a map so guys from where I am here check it out.

That'S, where I am, we went all the way down here. Look at this to the ocean and strangely a cutout right. Pa, we got a little shoreline. This is just in a bad recovery area, there's, nothing tomato on my signal. I don't know bloody that in Tbilisi, if they leave me home, I think I think it'd be okay, y'all staying on our side forever! Pa, you know a little bit just a little climb. They stay with him very slow image in our our very very slowly. Still at 42 Inc and interesting huh look: am i under the radical it's a really a little draw, a just, a barely doing anything but it's just pushing her hard it'll bring real, some make sure we're. The way I'm back in the right direction looks like any one time left just a little bit that might have been too much we don't want to do is fight the wind on there as early they're joining to the window. That shows our sideways right again. Just just think oh it's grabbing for the rice. You see that alright door to the right still 40 dollar that's odd. You must be feeling right there from my bed out left we're going home, oh gosh, a question mark on our footage. So I think it was around this tiny little backfire. When you came out at 42, I think we're gon na be fine. It starts with the lithium ion batteries guys it starts as far as what other people say, kuba be a Victrola automatic air air depends.

If you can afford it an avid or o matic pro coming off as soon as you made this wait for that. The Maverick air is a bit allow and Lindsey doesn't fly it very long, but it does seem to have a better camera and absolutely rare sensors. So that's the really difference my speed Lian, because it might be a little burn more battery power. I just want to let it cruise at its most efficient speed, which you see a kangaroo there's, no kangaroos your bill. Sure you know that this deer, though you might see an access, deer, there's, wild pigs, warthogs that's about it over in the barren barren areas. You wouldn't think this is. Why would you it's just completely dry in this location, let's pitch this down? While we go over this little valley check this out well huh. Pa, we want to pick it up. I felt like I was getting gon na crash into some trees. I was probably just like an optical illusion. Anybody you guys see any deer deer spotting streams, probably pretty bad on your guys side, but this is how it's working at least we got some kind of stream. U redu, I'm gon na check my map, pravi, quick yep we're, pointed in the right direction, looks like the most efficient path. You can see that it is crabbing to the right a little. You see that oh I'm pointed straight that way and then it's moving to the right.

Tako, who knows we're just getting some wind from the back okay, so the voltage drop to 38 we're gon na make it hope so going under a cloud and go up a little bit. I think what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na go up to my zero altitude. Where my launch altitude, you see how I'm climbing right there there we go so now. I'M 15 feet above my launched out to altitude on my location and look at the wind up here. It'S blowing it pretty good, so that's a good thing if it can blow it back faster Wow is the wind really that crazy, Wow blowing me sideways, and I really hope we make this back or definitely over halfway I'm just gon na. Let the wind do its thing: Dečki: I'm, not gon na, give it any more throttle. Pa, I just touched the screen and accidentally pulled the gimbal down. U redu, don't touch the screen. I forgot you can touch the screen and leave the gimbal, so this is manual control, guys well, look at this where five and a 5.7 miles you're welcome thanks for tuning in, if you guys are catching just tuning in just now whoa the win is just going Crazy, if you guys are just tuning in we flew all the way over. Here we flew to the water down here from this location up here you can see my home point up in Pukalani, so gosh.

I think I hope we're gon na be okay. We'Re gon na be okay, 60 feet per second it's windy over there 34 moć. Some people has said: I've said that the guys that have pushed the power from lithium ions down to a temper center below they said you start losing power like at 10, so Wow yeah, it's it's blowing. So I think we're gon na be okay. Look at that 60 feet per second yeah: Pa, almost 40 miles per hour, Lijepo, Sir Walter thanks for that. So we went out at like 24 25 according to Bill Sam Roffe thanks Bill and Walter just said: we're coming back at 60, so we're double the speed right now. I think we're gon na be alright, well there's, a truck to see that farmer mmm, hmm there's a rancher truck there, probably don't, even see it all right, we're heading home, looking great flying kind of low, probably want to pick it up a little bit more. This is a gradual claim: u redu, 64 miles per hour, no that's feet per second, I don't think that's quite 60, but the wind look at the wind that's blowing it from the left, so it's really making it crab to the right, even though the disco thinks it's Or the compass says it's facing towards my home point. It looks like it's facing down to the ocean, just because of the wind looks like we're under some cloud cover trying to spot some deer.

Hey I can see is that Kula I'm gon na go up a little bit just so I don't possibly hitting power lines and stuff okay, Tako 100 feet higher than my launch altitude. Think we're gon na be a okay, hey Thomas thanks for tuning in we're. Just on our return flight guys, if you're just tuning in from look like I went about, was it 12 13 miles from Pukalani to the ocean in Wailea ocean? Well just hit some gusts. Did you see that was 70 feet per second Wow? I think that's the fastest I've ever gone. It is gusting so 4G, starting to kind of hiccup a little I'm gon na pick it up a little bit more just in case there's, a problem I'm not hitting any power lines or trees. 21. ne 25 power didn't close, though hey look, we're getting close to our home point. We came back in a hurry didn't we, so we were going out against some wind and we're just coming back really nice and easy with the wind turn to the left. A little bit okay, let's pitch down, looks like we're getting a little bit of cloud cover. Tamo, we go I'm gon na bring the disco up a little bit higher, get up to like 200 feet from my launch position again. It'S, probably not gon na be the same as the ground altitude. It is amazing, carpenter, Rick thanks for tuning in buddy Wow. Look at that house beautiful.

If that is a house or something something else, maybe I think we're almost home guys. We got 24 we're gon na be a ok. We did push it a little more than I was comfortable with only because in the return to home it just kicks in and tries it was trying to climb quite high because we were so low from our launch altitude. So what this does is, I think it was trying to climb to one or two hundred feet above my launch altitude, and we were negative, kao što je 300 noge, launch altitude when we went down to the ocean, so it had like probably a minute of just full power. Climbing and that's what dropped the battery down so fast still coming back, I don't is that you think I'm at 18 moć. I know I'm seeing 22 on my disk. O, I think we're gon na be okay yeah. It drops because this isn't, the normal stock Wi Fi range, if you're, using normal stock, Wi Fi control on the bebop 2 or the disco you're only gon na get probably around a mile of range out before you lose connection again guys. This is the 4G modded disco with lithium ion power, seven thousand milliamp hour lithium ion power by the way guys I did get another pack of Titan, so I'm gon na have a thousand five hundred power it's getting a bit heavy once I put that in. But I need to get three way: lighter parallel, Kabel, the ones that were are just horribly heavy it's, kao što je 50 grams check it out we're almost at home base we're gon na be fine.

U redu, so I'm gon na come home I'm gon na overshoot my position and then I'll come in against the wind and I'll land against the wind at my location. U svakom slučaju., my turn right a little bit and see where I am oh there's. The park I'm out. U redu, Upravo ovdje, yeah there we are, you made it with 20 percent power left. So what is that, kao što je 24 miles to 26 milja, we flew let's, see if we can fly by you guys are gon na see me down here on the bottom there I am at the corner edge of the field. Yeah that's me right there. You see me hello, got my umbrella up. I can hear it there. You guys can probably hear it in the mic so it's flying overhead. Now we made it back I'm gon na try to land it and leave the camera on and then just you know, say: like kind of farewells wrap this thing up. I don't want to drop these batteries down too much so we're going hard left. O, I didn't go far enough. I need a better runway. We'Re gon na circle, again a little bit of garble there we'll just fly out here a little bit little ways thanks Rolex a little scary on the battery, but hey we knew what we were doing right. So I'm, just gon na overshoot flaying with the wind. I know: hey a helicopter if you're just tuning in we're, just wrapping up this crazy long flight I'm pulling back on the stick to try to lessen my speed, whoa control out of control.

U redu, we're, coming in for a landing on 4G yikes I'm, all over the place, we'll watch out for the roof landing. Alright let's see how close we get. O, čovječe, I just like hit the right wing left wing really hard. O, I think I hit the fence. Dobro, let me go get this thing. Yeah I hit the fence. Let'S see what the damage is. Wasn'T landing fast enough. We still in control. Yeah still have camera control, Music yeah, so the top popped off there's like no damage to it, I'll the top popped off and a battery flew out, but we're still connected amazing, U redu dečki. Pa, we did it check it out holy smokes. You set this thing down right here so so here we are back at home base and I wish you could see this, but I can't really show you the cover, but basically the cover is it kind of like popped completely off when I tried that landing and Then the wing just pulled out a little bit the wings aren't completely released, but the wings pull a little bit one battery kind of flew out onto the wing, but apparently apparently we're still connected, and we that was really an accomplishment. I'M gon na try to snap these wing wings back in real, brzo, but an amazing play. I hope the guys will read you a V Powell tuned in. For that you guys sorry, I didn't wasn't able to get message you guys for that.

I was just a little bit panicked out, but everything looks good, no damage to the disco. So what happened on that landing? You know is, I was coming in and I guess I wasn't low enough because I hit the landing button and it's supposed to do like an auto landing and slow down, but it looked like it was gon na overshoot. So what I did was, I turned to the left and I think it got low enough. I don't even think it actually hit the fence I'm, not seeing any damage to the wings, so I don't think you hit the fan. So just it turns so hard like this. I was so low that it just clipped the ground and that's when it popped off the battery and stuff. Oh my gosh, the camera yeah. The cameras got some scrapes on it and the front nose wounds got some scrapes. So I hit something with the front nose boom, but the wings are all fine anyway great flight we're at 17, 17 percent power left. That was amazing flight that's, where we flew two guys over my shoulder way down to the oceanand I guess maybe we'll, take some questions here and talk about the flight a little bit before the battery gets too low. I don't really have a separate camera to stream, so we'll just do a quick little talk about this thing. Real, brzo, the only thing is this is maybe a few seconds to laid so I'm not going to be able to be like super real time.

Answering some questions yeah, it doesn't think the camera got a little bit straight, possibly from the fence or maybe just from the grass so I'm going to set this disco down here right there and we'll try to do. Let me try to go into oh, this girl's gon na fall down not a good spot for the disco I'm trying to set it on this tripod, because I think it's gon na lose signal. If I get too low let's try it right on my chair. That might work she'll be still got signal from there. Oh Music boy, there. We are okay, so it's sitting on the chair, and I just wanted to maybe answer some of these questions so I'm, going into D recorder chat and thanks for letting helicopter he's just gon na weigh babji. You think it was just crossed mirrors because I think I was training hard enough, so I didn't hit the fence and there was no damage to the wings on the fences. Murphy. Fine, I sure, will 1080 footage so I'll go ahead and make another video. Maybe just do some music and I'll upload the 1080p footage directly from the disco banks or evil rustle. So how much does all of this cost? Looking at around 400, you can get at the disco floor and then you know batteries 100 bucks and the modem is about 40 bucks and then you've got to have 2 SIM cards. So whatever that costs you on your data plan and what else that's about it and then just your time figuring out? Well the wind's really picking up yeah it's lunchtime like no it's, not around 1200 I'd, say total cost, looking like five to six hundred.

So nowhere near 1200 five to six hundred dollars, but you got a mod it to do this long range stuff with 4G rough price it's, not that bad bucks it's not much course. You'Re gon na need, like your own phone, your another phone. We can do it all off the same phone, but I had problems with that. Welcome captain blaze thanks for joining us and if you sat through the whole flight Congrats, that was pretty amazing how much weight you know what I haven't even weighed the disco, but with all of the two sets of batteries I have lithium ions and the modem from Stock weight, you're, probably adding wan na say like 300 grama, and then, naravno, if you add another series of batteries to bring it up to over a thousand milliamp hour, you're, reaching 500 grams of extra weight that was directed to David you're. Welcome helicopter yeah it's fun, you know battery is failing. o da. We better wrap this up because I don't want to drop these batteries too low. U redu, so I'm gon na get out here, go back to our screen.