BIGGEST RC SAILPLANE for $250 with a Massive 8.5ft Wingspan! ??

There are a lot of amazing and incredible features about this plane. Number one is that the price is actually really good for a plane that has an eight and a half foot wingspan. This is a very large sail plane. It is an intermediate to advanced sail plane. It is not gon na be […]

360º VIDEO on a 3D PLANE ?

It is a full 3d plane with a 36 inch wingspan onboard and the fuselage is around 34 inches for the total length from front to back, not too bad about a medium sized plane, and we have pre installed servers on this model, which is super nice. All the hinges are ready to go. […]


ZOHD's new Orbit NEON may be probably the most versatile fpv wing of the 12 mjeseca. Potpuni pregled – LED flight checkGPS suggestions – & Fpv flight check. Kupnja $139 ZOHD Orbit LED Fpv Wing PNP (add your reciever) Banggooda : kupon kod : toyho Purchase an $97 Unique ZOHD Orbit Fpv […]

8FT RC GLIDER! – Volantex ASW28 V2 – Puni pregled, Letovi, and FPV Setup

8ft Wingspan Volantex ASW28 Glider Sailplane Evaluate. $139 plug and play will get you hovering above the clouds. We added some fpv for extra enjoyable on this assessment. Purchase the $139 Volantex ASW28 8ft Glider banggood : kupon kod : toyho Volantex 759-Three Phoenix Sailplane banggood : kupon kod : toyho Volantex V2 759-2 2000mm […]