200mw Brushless Micro VtxFULL SPEED FSD-TX200 Review

Your host, as always today, is Monday October 2nd, and we woke up again this morning to another tragedy of Vegas. There was an out Jason Aldean concert and there was a shooter up in the window of the 32nd floor across the street from the concert, and there are more than 50 deaths and […]


You'Ve, probably ever seen they do some super custom, stuff and they're. Coming out of seattle, Sad, not china, so this is very interesting. You can get these cases made here, custom to your specs, and you can go completely crazy with what you'd like to throw into one of these chargers. They come with […]

I LOVE IT! – Happymodel Larva-X HD – PREGLED & LETOVI

Danas, we're gon na review the larva xhd let's open it up and check it out. It has the cat X baby turtle on board getting 1080p at 60 sličica u sekundi, which is pretty sweet. 2. 3 s battery tons of extras in the box. You get some extra 3 inch props in here […]

HOW TOUGH IS IT? – Thunder Tiger Bushmaster 1/8 Scale Desert Buggy Review

I have a new RC car to show you guys here today this car truck truggy, whatever you want to call it it's, pretty solid, it's, really really heavy. It is, mislim, it's in the three to four hundred dollar price range it's made by thunder tiger and it's called the Bushmaster. Now some […]

2 to 4S Power Combo! – EMAX F3 Magnum Mini Tower & Runcam Micro Sparrow – PUNI PREGLED

Danas, we're gon na do an Emacs, f3 mini magnum review, for you guys and we're going to do a review on the new runcam Sparrow micro. I just got this yesterday and I had to take both of these and just build you guys, a quad really quick. So I could do some testing […]

FASTEST Brushless Self Righting RC BoatFeiLun FT012 RC High Speed Racing Boat Review & Water Test

Do a quadcopter review, we're, actually gon na talk about this ft series, feelin twelve flipped race, boat series and it's called the flip series because it flips back over by itself. So if you go capsized in the water, you have to swim out for this one. You can actually flip the button on […]

Runcam Micro Eagle – SLUŽBENO IZDANJE – Pregled, Usporediti & Specifikacije

It anderen scene, eternal winter, sd spot operates. 5 nm know special, a cold of k, ver tours 4 of kim sr sod points, asc, extern, bool, ywca, insert vertex, open muerte, soso 3.2 der anwendung wesc stern ce scammers, free fein 3 i. I lose them oman km. Wafer on her and write letters […]


Rc! Please do subscribe because going to do tons of giveaways and reviews on this channel. It almost seems like we have a new drone every day to review. Now today I have the AR fun 90. It also goes by Aurora 90 on the box, and this one has seems to be everything that […]

Furibee X215 PRO SEASY GYRO FIX! – LOS, 5S FPV [ Pošten pregled ]

Žao mi je, Glazba, hey guys, welcome back to the drum camps, channel I'm, Justin Davis and today we're gon na check out the free bx 215 Pro – and this is the s edition now. The other reviewers did have some problems with this quad and i'm gon na show you what those problems are and […]


NANO SIZE 8CH SBUS RADIO / Samo 145 Grams!