$88 and AWESOME! – Eachine TYRO89 – Graditi, BETAFLIGHT, & FLIGHT TESTS ?

We have an f4 flight controller on here: 20 Amp, ESC s and 1204 6000 kV motors and I'm running the HQ two and a half inch props. This will make it awesome on acro mode, so we can go up and do this power loop right here on the playground, no probs it does […]


Fourteen hundred dollar prize so go check out our Facebook it's drone camps. Fpv drone community on Facebook join up on that, if you're a graphic designer get your mascot logo and this month, because the prizes have been upped here again on the channels, so we're going big in February for that mascot design, […]


Što bi mogao biti najbolji posao vani upravo sada za GPS? Početni dron je Zvijer: SG, 906, 4k i 1080p verzije, but don't get it confused by the 4k option. Is 4k photos not video 2k video and 1080p for the 1080p video option, it records the media down to the phone […]

Najbolji dronovi od 2015

Inspire1 Clone by Wltoys Q333NOTHING but PROBLEMS


JXD 510G Xpredators – Pregled, Camera Mod, FPV Mod, & Probni let

Najbolji 2018 Početnik dron – Greške u programu 2 s GPS – Puni pregled & Probni let

Finest 2018 GPS Newbie Drone with a digicam for underneath $160. This drone comes with all the pieces and is able to cost and fly. Full evaluate. Digicam check. Flight check. Return to house checks. GPS Calibration procedures, and flight suggestions. The whole lot it is advisable to know to stand up and flying a […]

Raptor Mini BLheli 30amp ESC – Pregled & Pregled

New at this time. Raptor Mini BLHeli 30Amp Escs for 3-4S Racing Quads. Good micro escs for 170 da 330 measurement quads and an incredible improve for the GB190 Xframe quad. These deal with a 40A burst and are suitable with BLHeli Suite software program. I will probably be utilizing these as a alternative on […]

FEILUN FX122GOPRO Compatible Drone, Let pregled

The FX122 is a cheap choice full size quad you can include a GoPro on. The FX122 will hold a GoPro Hero 3 ili 4. It has a suitable rubber stabilized gimbal video camera mount. Or you can get the WI-FI Variation for realtime video clip view to Android or iphone Phones. My only complain […]

SYMA X8HG – 1080 HD, Robot pregled ( GoPro kompatibilan trut )

Have a look at the new SYMA X8HG with it's brand-new 1080p Electronic camera. The most effective alternative regarding this drone is it works with GoPro Hero 3 Kamere, and it has a new isolated gimbal install. Much much less jello in this video than previous difficult placed Syma web cams. It has all the […]

Hubsan 502E – Svijet najjeftiniji, GPS “Povratak kući” Trut

Check out the globe's least expensive GPS instructor droneI got a possibility to fly the Hubsan H502E as well as display some of the great settings as well as the cam top quality. Enjoy the video to see an example of exactly how this lightweight drone returns to the residence point. Appreciate the […]