Speed Dial EP 18 – Tata slučajnih

Are you sure you're ready for this? Are you sure i don't know man? I i watched your show just now and uh. You definitely have been drinking a lot of energy drinks, so uh well so chris i know i know you know a lot of folks who watch your channel, know you and […]

FASTEST Fpv Racing ESCS? – NOVI’ REDUX AIR Raven 5 with REDUX32 ESCS Review ????

Danas, we're gon na see how these escs from my buddy lewis, over at redo air redux air, redo air. We do air.com, you can check it out. The link down below i'll put it down there. This is supposed to be a game changer for racing, and these escs are super heavy duty. Oni […]

Flying FPV After SpinUpChasing Mavic Air 2 and Buzzards

SpinUp 2020 – LiveLearn, Laugh, Win PrizesTune In For The Fun!

GEPRC Phantom HD Freestyle FPV QuadCompatible With DJI Digital FPV System

But today i have a brand new geprc, quad and we're going to check it out so stay tuned, Glazbeni pljesak. So right here i have the gep rc phantom. Now this quad has actually been out for a while, but the difference is this: is the phantom hd which features the cadex vista digital […]

My New Favorite DJI Drone Is Not A DJI Drone

This has really changed my fpv life okay, so it is my third day in a row to come out and fly pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot still got a little bit of shade here, so let's get set up and do it do My so i've flown all of […]

DJI FPV System review (Is it worth your money?)

Is there such a significant change from analog to digital? That makes it worth money? Hi I'm Paul from drones, Gator comm, and this is going to be a review of the relatively new fpv system from DJI, even if you're not into fpv drones or haven't flown one. Before this, video could also prove […]


I made my own freedom, I did it in the basement of my house. I took these parts I put them together and I made him fly over the past 10 godine. I'Ve worked with companies around the world to create to research, to field test, to fly, to have failure to motivate to help […]


Fourteen hundred dollar prize so go check out our Facebook it's drone camps. Fpv drone community on Facebook join up on that, if you're a graphic designer get your mascot logo and this month, because the prizes have been upped here again on the channels, so we're going big in February for that mascot design, […]


Welcome to the van. I have a five inch quad here sitting with a GoPro ready to go. We'Re gon na try to line of sight power loop and this might be the start of a game of quad between DC RC and bak Reiner, see if he wants to do the Q out of […]

Drone Racing League Champion Paul Nurkkala aka NURK Interview

FPV Freestyle Drone With Chris Rollins and Ken Heron